Like a Birthday or a Pretty View

I had accepted the fact that I wouldn’t see Rhonda until the convention.  I did.  We had been trying to work out something, some way, some time to get together.  The last time we had been together was during the summer tour in August.  Since Rhonda and I met at the convention in 2004, we have been getting together, usually, about 2 or 3 times per year.  This year, we tried to do something during my spring break with no luck.  Then, we tried to get something together to go see Depeche Mode without success.  After multiple attempts, we stopped trying to figure something out.  We didn’t like it but what could we do.  Earlier this week, though, I got one of those emails.  You all might be familiar with those emails.  These emails usually have subject lines all in caps.  It may make a reference to a certain band we all know.  There may be an exclamation point or ten.  The inside of the email might involve some swearing and name calling, again in reference to that band or members of that band.  The word plotting might be featured a time or two.  This particular email involved a certain drummer doing a DJ set in a city near me.

By now, I’m sure that most of you have heard/read that Roger Taylor is coming to Chicago to do a DJ Set for his birthday at the Spy Bar.  For more information, you can go to the event page that Duran set up on their facebook here.  This was just the push that Rhonda and I needed to ensure that we see each other more than once during 2013.  It didn’t hurt that my birthday is the following Monday.  Even more cool is that I have a Duranie get together/party planned for that Saturday.  I didn’t necessarily mean for it to be near my birthday but that is when local or nearby Duranies were available.  It worked out well that way, I think!  Nonetheless, as soon as I received this email from Rhonda, the plotting began.  Could she get a ticket?  Do we need tickets to the event?  Where would she fly into and out of?  How long could she be gone?  What did I need to change in my schedule?  The verdict of the story is that we figured it out quickly so that we could go to Roger’s DJ set and so Rhonda could come back to my place for my Duranie party!  This will be the warm-up to the convention in October!!!

What amuses me the most is how good at this we have gotten.  There were no complaints about short notice.  We didn’t need a lot of time to figure out all of the details.  The plotting didn’t take long and wasn’t painful.  After all, we have learned the steps to this sort of thing well.  In fact, we have joked that our next book should be about what we have learned since getting involved in the Duran Duran fandom.  We might have quite a bit to say, actually!!  Anyway, to say that I’m excited about this upcoming weekend is an understatement!  I love having something to look forward to and this weekend won’t disappoint!  Of course, I’m looking forward to dancing to Roger’s DJ Set but I have to admit that I’m looking forward more to seeing my Duranie friends both at the Spy Bar and at my party.  For me, fandom really is about getting together with friends!

Now, of course, as you all know Rhonda and I love to bring fans together when we can.  To that end, we have found a place called Hop Haus at 646 N. Franklin to meet up before Roger’s set at 8:30.  If you are interested in attending, just comment here, tweet us, send us a message on facebook or send us an email so we know how many people to expect.  We would love to have you come!  Then, of course, we can repeat this fun in October with the convention!  While this weekend will be great with two Duran related events, the convention will be better since it is an ENTIRE weekend of being with Duranies and focusing on the music we enjoy so much by attending that screening of A Diamond of the Mind, by playing Duran related games, by partying at the dinner/dance and more!  I can’t wait and now because I have this birthday weekend to look forward to as well, I might just survive until then!!


9 thoughts on “Like a Birthday or a Pretty View”

  1. As soon as the Roger's snippet came out, I thought of you+Durandemonium 2013. The “clue”, sort of, was the word “Chicago”.
    Excellent news, I guess, also for the rest of tthe US fans, as our lovely drummer rarely did DJ sets in your country in the past few months.
    And as Italian, … I can say I'm satiated, not hungry, as he was basically here… LOL.
    Enjoy your bday-party-dance!

  2. Hey, I'd love to attend, but I'm still gearing up to get on a plane in October! But I love that Duranies will travel so far to not only see their favorite band, but their favorite friends (I drove up from North Carolina to attend the Madison Square Garden show in Oct '11 with my best friend). 🙂


  3. I'm used to flying – aside from one really close friend here (who is actually going with me to the convention in October and she's not even a Duranie), my closest friends do not live in this state (and some don't even live in this country!), so flying is part of the deal, and I accept that. I also accept the fact that I don't see my friends more than a few times over the course of a year, and most of the time it's less frequent than that. I haven't seen Amanda for instance, since August. Thankfully, my husband travels quite a bit for work – so there's usually a frequent flier ticket on hand for me to use. I'm actually very surprised he didn't put up a single argument, but I used the key words that I reserve for Duran Duran: “I am going.” 🙂


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