Like butter…I think I’m falling for ya

Yesterday afternoon, as I was sitting on my couch with my family, watching the AMC Breaking Bad marathon, my oldest and I were having a brainstorming session over costuming for the Saturday night banquet during Durandemonium. The dress/costume theme is to wear something that denotes a lyric or song. In true Rhonda-fashion, I’ve waited until the last minute to even start considering options, and I can almost promise it will be a decision that I contemplate up until about midnight the night before I leave. As we continued pondering the possibilities, my daughter mentioned that I could go dressed as a full stick of butter. My thought patterns came to a screeching halt as I wracked my brain to come up with where in the hell the idea of “butter” came from in a Duran Duran song. She laughed, rolled her eyes, and said with all the sarcastic authority that a 16 year old girl thinks she has, “YOU know…’like butter, I think I’m falling for ya’….get it Mom?”  Oh I got it. I nearly fell off the couch in laughter. As I caught my breath and wiped the tears streaming down my face, I said, “Um, I think the line is ‘Nite runner, I think I’m falling for you’….because the song is named Nite Runner!” I could see the gears turning in her head, trying to grasp the obvious secret I’d let her in on, as her eyes widened, seeing her mistake. “Ohhhhh.. So THAT’S what he’s saying!!” Then of course we both laughed. (Although I’m pretty sure I laughed harder…)

It got me thinking about the zillions of other lines of lyric I’ve destroyed on my own over the years, and believe me – there’s been plenty.  I still stumble over what they right lyrics are for a specific line of Red Carpet Massacre, for instance.  “Death squad paparazzi, aaahh” doesn’t roll very easily off the tongue, nor is it heard clearly by my ears when I listen to the CD either. For the longest time I just didn’t even know the words.  Another lyric that I still can’t hear properly is in Beautiful Colours, “…sometimes the beauty of it all seems unbearable til the colours bleed”  I think it’s the word ‘beauty’ that doesn’t quite sound right to me when I hear the song.  Then again, it’s probably just my ears.  I can accept that.

Then there are the lines that I’ve seen others completely destroy…including some sites that pride themselves on having correct lyrics.  One time, I had copied and pasted lyrics to the song Finest Hour. I looked them up on a website and then posted them – assuming (stupid, stupid me) that they were correct. Truth be told, I don’t even remember looking. Well, get this line…”It’s not a dream and you are no prize.”  Uh, no. As most good Duranies knew, the line should read  “It’s not a dream and you are no Christ“.  I didn’t catch it before posting, and so I immediately treated to replies informing me of my egregious, unforgivable error.  That was the last time I posted lyrics without double and triple checking them first.  Live and learn.  I will still occasionally see perfectly good Duranies arguing over the correct lines to Too Bad You’re So Beautiful…apparently the ice queen line is too easily heard as ice cream.  

I must be evolving because at one point, to admit such mistakes would have embarrassed me. Heaven forbid that this Duran fan not know every single lyric as soon as a song is released, right?  Nowadays – I just don’t care what people think.  It’s funny, and no, my hearing is probably not the best these days. Too many evenings spent at rock concerts…imagine that!  So in turn I’m asking you – what lyrics have you come to destroy?  If I think of more that I’ve ruined (and I’m sure there are!), I’ll post ’em!


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