Look Into the Future and don’t be afraid

Things are getting busy…or at least they seem to be for this upcoming week.  We’ve had a few inquiries about what is coming up and when, along with times, places, etc.  

When Amanda and I moved the blog to WordPress, our original intention was to expand beyond the one-blog-a-day model. We were looking to do more of a website, a one-stop shop for as many fan-related Duran things as possible.  With that in mind, we keep expanding and evolving, with more ideas coming. 

One thing we’ve worked on and are ready to unveil is our “Look Into the Future” page. This is a page that will be constantly updated with the upcoming events for Duran Duran. Whether it’s a TV appearance, an upcoming live gig, interviews, fan meet-ups for Duranies, etc, we’ll post it.  That means not only will we post things that the BAND is doing, but if you have fan events that you’re planning and would like listed, please let us know and we’ll gladly include it and give details.  While it’s not absolutely “Perfect” (I’d love something much more calendar-like with links to dedicated pages or smaller windows/boxes that open to give details about each event), this still works until I come up with something better. As we update the page, we will tweet and post the link to Facebook and likely call attention to it on the blog as well.  

Additionally, if you just want a quick glimpse of what’s coming up – you can always look at the top left of the home page here on Daily Duranie. There’s a sidebar that lists upcoming (within a week) events.  We will keep that updated as necessary. We’re hoping this helps everyone keep up!!’

Go check out the page for yourself here


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