Love or Liberation

I am a music fan. Despite my love and adoration for Duran Duran and other new wave artists of the 1980’s, I still love me some down and dirty guitar. I loudly proclaimed myself as a Duranie during my middle school years, but by college—which for me started in Fall of 1988 and continued until May of 1993—I was listening to anything from AC/DC to Def Leppard, Van Halen to yes, even Poison. The hair bands, the metal, and even classic rock would be on my stereo one minute, and in the next, my devotion for Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Tears for Fears would show as “Gold” or “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” or even “Rio” would begin. I didn’t see why I couldn’t like it all, and I did. The music coming out of my car stereo (I spent a lot of hours commuting to school and work during college) was eclectic, if nothing else.

Life goes on

It is easy to jump in with both feet when Andy Taylor announces a new album. I don’t feel as though I’m disavowing Duran Duran by supporting Andy, by the way. This is an opportunity to be excited by something new! I’m not worried that his music won’t sound like Duran Duran’s. In fact, I sure as hell hope it doesn’t. We’ve waited a long time for Andy to release new music. Surely he won’t create a carbon copy of a band and life he’s already left behind twice.

I know that for some people, Duran Duran is the end-all. It is the one band they follow, it is the one group they care about. It doesn’t matter what a band member does once they leave the group. Many still cannot make peace with why Andy left. Others couldn’t wait for him to get out the door fast enough, and that Dom more than fills his shoes. Then there’sTeam Warren. They insist the band’s best days are behind them, and no one else will measure up. The guitarist debate is one that will never end. Regardless, they are all moving forward on their own. Andy is doing his own thing, as is Warren and even Dom. New music is always a good thing.

On Planet Rock Radio

Andy’s newest tune from his new album debuts today on Planet Rock Radio. Titled, “Love or Liberation”, Gary Stringer is on vocals with Andy (assumably!) on guitar. Those hoping for Andy’s vocals on the album will not be disappointed. According to his pal and collaborator Gary Stringer, “he sings some on his own and we sing some together”. He also says that the album is “ace”!

I haven’t heard the new sing or album yet. The track title “Love or Liberation” is intriguing, and lends itself to all sorts of reflection. I have no idea what Andy may mean by the title. Thoughts of loving something too much so that you’re tightly bound, come to mind.

Later this month, Andy will perform in front of a sold-out crowd at London’s 100 Club. I wish I were going to be there. Since teleporting hasn’t worked out, we have a couple of brave souls willing to write and report for Daily Duranie. Cannot wait to hear the good news from them. In the meantime, I’ll keep on the lookout for Andy’s latest!


3 thoughts on “Love or Liberation”

  1. As a music fan, I have never liked the whole “if you like Duran Duran you must only listen to them” attitude many fans have. Sure, people can do that, but they are doing a big disservice if not exploring other styles of music. Lately, I’ve been buying classical music to listen to and find so many similarities between it and popular music, and many songs are derived from classical. I remember around 1986 (around the time Notorious was released) I started listening to a lot of classic rock and at that point probably listened to it more than Duran Duran. It’s not that I didn’t like Notorious, I did, but I was growing up and wanted to see what else what else was out there. My history with Andy is interesting because I remember when he left and refused to listen to anything he did because in my mind he was a traitor. I didn’t like him that much then in the group (probably because he wasn’t a cute one but the rock one). When he left again though my feelings changed and understood why he did it and agreed with him. I liked Warren and when he left wasn’t surprised because it felt like that version of Duran Duran was done. I haven’t followed him that much but would because I have no issue with him. Dom is good too but never an official member so a bit different as he would likely leave if something better comes along. If Andy or Warren or Dom puts out good music I’ll listen to and if it stinks I won’t, just like any act (including Duran Duran).

  2. I am excited for this and wish Andy all the best.Will absolutely buy a copy of the cd.I have his solo album and he has a great singing voice too. I can love Duran with or without Andy and see no reason to deprive myself of his talent and frankly think those who think supporting him are somehow ‘betraying’ Duran need to graduate from grade school and grow up.

  3. Yay to Andy!
    The new single is available for now only at the link Andy provided. You are luckier to have a preview of it if you are a UK resident.
    We’ll be ok only in 2020 when the new album will be globally released, Brexit permitting … ha!
    Ps. DD are awesome. Period.

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