Love’s Already History

This is the first weekend in March.  It is hard to imagine that we are the third month of the year already.  Looking at it a different way, it has been two months since Duran Duran played in Las Vegas, near New Year’s.  That date marked the end of the Paper Gods era for me.    When I realized that the other day, I felt a wave of sadness.  After all, I had a ton of fun through this time and made so many memories.  So, if you all don’t mind, I’m going to indulge myself a bit here with thinking about some of my favorite moments, in no particular order.

The Paper Gods era began in the fall of 2015.  I remember listening to some of those first songs on the phone with Rhonda and then reviewing them.  The one that really sticks out to me is the immediate connection we felt to Pressure Off.  At times, writing this blog is a lot like swimming upstream so the lyrics really spoke to us.  If the song wasn’t great enough, I remember watching the video in my classroom when it came out on the “big screen”.  Good times!

We were lucky enough to see a few shows with our friend, Heather, in October of 2015.  That little mini-tour provided a little foreshadowing of the summer of 2016 in which we spent a lot of time driving.  I won’t lie.  I always enjoy those road trips.  Rhonda and I spend a lot of time analyzing whatever is going on in Duranland, which I love.  Sometimes, we also make plans to do some crazy things like writing a book while ion the road.

Yep, the Daily Duranie version of Thelma and Louise!! photo courtesy of Heather Todd

Throughout the era, we held many meet-ups from the first show at the Hollywood Bowl to the last show at the Hard Rock in Vegas.  All good times!

Our meet up!

One of the things I absolutely loved was all of the shows with Nile Rodgers!  I loved getting to know his set list well and all of the moves made to go along with the various songs!  Sometimes, opportunity presents itself and I was able to give Nile a Daily Duranie wristband!

Nile wearing the wristband

I’m not going to lie.  This tour gave me a lot of laughs.  I appreciated giving the band members a hard time at various points.  (Usual disclaimer applies:  All of the teasing was and always will be given out of love!).  My favorite moment definitely has to be the pants!  In case you don’t remember, it started talking about John’s pants at shows, to Simon and John showing up at an interview wearing some entertaining pants.  This caused us to respond in kind.

Of course, I will very much miss the shows.  I saw so many amazing concerts that I won’t ever forget.

Chicago July 8
Las Vegas

The Paper Gods era gave me plenty of opportunity to hang with my best friend.  I’m always thankful for each and every time that we can get together as I have so much fun when I’m with her.  We laugh a lot…we consume a few vodka tonics…we tease those we love.


Yes, all in all, this part era was a darn good one to us.  We learned a lot, laughed a ton, and had some of the best times of our lives.  I already miss it even though it only ended recently.  I look forward to whatever is going to come next but super thankful I have these fabulous memories to keep me going until then!


2 thoughts on “Love’s Already History”

  1. Good morning any updates for Vegas in August. I’m EXCITED to attend. Do I need to be invited I don’t want to be a crasher. I love your daily blogs because you reminisce about the many concerts you’ve seen as I have just experience my very 1st and hopefully MANY more concerts. So I’m endulging in all of your excitements and gatherings. Yes I am a SAD case because I’ve been way out of touch as far as following Duran Duran thank GOD for social media it gives me a step closer to knowledge of the band and the thousands of Duranies out in the world. Looking forward to any NEW DURAN DURAN Excitment that i can be apart of. Have a blessed day 🌺Lady’s 🌸and God Bless.🙏💕🏝🤙
    P.S. Happy belated Girls Day👘

    1. I love that you are excited about the convention and that you love our blogs! We will update as soon as we can! 🙂 -A

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