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Remember Moby’s Rio from last week?  I still see (and smell!) the smoke-tinged air from Duran Duran’s Facebook burning up with flaming comments from Duranies and diehards that weren’t necessarily in support of Moby’s interpretation.  I just don’t think I’ve seen that kind of anger and (mostly unjustified) vitriol regarding something that Duran Duran has been involved with since….well, ever.

Well, this is another week…and what I’m about to share here is certainly no Moby’s Rio. This week, Manimal shares an edit (By LUXXURY) of Girls on Film. To my ears, it’s pretty much a remix, and well-done at that. What you’ll hear when you listen is a fantastic bass line brought to the forefront with a solid dance beat not unlike the original, just a bit reimagined and brought up to date.

The only complaint I can imagine reading from fans is that it’s just a remix…and if I see that today, I’ll chuckle to myself knowing that once again…there is really no pleasing everyone.

This edit will not be on the upcoming Making Patterns Rhyme album, in fact a LUXXURY edit of Planet Earth will take that place; but Manimal chose to share this edit with the world as a bonus. Here’s the link, check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

Luxxury - GOF

Girls On Film – LUXXURY (Soundcloud)


4 thoughts on “Luxxury Edit – Girls on Film”

  1. Oh my god. Dear Lord… What is happening here? I mean, why this sudden fever of Duran Duran remixes covers and all that? I mean, you can’t improve a perfect thing. Can you?

    Well, apparently yes. You can improve a great deal a, so called, classic (sacred) song, if you are talented and if you have one small thing called love for music and, yes, an opened mind.

    There are a lot of weak Duran Duran remixes out there, but there are also excellent ones. This “Filming Some Girls” is one of the good ones. It never ceases to amaze me how one song can sprout so many good versions.

    Girls on Film is surely one of the most remixed Duran songs ever, in part because it’s so damn good, and in part because the multi-tracks are out there for a number of years now, making the task of remixing a lot easier.

    A day where a very good remix of a Duran song comes out is a good day for me.

    As a side note I must add that I can’t stop listening to last week’s version of Rio by Moby, sung by Mindy Jones. Great week!

    1. Mindy Jones…so THAT is who that was on Moby’s version of Rio…thank you.

      I like the “fever” of remixes. I really do because no matter how one feels about them, it gets the band talked about. It also breathes new life into the songs, and I just don’t see the harm in that. I happen to agree with you, that there are a lot of really weak remixes out there. Girls on Film seems to be one that I’ve heard some really trashy work done (and I do not mean that in a good way), but yes, this particular one is good. Better than good, really. LUXXURY did a great job with it, I like that elements of the song were brought forward that traditionally provided the backbone, and this time they were given the opportunity to stand in the spotlight a bit. I picture it as turning the song inside out, which is brilliant. I know LUXXURY did an edit of Planet Earth and I’m really looking forward to hearing that, too.

      I also liked Rio by Moby – I know a lot of people didn’t, but as I said last week, I enjoyed the interpretation. There’s nothing wrong with reimagining the song after thirty years. Not everyone has to like it, but you have to give kudos to Moby for being willing to take the risk musically. I still think he did a fantastic job. Thanks for commenting! -R

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