Many Shows or One Great Show?

Pre-sale weeks are always so very crazy, aren’t they?  When dates first come out, I try to remove myself as much as I can from social networking until I have a plan.  I need time to think.  I need time to discuss.  I need time to develop a plan.  This upcoming 2016 North American tour required more of that than most.  I simply had too many choices.  July is the one month that I’m completely free (unless I’m planning curriculum, taking a class, etc. but those are my choices rather than required work tasks!).  Therefore, I would be able to attend any (ALL!  I wish!  Dreams are free unlike concert tickets…which sadly are not!) that I wanted to.  Yet, Rhonda and I knew right away that we would be making choices about WHICH shows to go to despite having no work responsibilities then.  The debate centered around a big decision.  Should we go to as many shows as possible and buy less than perfect tickets OR do we go for perfect tickets and less shows?

As the pre-sale week has calmed down, I have begun to notice that the Duranies I know seem to pick one side of that debate that Rhonda and I were having over another.  Many fans had to make the same decision as we were having to make about whether or not to do one show really, really well or to go to many shows kinda well.  Before I go further into my observations, I want to make one thing clear.  There are still many, many, many fans who are only able to go to one show that is near them.  For those fans, this debate does not even enter into their brains.  They get the best tickets they can that are not VIP for the show nearest them.  From what I can tell, for those fans, they are thrilled with just having the opportunity to go at all.  Maybe that is a lesson we all need (including myself!). Yet, for the fans who are able to do more than one, then, this debate over one well vs. many so-so shows rears its ugly head.  Somehow, people, including us, made their decisions before the pre-sales happened.

It seems to me that the fan community is evenly split between the one show vs. many shows decision.  For those opting to go to one show, many of those fans went for the Platinum or the Gold packages figuring it would be their one and only time to see them.  Therefore, one should go all the way and do it right!  It makes sense.  For those fans, they want to focus on making the one show the absolute best it can be.  They didn’t have to worry about other shows.  They could just focus on the ONE.  Like those fans who can only do the one show near them, I bet this decision is less stressful than those who decide to do multiple shows, assuming that they get the tickets they want.

The rest of the fan base, though, seems to want to do as many shows as they can.  For those fans, I noticed an interesting pattern, within the go to as many shows as you can philosophy.  Often, those fans would have one show be VIP and then the rest be smaller VIP packages or just regular tickets in order to be able to afford more shows.  Thus, even for those fans, they didn’t totally want to throw out the idea of having at least one SUPER quality show.  Perhaps, those VIP tickets weren’t platinum ones, but still…  It also seemed to me that, for those fans, the average number of shows was about 3.  Maybe, that is the magic number to balance between the two philosophies.  By the way, Rhonda and I sort of did something similar with the tickets we purchased.

I wonder what is better for the band.  Is it better for more fans to go to multiple shows or better for fans to go for big VIP tickets for one.  I would think that they would want the venues filled with enthusiastic fans, no matter how many shows each individual fan is going to.  Maybe, the combination between the two kinds of fans ends up balancing it in the end for the band.

So, what about the rest of you?  What side of this debate do you end up on?  Why?  Do you go for better VIP tickets for just ONE show or do you go for more regular seats for MANY shows?


9 thoughts on “Many Shows or One Great Show?”

  1. I usually do a mixture of it.
    One VIP (just the Bronze VIP for a good seat in the first rows) and regular seats (the best I can find) for some other shows.
    That’s what I did for the UK tour now.
    I had the VIP for homecoming show in Birmingham.

    But I usually have another “problem”:
    who will be my touring partner for which shows?

    1. I used to have the question of who will be my touring partner until Rhonda and I decided that we made a lot more sense touring together! 🙂 -A

  2. Well I was very happy with the VIP I had for Rancho Mirage. 4th row on John’s side of the stage! A girl can’t complain!

    I guess I spoiled myself with the VIP so I decided to do it again. So I bought VIP for Montreal- got 2nd row and I said I wasn’t going to do it but I bought tickets to see the show in Mansfield Mass as well. Got 4th row center VIP. Now these are the only shows I am going to. The US/Canada exchange rate is ridiculous right now and I can’t afford any more shows. I would of gotten tickets for Toronto but the show is in the middle of the week and someone I work with is on vacation and we can’t be off at the same time.

    The way I look at it is….. the only time I had ever seen DD before the show in Rancho Mirage was at the Olympic Stadium in Montreal in 1987. I want to spoil myself. My hubby and I hardly go out and we have no kids either so he encouraged me for the VIP in Montreal. I still haven’t told him about the Mass show yet. My friend lives down there and we are going together. He may freak a bit for those tickets but I had already put some money aside.

    If I had kids at home and lot of responsibilities I would buy regular tickets and I would be just happy to be in the same room with them and would have fun. If I had more money I would do more shows and buy regular tickets for most shows but do VIP for at least one

  3. This tour I decided to go for fewer shows & better quality. The two arena bog-standard seats I had for AYNIN were awful after the joy of the Oxford rehearsal show, so being near the front was key this time. I joined the fan club and bought the best presale seated tickets I could for Manchester, and we chose to travel to Nottingham for GA in order to get as near the front as possible. It paid off – 2nd row John side, just by the glitter cannons! So we paid a little more on travel & hotels but didn’t need to go VIP. I’ll be doing this again next time. Sadly I don’t think I’ll be able to get to a small European venue in 2016 as I’m hoping to buy a house this year, but that’s the other tactic I want to try to get up close.

  4. I’m not in the fan club but I got lucky with the tickets I purchased for the last two shows I attended (NY and UK; NY was general admission standing though so that doesn’t really count). I also went alone to both so it was easier to get a solo ticket up close. It would be great to have a touring companion but none of my friends are crazy Duranies like me!

    1. I met my touring partner through a Duran Duran message board so keep participating online and watch for meet-ups, conventions, etc. where you can meet fellow fans in person! You just never know! -A

  5. QUANTITY OVER QUALITY, DEFINITELY!:) It DOESNT MAKE SENSE To Me To Spend A TON OF MONEY On Just One Show!:} I Can NEVER GET ENOUGH Of Our Boys And I Want To See Them AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE So I Would Rather Spend A TON OF MONEY!:} On MANY SHOWS!:) Which Is What I’m Doing!:) Chula Vista And Clarkston, MI So Far And I WILL Be Adding More To The List!:)<3<3<3<3<3 Also, The More You Are Around Them, The More WONDERFUL OPPORTUNITIES Could Arise!:) YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT COULD HAPPEN!:)<3<3<3<3<3 And There Is NOTHING BETTER IN THE WORLD Than A DD Show, So Why Limit Yourself To Just One If You Don't Have To?:)<3<3<3<3<3

  6. We did just one show so far – Gold VIP for Vegas. 3rd row on John’s side. My sis & I were not crazy about the other venues within reasonable travel distance so will make it a fun bday weekend (for her) in Vegas.
    That’s not to say we won’t decide to hit up other shows! But, will wait to see if anything else is announced.

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