March 2015 Katy Kafe with Simon LeBon

I give the Kafé highlights here on Daily Duranie, and to me, the highlights at this point are about the upcoming album, so that’s what I’m sticking with here today!  As always, if you want to listen to the entire 18 minutes with a VERY caffeinated Simon LeBon, I encourage you to get your DDM membership. I hear tour time might be coming. Next year.

Simon on coffee

So Simon is on a “special program” where there’s no alcohol, no tea…but one thing he can drink is black coffee. He likes it very strong…and apparently very caffeinated. Simon speaks faster in this Kafé than I’ve heard in a long time. My fingers moved at breakneck speed to take notes!

I’ve learned you can pretty much learn to like anything…

New album scoops!

Katy moves quickly (probably to keep up with Simon!) to add that they are in the studio – which is honestly music to MY ears. We find out very early in the Kafé that this album is TITLED, but no – we do not get to hear the title. Apparently that, and nearly everything else about this album is as secret as the real date it will actually be released.  Katy also shares that there is a potential first single, but quickly admonishes herself, saying that she’s not allowed to “talk about that. But, one thing she insists that Simon CAN do though, is give the name of the song that they are working on in the studio today, which is “Face for Today”.

….album is more than 3/4 of the way finished. We’ve had guest artists come in and record, which I can’t talk about. Final touches. Sprinkling fairy dust on it.

The album appears as though it will be out in September, as we reported here earlier today.

Simon on War Child

He spends a few minutes talking VERY QUICKLY about the charity itself, explaining that War Child deals with children who are victims of war, regardless of what political “side” they might be on.  Simon said that this was important to him, and you can certainly hear the passion in his voice as he talks about the charity. He said that the gig itself was the smallest audience they’ve played, and that they didn’t “take a piss…they played well”. He also mentions that the people who got tickets were lucky because the tickets were awarded by a lottery system. People pledged money to War Child and were then entered into a lottery for tickets to the show. Many people who pledged money did not receive a ticket and did not get in to see the band. Simon made sure to thank everyone though.

£250,000 was raised for War Child from this event

Festival dates and touring

As most everyone should be aware as of now, the band has booked several festival dates, which you can find here. Simon and Katy both mention that they may add a few more in the September/October timeframe. Katy asks Simon directly if they will be doing any new music at the festivals, and Simon replies with a very definitive and resounding, “no”. According to Simon, they used to do new music at these kinds of things back in the 90s, but it was more of a “vanity thing” and it wasn’t at all helpful. The music isn’t ready to be played live. I guess my question, however rhetorical it might be, is why even bother doing the festivals then? Do they really hope to gain new audience?? What is really the purpose? We’ve all waited this long – what is another year, especially when you consider that none of these festivals take place outside of the UK or Europe? While Simon says the band doesn’t plan to do a lot, he assures that 2016 will be their big tour year.

Not doing a hell of a lot this year. Watch this space.

The rest of the Kafé is spent discussing Simon’s upcoming trip to India with Yasmin in order to judge a classic car event, and then they talked briefly about Nile’s award week in Los Angeles where he won a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award. Interestingly enough, Simon and John were both in Los Angeles for a party at Jimmy Iovine’s house to celebrate Nile – although they cannot talk about the additional reasons they may have been in LA that week.  More secrets….

The time flew by, and I’m amazed at how much was covered in the roughly 18 minute Kafé.  Simon on caffeine….SUPERCHARGED!


*edited to fix the name of the new song that Simon gave out. I have clearly been to one too many concerts over the years, because even as I took notes that day, I struggled to hear the name of the song. In any case, it’s been corrected. Thank you to Krista and Katy for the clarification!

4 thoughts on “March 2015 Katy Kafe with Simon LeBon”

  1. Simon sounded brilliant and in high spirits, but you know, my Italian blood, I cringed when he called it “coffee”: it’s NOT coffee, it’s a “choco-feca”, neologism for a non-coffee coffeish chocolate drink.. The UK one is a mixture of chocolate and hot Coke. … Kidding… LOL,
    I got a bit surprised when he said “we don’t want to share the title of the new record otherwise they post it”: I don’t like their attitude towards us.
    a) if we post the title, it’s merely for supporting not for stalking.
    B) all of this secrecy to us is to me as if they want us to be the latest ones to know about. Why?
    C) also, all of these collaborations, Simon said have to be another secret to us: all the secrets I suspect they can only have one aim, that is to hide something bigger, just in my opinion.

    1. As far as I know, Simon really IS drinking black coffee….that isn’t a joke…

      and I have to say, I listened to the Kafe and I did not hear him say that “they” post the title. I heard him say that he gets a whole lot of shit from Wendy when they give information, but I didn’t hear him say anything about the fans. Maybe I missed that part.

      As far as fans being the last to know, I think that’s just the way they’re handling this one. *shrugs* Whether that’s the right way or not, who knows…. -R

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