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I have been spending a lot of time shopping, making lists to go shopping, and brainstorming what to buy when shopping.  Yes, it is now December and, for me and many others, this means that it is the season to shop for gifts for friends and family.  My family, thankfully, exchanges lists so that I know what they have or don’t have, what they are interested in or not interested in.  This is especially helpful when purchasing for my nieces who live far away from me.  I, also, provide them with a list (at their request, of course!).  Again, I suspect that this is helpful for them.  For example, they might know that I like Duran Duran (yes, yes, that might be an understatement!) but they have no idea what I have or don’t.  They don’t know even where to look for Duran related merchandise.  I don’t blame them in this.  My brother’s fandom is comic books and I would have NO idea if he didn’t provide a list of what and where to find what he is interested in.  This year, like most years, Duranies do have a few more options as the Duran Duran store has been updated!  If you don’t know where to find it, it is located on their official website: under the “store” tab.  If you want the direct link, you can click here.

What are new of the new items in the store?  As every year, the store seems to be updated with holiday related items.  Let me highlight a few and give my thoughts:

*The 2014 Official Calendar.
Rhonda and I have both talked about this calendar quite a bit.  You can read about it here.

*Limited edition DD BAUBLE Set.
For those of you translating this to American speak, they are ornaments.  These ornaments are black with DD on one side and Duran Duran on the other written in gold.  There are only 200 of them.

*Duran Duran Wrapping Paper and Cards.
In case you want to wrap present in Duran logo, you can buy this wrapping paper.  One sheet is gold with black DD lettering and other is black with gold lettering.  There are 5 cards with the same logo and style with a message inside.

Of course, there are some other new items that are not holiday or new year related but are ones that you still might be interested in.

*4 Duran coasters.  Each coaster features either Simon, John, Nick or Roger and matches the same style as coffee mugs and t-shirts of the individual guys that have been available since last summer.  I have to ask, though.  When is Dom going to be featured in items like this???  The coasters come in the set of 4.  There is a deal in which you can get the coasters for free, if you order a set of coffee mugs or a set of the t-shirts.

Other items that might get your attention:
*Last year’s holiday cards are still available.  Again, this is a set of 5 with one for each band member and one for the group.

*Last year’s wrapping paper is available as well.  This wrapping paper features the AYNIN faces of the band.

*Beyond those items, there are some of the usual items, including t-shirts, hats, keychains, tour books, pins and more.

A couple of things to note, if you are planning to purchase from the store and you haven’t before.  First, if you are not in the UK, the shipping can be quite pricey.  It often doubles the price.  Second, be aware  of the currency exchange rate.  Third, if you are a member of the paying, official fan club of DuranDuranMusic, make sure you enter your user name and email in order to get a 10% discount.

Speaking of the fan club, recently, my membership was set to expire.  Now, I could debate whether or not it is worth the money, I won’t here to keep the focus of this particular blog post.  I’ll summarize by saying that I wanted access to any presale, which led me to renew.  In the last couple of years, members could decide which kind of membership to get by either ordering the basic or silver or ordering the gold with the basic membership and additional merchandise.  Last year, I ordered the gold for that extra merchandise.  If you want my review of those items, you can read that blog here.  This year, though, when I went to go renew, I noticed that the gold items were the same as last year.  I sent out emails to get some clarification.  The response back was swift and clear.  The merchandise has not been updated but will be.  Thus, the recommendation was to renew now at the silver/basic level and when the new merchandise comes out, I could upgrade for the extra goodies.  I appreciated the customer service with the emails.

Clearly, there are many choices of new items to buy for yourself or for the Duran fans in your life.  It shows and reminds me that Duran has always done such a good job with all of the merchandise choices over the years whether it was that board game to batteries to t-shirts to water bottles to bags to ornaments.  Speaking for myself, they have always managed to make a dent in my finances through buying some of these items!


2 thoughts on “Meet Me at the Corner Shop”

  1. As of the 2014 calendar is regarded, they wrongly did it: they insisted on promoting the O'Regan exhibit, …cutting Andy out, spoiling the relationship within the fans, of the guitarists' fans, spoiling, also, their best year 1984 celebration.
    However, seen that 2015 will mark the 30th anniversary of the Power Station debut album, with some other pals we're thinking to do some celebrations with tribute bands and an exhibit with their awesome photographer Eric Boman. We're telling Andy and John about it and inviting Dom,too why not: Dom is a fan!
    My shopping is usually “scheduled” during the early year and I often find interesting DD items: the “helpful” things like mouse-pads, pens, key rings turn me on.

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