Connections are what make fandom work.  One can certainly be a fan by enjoying the work that the artist/celebrity/sports team/actor/etc presents, but when one reaches the point where they are looking for more, and they get involved in a community, that is when the connections made with other fans matter.  Those relationships between fans bind the community. They create that “home away from home” atmosphere that so many of us crave, and it is what keeps us all coming back, even during times when – in our case – the band is on hiatus, those long years when they’re writing and recording, or even when they put out an album that isn’t necessarily to our liking.


One thing Daily Duranie has done to try and foster those connections and relationships between fans is to organize meet-ups.  These are parties, typically a couple of hours prior to a concert, but not always, where people can gather, meet, mingle and be festive.  These meet-ups can be very small, where maybe only 10-15 people meet at a bar for drinks before a show; or they can be larger – where Daily Duranie, along with 100+ of our newest friends take over say, a wine-bar in the middle of Durham, North Carolina and have Duran-themed drinks and watch videos to get ready before a show.  The point is to get together in a relaxed atmosphere and meet one another in person!


As we look ahead to another album, promotional events, and hopefully another tour, fans can plan on meet-ups happening, and this is the place to find that information as we move ahead.  As always, we encourage our readers to get involved. Given our budget -which is basically zero – Daily Duranie cannot possibly go to every single show on a tour. (Although we’d certainly love to try!) So, if someone wishes to organize a meet-up in a city we’re not visiting – let us know and we’d be happy to help pass on the information for other fans.  We’re also open to ideas for future parties – send us a note to our gmail (!

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