Sept 7 &8: Las Vegas Meet-ups

There is no better time than the present to announce that we’ve scheduled meet ups for the upcoming shows in Las Vegas!

If you’re planning to be at the gigs in The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan in September, then you should definitely make plans to be at The CliQue Bar at 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday. Daily Duranie will be there ready and willing to get an evening of fun, music, and a fair amount of debauchery off to a rousing start each night at 5pm. Stay as long as you’d like before heading in to the show. Chances are, you’ll see us running into the venue just as lights are about to go down, sliding into our seats just before the band takes the stage!!

photo courtesy of Scott S. (Thanks Scott!)

So why do we host these things? It’s not for the money, the fame, or even the free drinks. (actually we get none of those things) It is because we both remember all too well what it felt like to go to shows alone.

Once upon a time, we were normal people. (or so they say) We didn’t know very many other Duran-fans. When we went to Duran Duran shows, we dragged along friends (Amanda), or a husband (Rhonda). We’d go to the show, and then go home. It was fun, but there was something missing (the debauchery, no doubt!). The two of us met at a fan convention, of all things – and once that happened, our concert-going was never quite the same. All we can say is that knowing other fans has amplified the concert experience beyond our wildest dreams. We want to share with other people, so that YOU can experience it too!

We remember what it felt like to first walk into a room filled with people you don’t recognize. Our goal is to make you feel welcome, comfortable, and never have another moment like that again. Our meet-ups feel like family reunions, and we work to make that family bigger and bigger with every party. As Dom Brown mentioned at the last set of Las Vegas shows, “You created a real community here, didn’t you?”

We aren’t done yet. Join us at The CliQue in Vegas. No cover or anything like that – just show up and hang out with us! 5pm, September 7 & 8. Questions? Email us!

-A & R

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