Merch Matters??

I had great plans for today. To put it simply, I looked forward to not doing anything after spending a lot of my week getting ready for a campaign weekend of action taking place tomorrow and Sunday. The goal was to have each and every step done so that I could just sit back and do nothing. Unfortunately, within minutes of waking up, my phone started to send frequent alerts as there is a lot going on with my place of work. Almost immediately, I found my anxiety increasing and my do-nothing all day plan being pushed to the side. Eventually, things calmed down enough that I could take a few deep breaths. Sadly, by that point, my head was pounding and I could barely remember that I needed to blog. I needed a restart. So, after taking a nap to regroup and eating lunch, I’m finally getting back to the day I hoped to have.

One of the many ideas I had for the day was to clean out my personal email inbox that tends to get just as overwhelmed as I do. I will often delete emails I don’t need right away, without thought. Other emails compel me to respond immediately. Then, there are those that I keep with the idea that I would go back and read more carefully. One of this week’s email was from the Duran Duran store. Anyone else get this one? Basically, this email was to advertise new items in the band’s official merchandise store.


What did I decide to do now that I have had a chance to really look at this email? I went to the online store, of course! As soon as the page loaded, I remembered that there were other relatively new designs, including these:

Now, my mind is really moving at a mile a minute. How do I feel about merchandise right now? Normally, I am all for it. I admit that I have appreciated all of my various t-shirts lately. Since I have not gone into work for months, I found myself living in more comfortable clothes like t-shirts. But now, things are different. Many people have lost their jobs. Many are struggling to put food on the table. Some are fighting for health or even their lives. Is it wrong or selfish look at the merchandise or to buy?? This leaves me just wanting to scream.

Here’s the deal. Am I lucky that I’m able to buy something(s) if I want to? Yes, absolutely, I am very fortunate. I wish that everyone could. Does it make me a terrible person to want to have something like a fun package to look forward to? I don’t think so. Heck, even if people don’t want to buy any of this new merchandise, I still like that it is there. I like to see that band is doing something and staying active, in some way, shape or form. I especially like these designs. On one hand, Seven and the Ragged Tiger imagery and design is one of my absolute favorites. I appreciate the more modern group photo and latest font. They are all awesome, I think.

All that said, you know what I would really want as far as merchandise goes these days? I like that DDHQ has been releasing word searches, which are fun and distracting. What about a big jigsaw puzzle? I have been doing puzzles since the pandemic started and really enjoying them. I suspect that I might like one even more, if it featured something Duran related. Just a thought.

So what about the rest of you? Do you like this new merchandise? Are you planning on buying? Do you have suggestions for other items? If so, what?


4 thoughts on “Merch Matters??”

  1. A jigsaw puzzle sounds fun! I would love to see colouring pages instead of word searches. πŸ˜€ There was apparently, at one time, a colouring/activity book, but it may have been quashed because it was unofficial. So maybe they could do an official one? It just amuses me to think about “the Big Duran Duran Activity Book”, with colouring, word searches, crosswords, mazes, connect the dots, and the like. And I like the new tees with their pictures, but I have also found as I have gotten older that I gravitate to the shirts with logos/imagery rather than the ones with photos of the band, so I’m probably going for one of the compass rose shirts.

    1. I love the idea of a big Duran activity book with coloring, word searches, crosswords, etc. I would volunteer to do that, if they needed someone! πŸ˜‰ -A

    1. They could do another game! That would be cool! As for the original board game, maybe I should do a blog about it. I have it. I have played it. I have even lived to tell the tale. LOL. -A

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