About a week ago, Duran Duran posted a picture of John and Roger wearing new t-shirts with the upcoming album title, “All You Need is Now.”  These t-shirts were in black and white and simply had that phrase.  Today, I received an email from the ddstore, letting me know that there are new items in the store, including these t-shirts and more advertising the new album.  I immediately had to go check things out, despite the fact that I was still at work and needed to finish a report.  Like many Duranies, I saw many products that caught my attention, including those and other t-shirts, mugs, etc.  Since then, I have seen other fans react with interest, matching my own, and others who aren’t feeling it.

The fans who are not interested in the new merchandise complain that these simple t-shirts look like they could have been made at an online “make your own custom products” store.  While I can’t necessarily argue with that, I also can see why they are as simple as they are.  The title of the album and, even the little part of the song I have heard, incident a feeling of embracing the present and living in the moment.  In many ways, it is about living simply and ignoring the past and stop worrying about the future.  It suggests the need to remove all of the extras and just go with what you love best.  For Duran Duran, it is the music.  Simple as that.  If they were to have really complex designs on the shirts, wouldn’t that be going against the overall feeling and mood they seem to be trying to convey?  Shouldn’t they be simple and straight-forward?  I love the idea of embracing the now and living simply and if the shirts and album help us with that, great!  Of course, the other complaint is about how costly they are, especially at this time of year.

Duran Duran and their management aren’t stupid (although, sometimes, we have wondered).  They are thinking about making a profit like any other business.  Obviously, they want to charge a lot more than what the shirts are worth in order to make money on them.  Yes, the shipping is horribly expensive for those of us living outside of the UK.  Yet, it seems smart of them to put these items up for sale now.  They didn’t wait for tour time, which is great.  First, people are getting ready to buy gifts for the holidays and many of these items could be given for such a purpose.  Second, some people (me) aren’t that excited to buy merchandise at a show.  People don’t have a lot of extra cash at those times because they have spent the money on tickets, travel, etc.  They don’t have a lot of money for extras.  Personally, I don’t like buying t-shirts and posters at a show because I can’t stand having to carry them around.  I will and I have done it when I have had no choice but I don’t like to.  Besides, I like having t-shirts to advertise a new album for the band ahead of time.  After all, if I’m excited about it, I want others to know.  In this day and age, there are too many people out there who don’t know that this band is still around and is still releasing new music.  Wearing t-shirts help to educate the public about the current status of Duran Duran.  🙂

Therefore, based on both the fact that I like the shirts and I like to show my Duranie pride (silly me!), I’m sure that I will be buying a shirt or two.  Of course, I will also put them on my wish lists and maybe my supportive family will buy me one!  Wouldn’t that be cool?! 


5 thoughts on “Merch”

  1. I am rolling reading this as I got the email while still at work also. I like you had to rush to see what the new goodies looked like. I am lucky that my family will get me a shirt or watch as they love to feed my obession. LOL!

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