Merry Christmas 2017

As you read this, I can almost certainly guarantee that my house is anything but quiet. There is wrapping paper EVERYWHERE, ribbons and bows strewn throughout my downstairs living area, children still in jammies, coffee cups casually sitting on nearly every surface. Presents have been opened, the dog is jumping though the wrapping paper as though he were jumping in leaves outside, and the cats – all four of them – are fighting over space under the tree.

I am likely in the kitchen, getting a roast into the oven for later. I can almost promise I’ve looked at the living room in despair, knowing it is going to require me going in there and cleaning it myself for it all to get done. My mom is here, Walt’s parents will come later in the day, but Santa has indeed come and gone.

This Christmas has been bizarre for my family on a number of levels. Hasn’t been our best, but by the same token, it has forced us to rethink what the holiday really means. I don’t mind saying that some of us have done better with that idea than others…and that we are all really spoiled, period. It’s been a good lesson about love, patience, and understanding…and that’s just what I am learning!

While “peaceful” is not a descriptive word that I will use until much later in the evening, when I finally sit down to get into my own bed and take that glorious, deep cleansing breath before I shut out my light, I wish everyone a wonderfully happy holiday.

Naturally, that includes Simon, John, Roger, Nick and Dom. I hope you’re all resting up nicely, because we’ve got a show to do in a few days! Well, you do. I just have to be there and be ready for fun!

Lots of love to everyone, including my partner-in-crime, Amanda. I am looking forward to exchanging presents in person next week! It is a treat to be able to see one another and do gifts in person. And our “office” party – otherwise known as Late Bar at Hard Rock Live – that’s going to be a blast, too!  Can’t wait!

I know that not everyone in the world celebrates Christmas. It is probably the one holiday that truly pervades your world whether you want it to or not, because it’s become so secular and universal. It is the holiday you get whether your want it or not, I suppose.  Whether you spend this day in a similar way as my family does or not, I hope it is wonderful for you.

Merry Christmas!




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