Miss me yet?

Did you notice I was gone last week?  While I feel badly about not blogging at all, there’s a certain part of me that is glad I didn’t. Many of you probably know that my oldest moved to her college dorms and last Thursday was move-in day. My week was spent doing about 50,000 loads of laundry, packing bins and boxes, and admittedly – fighting back a lot of tears. My feelings are very mixed right now. I’m proud and happy, but also a tiny bit sad and even a little bit lonely. Heather is my oldest, my first baby – the one I had to “learn” on, and she’s been my buddy since the day she was born. As she got older, we grew closer, despite those nasty teenage years (I was lucky with this one, but I suspect her younger sister will be a force to reckon with) Now she’s at my alma mater, having what I believe will be the time of her life. I’m here at home, watching Bachelor in Paradise and Cutthroat Kitchen by myself.  It isn’t just an adjustment for me, but one for the entire family. My youngest has decided that throwing a tantrum or two (she’s a very young seven who is used to being doted on by her older sister) is the way to go. So it’s been delightful as I calmly but firmly redirect. (sometimes, not so calmly…) We’ll all adjust eventually…I hope.

The good news here is that most people might not have even noticed I was gone, despite the lack of a daily post.  Each day, readers should have seen a new picture poll posted, and probably even some discussion up on our Facebook page about the new album. Friday, Saturday and even Sunday there were blogs just as normal…and all of it due to Amanda.

Over the past five (yes FIVE!) years we’ve written and operated Daily Duranie, it has become increasingly apparent many have absolutely no idea that there are two of us here doing the work. Amanda will be on Twitter chatting with people on our @dailyduranie account, and they’ll automatically assume she’s me, even though she always “signs” her tweets with “-A”.  The same happens with email, or even when people have something they want to share…they address emails, messages, etc. solely to me. While I love talking with anyone and everyone about this band, I have to wonder why no one seems to recognize or acknowledge that Amanda is easily the hardest working one out of the two of us…and she really and truly IS. So, maybe readers can share some of your perceptions with us.

With that in mind, I think it’s time for a little Daily Duranie “Primer”:

I am not the sole owner of Daily Duranie, and Amanda is absolutely not second-in-command. We are equal partners in every single way.  When we first began the blog, she and I agreed that I would be responsible for writing blogs Monday through Thursday, and she would write Friday through Sunday. Over time, we began adding things like the daily questions, polls, and chatting with everyone on social media. Amanda does most of that, to be honest. We both keep the calendar updated, I handle the website maintenance and upkeep (I hate that part), we both answer comments, and thank GOODNESS we’re in this together. I could never do it all alone and I wouldn’t have ever even tried if it hadn’t been for her.

Perhaps, Amanda and I complement each other so well that no one realizes we’re two people! I’m far more casual in my writing. I wear my feelings on my fingers, so to speak. My blogs read similarly to how I might write an email or talk to a friend. I figure we’re all friends here, anyway. Amanda is definitely the more intellectual one. She is a thinking-person’s sort of writer, and she knows her Duran Duran history better than anyone I have ever met.  In contrast, I still struggle with the band’s birthdates, regularly forget names of songs, etc. (I also call my children by every OTHER name than their own, so there’s that). Amanda seems to know every date in Duran history, while I can’t seem to remember when Rio was released. I do my best, and fall woefully short much of the time. I handle the backend of this website (which sounds far dirtier than it is), and I don’t think Amanda has ever dared tread around back there…yet she’s definitely the more detail-oriented one out of the two of us. I’m more of a “big-idea-with-no-plan-for-implementation” person. I’ll come up with dumb-ass ideas like “Let’s ask Dom Brown for an interview!” and not have any clue how to reach him other than, for example, throwing a note up on stage at a show.  (This didn’t actually happen…but it makes a good story, doesn’t it?!! I actually sent him an email, with my hands shaking the entire time. Thank GAWD he didn’t request a phone interview because I’m pretty sure I would have turned blue and passed out from a lack of oxygen.) On the other hand, Amanda has a calendar at home that she keeps updated with what we have planned out for the two of us to do. If it weren’t for Amanda, nothing would get done here much of the time.

What is particularly frustrating and very discouraging for her is that she’s not acknowledged for the amount and quality of her work. It is apparent that many automatically assume this is completely my deal, or that Amanda is my supporting player. That couldn’t really be further from the truth, and is not the image we care to present. Selfishly, the last thing I need is for the world to assume that I am somehow the only face behind Daily Duranie! Over the years, we’ve been contacted by a variety of people for a plethora of reasons; whether it’s fellow fans asking a question, authors wanting  a book reviewed, or even people inviting us to things – and usually they typically only ask for me. I am left wondering why. I would love to read your perceptions, dear readers. This question really isn’t about why you might like my writing or Amanda’s writing.. (in fact I would very much appreciate those opinions being left to oneself). I am asking why it may seem, or IF it seems that Daily Duranie is only one person.  Bonus points for examples!

As always, I look forward to reading your well-thought out insights.


14 thoughts on “Miss me yet?”

  1. So is it safe to say that Daily Duranie is a two-headed monster 🙂

    Teasing of course!

    Glad you got your eldest settled R. Even in your absence, The Daily Duranie still filled my days with interesting questions and thoughts. I love Amanda’s analysis of the big picture… as always.

    I would never ever think thank this blog was curated by one person. I can tell who wrote the post by the 1st para. You have different personalities and thus very unique writing voices.

    (And I may remiss by being more lax on commenting over the weekends.)

    I’m waiting for the video review of the new song… waggles eyebrows at the BOTH OF YOU!

    1. I think it is not only safe to say, but appropriate to insinuate that Daily Duranie is a two-headed monster…of epic proportions!

      I don’t think we’re going to be doing a video review of the next song(s) to come off of the album, nor of What are the Chances. They don’t seem to get a ton of views, and we’ve seen several say that they don’t want to read or hear more because it colors their own thinking. So, we’ll probably wait until the album comes out, even though we could quite possibly write our own primer at this point.

  2. That is absolutely crazy that people think that you guys are 1 person. Amanda has a completely different writing style than Rhonda, plus you guys always put you initial after your blogs. Maybe some readers don’t realize the work that goes on behind the scenes for you guys, which is why I think your blog today was on point!!!

  3. Huh?! I can’t believe anyone thinks there’s only one of you! Amanda’s blogs are the more analytical ones – yes I can spot them on the non-Fri-Sun days she’s posted during the summer holidays – and yours are the more chatty, family-daily-life linked ones (with the spelling mistakes! ;-D) I was really interested to hear how you split the work – I knew Amanda did all the daily posts, and I’ve heard you swearing about the backend of the site, but I didn’t realise that was a complete split.

    Keep it up ladies – as you say, you complement each other beautifully, and the one place you share equal responsibility is the drinking of enormous cocktails! 🙂 I have witnessed that in person!

    PS re the above comment, I have to admit I am not keen on watching videos and much prefer to read your thoughts as I can do that anywhere, on the train, don’t need headphones, while I’m sitting next to my partner who’s watching something else on telly etc etc etc. If you fancied doing a short minute or two length one to do a thumbs up or thumbs down on single reviews or something, that would be fun but if it’s a long one I’m owning up to not watching – sorry, but figured you’d appreciate the feedback and reasoning!

    1. I don’t know if people think there’s only one of us – but they certainly seem to see me as the face of Daily Duranie, which is strange.

      We try to do reviews in a variety of ways to reach a multitude of people. I challenge anyone to do a decent song review in a minute or two. It can be done, but not well. So we’ll do them however we do them, and eventually everything will get a written review anyway. -R

  4. I always knew there were two of you (there’s a photo of the both of you on Twitter!) but to be honest, I’m not sure who is Amanda and who is Rhonda. However, I do know that I really appreciate all the hard work the two of you do. I enjoy the differences in opinions (esp. YouTube song reviews) and writing style. There’s a distinct difference in personality and it’s a good balance. But like I said, I wouldn’t know by looking who is Amanda and who is Rhonda. A good way for people (like me for instance) would be to have a small thumbnail at the top of each post so that we can put a face to the written words and more easily identify who’s doing what.

    Great job to the both of you.

    p.s. Rhonda, losing a child to college does get easier, I promise! Watching them grow and mature through that Freshman year is an amazing thing as a parent to watch 🙂

    1. Regarding our picture on Twitter, Amanda is on the left and I am on the right. For our Daily Duranie little thumbnail picture, I’m on the left and Amanda is on the right. But…for our large picture that’s on the “about us” page, Amanda is holding the large bottle of vodka while I’ve got a glass. Hmm….that’s interesting. 😀 -R

  5. I don’t really understand the point of this post. Are you whining? About what??? People think there’s only one doing the blog?? If so, who cares? I always thought Amanda as the most rational one, almost scientific in her thinking, doing posts with high quality content. As for Rhonda, I think she’s the most emotional one, thus the content of her posts are not quite as good as Amanda’s, bordering sometimes on pointless rumbling and incoherent thoughts. But guess who’s the most popular? Right.

    1. Oh Clara,

      We don’t mind your opinion at all. In fact, I hope the entire world sees your lovely comments here.


  6. LOL. Oh Rhonda, I think you do mind my opinion after all. You don’t like criticism? Well, guess what, nobody really likes it either. Anyway, nice to see your comments on Twitter, LOL. I just don’t understand why go public with a blog and Twitter accounts if you are clearly not ready to be criticized. Anyway, not my problem, I guess.

    1. You’re mistaken. I don’t MIND your opinion…I just find it nasty and as I said, pointless.

      Go off with your big bad troll self…you’re just boring me now.


  7. I only just discovered your blog last year, and admit I don’t read it on a daily basis. So I don’t know each of you well enough to know you write differently. But I know it’s two of you, and even who is who! 🙂

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