Missing Out

In case you all didn’t hear, Andy Taylor held a little twitter question and answer session today.  If you all weren’t around to participate or see the questions asked and answered, I hear that the entire thing will be up on his website soon enough.  Anyway, my original plan for today’s blog was going to be talking about what questions were asked, how Andy answered them and even how the fans dealt with both him and each other.  Alas, this will not be the case as I was not around to witness it for myself, despite it going for over 5 hours.  (Wow!!!  Talk about impressive!!!)

Why wasn’t I around?  I was working.  More to the point, I was working at a job that doesn’t really allow for too much non-work computer use.  In fact, while I check my personal email and do some basic searches online during work, I never use it to check any social networking site.  If I must check facebook or twitter, I do it on my phone, which isn’t easy, either, as the building gives terrible cell reception.  Besides, even if I could do social networking at work, I wouldn’t really have the time.  In fact, there are many days that I get very little of my to do list done as one crisis happens after another.  I suppose this is the life of a special education teacher working with the intense population that I do.  Just to give you an example from this morning, I was getting ready to go to one class when one of my assistants comes in to report inappropriate behavior.  This behavior is such that I knew the information had to go straight to the assistant principal, which I did.  The principal wanted me to get the child from class and put him in Detention (our room for children who have been misbehaving).  Unfortunately, I had to be in the class so I had to go to a different class to get a different assistant to cover me.  Then, the principal asks me to get another child as he was a witness to a crime out in the community.  On the way to retrieve these two children, a colleague stopped me as a student we share who had left the building and wanted to know if I had information to find him.  Therefore, at that given moment, I literally had to be in 4 different places.  My point in telling this is to explain why I don’t have the time for much fun at work!  Of course, it also explains why I’m so tired and need to go on tour!  LOL!  

Andy’s twitter session began at 10 am, my time, right in the middle of work.  Now, I could try to take the time to read through his tweets and others, but I don’t really have the time for that either as I have plans this evening.  In fact, I have plans in about 30 minutes.  Perhaps, I will take the time tomorrow to try and catch up with what took place in order for me to properly write about it.  Right now, I have the sense that I won’t ever be able to really catch up, though, based on the nature of twitter.  I might see the completed transcript when it gets posted but I doubt that will adequately describe the mood, the energy, the reactions from the fans and that’s what really matters to me.  Yes, yes, I definitely want to know what Andy said.  Of course, I do.  Yet, Rhonda and I are students of fandom, of popular culture.  We need to see what fans do and say in order to begin to understand why.  We know how we think and act but we doubt that we represent all of Duranland!  Thank goodness!  Maybe Rhonda, who did have a chance to witness some of it, will want to blog about it later. 

Obviously, my situation isn’t unique or even that note-worthy, really.  Yet, missing out on things in fandom is part of fandom, too!  Everyone misses things.  Everyone.  All of the members have missed things.  It happens.  I know that and understand that.  It doesn’t feel very good, though…as I glance at all the tweets going back and forth between Andy and fans and between fans and fans as it looked like a ton of fun.  It, especially, doesn’t feel good after having a tough day at work.  For me, fandom has always been a lovely escape from the harsh real world that I work in and today was never a more obvious contrast.  I’m sure that I’ll give over being bummed about missing out today and about how I wasn’t able to give you guys the blog post you were hoping for!  As I stated earlier, I do have plans this weekend, which will definitely help.  Perhaps, some of you will summarize the twitter-a-thon in such a way that I will feel like I was there and was a part of it.  You all could share some suggestions on how you deal with being bummed about missing events experiences in fandom.  After that, maybe, I’ll feel better.  Of course, a good dinner, a couple of friends and a few drinks will help, too!  I know this much.  Tomorrow is a new day and there will be more to participate in and more to witness in the land of fandom and Duranies. 


4 thoughts on “Missing Out”

  1. Amanda – You have the most important job in the world – educating children. And now days, your job description doesn't stop with math, history, English, science… you are also expected to practically rear many children whose parents have other priorities, and who don't appreciate what you do. My mother was a teacher, so I understand your plight. She actually had a parent ask her why his son didn't get an “A” in her class – after all, he showed up (nearly) every day. I kid you not.

    I do hate that you had to miss the epic tweetathon. I do believe you'll be able to feel at least a lot of the buzz in Andy's Twitterland when you read through it. I would wait on the transcript as it was a bit of a challenge to see all the questions and answers.

    You're right though, we all miss things and it does feel like missing a chapter of the whole story. But the good news is, there will be other opportunities and life isn't about what we miss, it's about what we make of what we are able to experience.

    Here's something for you (language warning at the very end). You may have seen this, but it's so true… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxsOVK4syxU

    Thanks for making a difference in this world.

  2. I missed it too, due to work and a prior commitment to an evening out, but I actually preferred it that way as reading back on my twitter stream and the hashtag, I found it very hard to follow events. I've just read through the transcription now and it's much clearer. So great job by @blogibiza for getting it all up on line! Looks like it was a really fun session and some interesting answers too.

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