Molson Amphitheater Toronto Review

Well, these four shows went fast.  Last night I attended my final show before heading back home for about ten days before Amanda makes her way to California.

I don’t know about anyone else, but when you’re doing anything more than one show, I think the last show can be tough. On one hand, you’re excited to be there. I mean, it IS Duran Duran up there on that stage. Who doesn’t love that?!? On the other hand, it’s hard to force yourself to just live in that moment (or at least it is for me).  Last night was no different, although every time I’d feel a little bittersweet I’d remind myself that Amanda will be coming to California before I know it.

The show opened strong with Paper Gods, and I really don’t think there was any slowing down from there. The one thing I will say about this tour is that the show is incredibly tight. The band definitely has the setlist and production down, and most of the time they make the entire show seem effortless.  I can’t fault them for that, although yes—I suppose for those of us who are attending more than one show, it makes the night predictable.  That said, I can honestly say that I didn’t stand in the audience thinking “And ____________ is next” each night. I enjoyed each song as it came up, and didn’t think beyond that.

I’ve said it before and will say it again, MNDR has done an outstanding job. I realize there’s been some question as to how much of Nick’s part she’s really playing up there—I don’t honestly care—but she’s also very engaging with the audience. Granted, it’s not the same as seeing Nick’s knowing slight smiles and smirks, but she gets the audience clapping and seems to make eye contact as well.  I don’t know that they could have found a better person to fill the role in his absence.

Clearly, Simon and John were happy to be in Toronto.  Both made positive statements about the venue or the city and how it’s been one hell of a journey.  I’m no Canadian, but I must agree. Yes, yes it has.

Complete with confetti (by the way, Amanda and I were seated in front of the cannons last night, which meant that by the end of Pressure Off we were completely blanketed—and we loved it) and beach balls, the show was every bit as much of a going away party (for us) as it was a celebration of our 40th show.  We had a great time, and for a few hours, I really did forget all about the other stresses in life.  I’d call that successful.

So now, Amanda and I head back to the Chicago-area. I will head back to California tomorrow and attempt to detox myself (!) for the next ten days. Yes, there’s been quite a bit of debauchery on this trip. It has been wonderful to meet new friends, hang out with Amanda and Heather, and just breathe. I always hate this part, where I have to say goodbye to people I care about, but on the other hand—I get to do round two very soon.

One final parting thought: not long ago I had come to terms that this might be my final long trip away from home. It is very hard to leave, especially for this length of time. I thought I was done, to be honest. I love the band, but I’m at a point in life where something has to give. I can go away without being gone for the better part of a month, I suppose. I’m four shows in to the eight I plan to do, and while I know my situation with home and family hasn’t changed, I find myself wondering how on earth I’m ever going to survive without the trips, the touring, and my friends. This band is addictive.

Thankfully, I can file that thought away for a little while longer.


3 thoughts on “Molson Amphitheater Toronto Review”

  1. Am happy to say the family and I luved last night’s show in Toronto too! Seems like all the posi-vibes paid off and ‘held back the rain’, and while it was hot and humid it was reasonably comfortable once the sun went down.

    As to the evening, it was very nice to have Nile and Chic on board with them too, The band played in the heavier Duran style that I personally prefer and enjoy most, and they definitely rocked the Amphitheatre.

    The venue had terrific energy from the fans, the band looked pretty happy overall with the crowd and atmosphere, and even though poor Simon did sound a bit strained at times and Nick couldn’t be there, they definitely carried the whole night off without a hitch and did a marvellous job.

    Overall, it was a VERY enjoyable night all the way around even though I wasn’t able to connect in person with our Daily Duranies, it was still a great way to take some of the ‘pressure off’.

  2. It was great to see you two last night, if only for a brief hello and hug! And in a way, I guess you could say you handed the baton over to me. Toronto was my first of 3 shows on this leg. And I was blown away by the show last night! I cannot wait to enjoy my next two Duran/Chic parties next week!

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