More Beautiful Colors Info!!!

True to form, today brings more news regarding Andy Golub’s brand spanking new, hot-off-the-presses coffee table book of Duran Duran posters; perfectly titled Beautiful Colors: The Posters of Duran Duran. 

I know that everyone has been waiting patiently for more information, and while I knew what Andy and I had discussed regarding pricing, I honestly wasn’t sure where he might be comfortable and settle in. I’m happy to see that Andy has decided to cover his costs (good plan!) and charge $75.00 USD. That price does not include shipping, and that information will be coming soon.  I believe that once he’s got a firm shipping plan in mind (both for US as well as overseas), the books should then be made available on exclusively. 
Once again, in case you’re questioning the price: this is a coffee table format book, printed in fully corrected color. Over 200 pages of glossy Duran Duran posters, a heartfelt foreword by Nick Rhodes, and lots of tasty surprises throughout. Not only are you supporting this huge project – six years in the making – you’re also helping to slightly offset Andy’s costs in making this book come to life, not to mention costs I don’t want to even consider for housing and properly maintaining his collection for all of these years. I have yet to even get a single in-person glimpse of this book and I can already tell you he has priced this at a bargain, which is truly who Andy is – he just wants to share this collection with everyone.  Definitely worth supporting, and if I didn’t mention it before, I really believe this is a fantastic value. At 1000 copies, I don’t expect them to last long!  
Others have asked about Andy personally signing copies, which is something that I think is worth considering.  However, this book is being self-published, and as a side-effect of that (and one of the few down sides), the book is at the printer in Wisconsin and will be shipped directly from there. As a result, Andy cannot sign the books before they are sent.  However, he is looking into the possibility of doing some casual signings – so there is hope!  
Lastly, Patty Palazzo was able to grab a copy of the book and had this to say, “…it is absolutely beautiful!!! I mean, seriously! What a gorgeous representation of the history of this art form for Duran – you more than did it justice” Just reading Patty’s sentiments make me even more excited to have my own copy of the finished product!  

I sprinkled a few of the pages that Andy has put up on his page as a sneak peak…can’t wait for more!!


5 thoughts on “More Beautiful Colors Info!!!”

  1. This looks like one gorgeous book, and very reasonably priced – (ahem, cough, cough, wink)! Definitely will consider getting this!


  2. @EasternViolet Can't wait to get it on my coffee table! And can't beat the price! (He should think about Kickstarter if there is more demand!)

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