MORE Breaking News…Last Shows of Tour Canceled!

Sad news from Duran Duran today as they cancel the remaining dates of their nearly two year old tour.

Fans can go here to read the press release….and the band is currently on their way back to their homes to begin what can really only be characterized as recovery (my words of course) at this point!  I would imagine they are all exhausted, and rightfully so.

With any luck we will hear that Mr. Rhodes is on the mend soon, but until then – we wish them all (at least those few that are getting one) a wonderful break. We are sure that fans are very disappointed, but we’re also thankful that they’ve had such a magnificent tour.  We don’t know about anyone else, but we look forward to seeing what comes next from this band!

Until then, Daily Duranie will be back tomorrow with ONE post daily (this multi-posting is killing us!)…and we’ll keep you all updated on any/all news!


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