What is your most prized DD possession?

Sometimes, I have to borrow writing topics from “the experts”. Today is one of those days, as I try to untangle myself from the weekend and get moving. (Is anyone else struggling with the idea that Thanksgiving for the USA is next Thursday?!? How’d that happen???)

Over the weekend, and it might have even been yesterday – DDHQ asked fans for their most prized DD possession. I didn’t see many replies, but the few I caught were memorabilia like tour programs or signed CD’s.

When DDHQ sends out these questions, it takes me a few minutes of thinking before I settle on an answer worth tweeting. This time though, gut instinct took over and I tweeted right away. My answer wasn’t very exciting compared to those who tweeted signed photos or books or CD’s. My prized possession isn’t even my vinyl copy of Astronaut, signed by all five original members, although it’s a close second.

My most prized possession is the Encore CD set of the first time I saw all five original members onstage together in Costa Mesa, California in 2003.  I keep it hidden down deep in my sweater drawer and it is the one CD that isn’t already packed! I don’t really know why I’ve attached so much sentiment to one single thing. It isn’t signed, I rarely play it, and I didn’t even meet the band that night.  I suppose though, it has everything to do with why I’m a fan.

When I listen to the thunderous applause at the beginning of the concert, I know that I was one of those voices. We sat way back in the 16th row that night (“sat” is probably not the right word here. I jumped up and down. Shook like a tuning fork, even, but I didn’t really sit.), and I’ve never felt so much joy emanate through my body as I did that night. I couldn’t replicate the feeling if I tried, and I have. The memory of the concert that night still makes me smile and feel all tingly. I think it is that concert “high” that I still chase to this day.

Sure, the fact that all five were on that stage, playing together, is a wonderful memory. I am so grateful that I was able to be there and witness it. Andy was there, and I nearly came out of my skin when Roger stepped away from his set at the end of the show. I can remember seeing him walk to the front of the stage with his tongue hanging out of his mouth from exhaustion. I stared at John and Simon for most of the show, periodically pinching myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming the whole thing. It was amazing and I could hardly believe I was there. Finally, after so many years! My heart still swells, just thinking about it.

There was something else that night though. I watched the audience before the band took the stage. People knew one another in the front. There was a lot of hugging, laughing, talking, and even some happy tears. I was so curious about all of that, because I knew no one aside from my husband, who was sitting next to me. It was an odd feeling. While I was overjoyed to be there like any Duranie might, I also felt just the slightest bit left out. I knew that whatever was going on with the people in the seats closest to the stage – I wanted to be a part of it.

There’s no question in my mind that my Encore CD from that show is  still my most prized DD possession. It is a memory from the show that changed everything for me. The friends I’ve made, the times I’ve had, and even the few encounters I’ve had with the band themselves – are in direct result from that show. I’m so grateful I was there.

There are plenty of moments from my Duranie life that I hold dear. I have fond memories of seeing Duran Duran (Nick, Simon and Warren) at the Anaheim House of Blues a couple of years prior. I felt that I’d left Duran Duran back in my childhood, only to have that “fan feeling” roar right back to life once again. That show in 2001 made me realize that I was still a Duran Duran fan, but it was the Costa Mesa show in 2003 that convinced me to participate in fandom. I wanted to meet people, make friends, and get involved.

Obviously, I took it a little farther than I’d planned. I’m funny that way.



3 thoughts on “What is your most prized DD possession?”

  1. LOL! I know that feeling. I also have that CD and was in the front row of Orchestra 1. The distance to the center of the stage was about the same as section 2 in the middle, but as it curved behind the “golden circle” of seats, it was actually about 6 or 7 rows straight back from Andy’s side of the stage. I was also @ those HOB shows in March 2001. I only missed the added date in April. A VAST difference between the intimacy of the tiny HOB crowd from the floor about 5 feet from the front and being in the sold out (including the lawn) PacAmp. That roar you mentioned? It was recorded by monitors set around the fair grounds in various neighbourhood areas to record the noise levels as it was the reopening of the venue after so many years closed. That Duran Duran show was by FAR the loudest of the entire summer and the only one sold out completely. Even lawn seats. I also saw something that took me right back to the 80s. The crowd waited around. They all lined the area above where the band would be driving out of the venue to watch them go. Some waited by the exit outside the fair perimeter and chased after them just like in SBS. All of a sudden, everyone was a teenager again. There was squealing and crying and a level of energy I had not seen @ a show for some time. I am glad you got to experience that night.

    1. I had forgotten about those sound monitors – I remember reading about them in the paper after the show, and I seem to recall the Duran Duran concert being cited as one of the reasons the community did not want lawn seats sold. 😀

      That show was amazing. For me it was a tiny glimpse into what I’d missed during the 80s. I felt that way even during the Astronaut tour though – I mean, it was a far cry from the insanity of the 80s but it was EXCITING. I’m so glad we had the chance to experience even a taste of that as adults. 😀 -R

  2. I’m new to collecting DD memorabilia, and I can’t get much- but after my initial thought “my videos and albums, natch’ I decide it had to be something really special. I have two. One is the Denis O’Regan Careless Memories book I treated myself to. Stupidly expensive, and I did not allow myself to spring for an autographed copy figuring I could maybe get that done in person.It is gorgeous, and very high quality and I love going through it, and getting lost in thought. I have one other treasure, an autographed program from the AYNIN tour signed by Nick, that had an amusing story attached.Seems during the meet and greet the handlers were rushing things along. It was a ‘no autographs’ kind of deal- and Nick apparently got annoyed, snatched the program and signed! That’s why I love him- one of the reasons anyway.My niece bought that for me and it is my other prize Duran possession.

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