My Return to Now…or Normal

Tomorrow, I go back to work, to school, after a two week “break”. I put the word “break” in quotes because I still did work (about 19 hours worth) while I was home. This is not uncommon. On top of going back to school, Rhonda and I are resuming writing this blog. I figured that it might be good for me to start my routines sooner rather than later. It is time.

So how was the blogging break? Did it serve its purpose? And how do I feel about blogging moving forward? These are the questions I ask myself. First, for me, the break was a mixed bag, honestly. The positive part is what you might expect it was. I enjoyed having more time and definitely could always use more of it, especially as the holidays loomed. On top of that, I also found myself dealing with a virus that would not quit and some other health issues (nothing major but annoying all the same), which affected my productivity. That said, I missed blogging. I didn’t necessarily miss the self-imposed deadlines but I have figured something out about myself. I need tasks like this in my life. This blog and writing has become needed, but not in an unhealthy one. I found that I need the distraction from other items on my to do list. It helps me stop thinking and worrying about school or politics. Otherwise, I am the type of person that digs into whatever I’m working on with intensity. I’m better on all fronts, though, if I force myself away, once in awhile. On top of that, I think writing helps me process my thoughts. This is never bad and I suspect it will be very much needed in 2020.

Of course, this blog isn’t about me but about being Duran fans, right? It is about fandom. Here’s the thing. I view fandom like a relationship of sorts. I could easily fill the space in my life that is reserved for Duran with other things. Now, some might say that I should but that would be sad and sad for me. No, I want part of my life to be taken up with Duran. It gives me joy. I like being a fan. Of course, over time, the way that I express my fandom has changed. It used to be that I wanted to talk Duran all day, everyday. I don’t feel like I need or even want to do that. Instead, I would prefer it just to be one part of my existence, in balance with the others. In order to keep that balance and my fandom/relationship alive, I still need to nurture it, feed it. If that isn’t going to be chatting online about the band, all the time, then it could be this blog. I like directing my fandom in this, going to shows along with reading, researching, etc. I’m not ever going to be the most popular Duranie on social media and I’m okay with that. My fandom doesn’t need that. However, I look forward to continuing to share my thoughts and feelings here in a format that works for me on multiple levels.

So on that note, I look forward to getting back into the groove next weekend. What did I miss while I was gone? What should I check out? What should I write about?


4 thoughts on “My Return to Now…or Normal”

  1. I think about Duran so much that I tell my husband about like even my dreams!!He’s a fan too. I enjoy your blog!!Nice to know someone else thinks like me Rhonda!!!I have other things to make me happy like you, but Duran is the biggest!!!Keep on going, it gets easier. Love the fact that I still think young. Their music keeps me that way!!!❤️

  2. Welcome back! Life went on, but it did take a bit for me to get out of the habit of checking my Daily for my hit, but breaks can be refreshing also.I think the observation that structure of sorts is good, but self-imposed schedules can be taxing. Perhaps a sabbatical during the Holiday season is a wise idea.

  3. Welcome back! I’m a big believer of taking breaks if possible around the holidays. For me, I have been job interviewing (just finished two certificate programs within 2 months of each other in October and December) and was getting so burnt after interviewing that I took a self imposed break. As it turns out, many employers don’t interview (or at least hire) before January so it worked out. I do know teachers, even though they are on break are still busy., so a school break isn’t usually a break. I caught a nasty virus myself and many people I know did and I hear you there. Glad you are feeling better.

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