Never a Dull Moment – Simon’s Surprise May Katy Kafe!

I spied news that Simon decided it was time for an impromptu Katy Kafé yesterday, and I could have written right then exactly how it was going to go.  He had plenty to say, and Katy’s goal was to basically try and funnel the energy in the right direction.  I could hear the energy emanating from my computer speakers as he began the Kafe with all sorts of talk about pugs.  Yes, pugs…as in dogs. He goes on a full tangent coming up with every possible tagline for pug licking. Not that I wasn’t following along well, but I really wasn’t following.  Next time I’m going to need more caffeine before listening to a Kafe.  Or something.

As typical, I am going to attempt to decipher the news of the day. This is not going to be word for word, and as always – to really understand Simon, or at least so that you can be as thoroughly entertained as possible, you should get a DDM membership so that you can hear the Kafé in all of it’s glory. It was a very short Kafe, given that it was impromptu and all, nevertheless, we did get a scoop of sorts. No song titles, no snippets…but I think they might know just how long the album is going to be, and it sounds like they’ve settled on the tracks they’re going to use.

As of yesterday, it sounds like Simon would like the album to have eleven (11) tracks.  When asked why eleven, Simon said that it was because he couldn’t get it down to ten.  If only WordPress allowed emoticons…

At any rate, Simon then said that they could put out a 16 track album, but they’re not, and that sometimes less is really more.  I’ll be completely blunt: “more” for me at this point would mean getting us a song to hear soon, and then maybe spreading out the introduction of the entire album over the course of say…a few months.  How, you ask? Simple! By “releasing” a single song track a week or so, because it would create buzz and MORE buzz each time something was released and spread to the fan community and public over Twitter and Facebook. This isn’t a new idea, nor is it MY idea…but it’s a really good one. Rather than have two weeks, or even less, of a lot of “chatter” on social media, by slowing the release of the record to a song every week or so, you’re extending the life of the PR and social media chatter. Why? Each time something new is released, Duran Duran has the chance to be trending, and the music has an opportunity of being heard.  When you release everything all at once, really great songs get buried, and let’s be honest: people do not buy music by the album any longer.  Sales show that, and while I’m fully aware most Duran fans would buy the whole album – I hate to say it – we are not the the center of the universe.  Maybe the most important part, yes…. but surely not the center.  (That’s sarcasm)  Oh, and touring. Yes, “more” for me means touring.  Soon.  (I’m allowed to wish. I don’t care if the rest of you aren’t ready for them yet. I’m a fan, and I am ready!)

So what else did Simon say?  They were working in the studio with Mr. Hudson – and I believe that Simon and Katy spoke just yesterday so that means Mr. Hudson must be making a reasonably sized contribution to the album.  I can hardly wait to hear what they’ve

The reason for the impromptu Kafé was Simon wanted to share the events of the past couple of weeks with the fan community.  As we all know, Simon went to Ibiza last week to surprise Nile Rodgers at the IMS (International Music Summit) dinner. He presented Nile with the Legends award, and afterward jammed with Nona Hendryx, Nile Rodgers and George Clinton.

Then, a couple of nights ago he went and saw Caetano Veloso, one of the greatest Brazilian artists, at the Barbican Center.  Warren Cuccurullo turned him on to Brazilian music back in 1989 when they were staying in the South of France.

No song titles or other huge scoops…but it certainly sounds like they’re working, and with any luck the road to having a finished album before us is growing shorter!



10 thoughts on “Never a Dull Moment – Simon’s Surprise May Katy Kafe!”

  1. Hi there, is Nile Rodgers producing the album or is he working with them in any capacity at all on this album? Also Ronson’s been unusually silent, he isn’t producing is he? Thanks

    1. Hi there,

      From what has been mentioned by the band, they are hoping to work with Nile in some capacity. I don’t know if they’ve settled on a firm date for him to be in the studio, but I know they were talking about something over the summer.

      As for Mark, he has been in the studio very sporadically – he was in studio with them very early on for a week or so, and then again really recently he stopped by just to hear what had been done. I don’t know how much he’s really done with the band, but I know it’s been a scheduling issue as opposed to them wanting to work with others.

      As mentioned in the post today, they’ve also been working with Mr. Hudson – in that case I’m not sure if he’s acting as a producer or working as more of a musical collaborator, but I think it’s fair to say that what started out as doing just a song or two has grown into something perhaps more with him, simply because he’s spent a fair amount of time with them in the studio over the last several months. It should be a very interesting album! Thanks for reading!! -R

      1. Thanks, scheduling conflicts kinda like irreconcilable differences…had AYNIN been a huge hit would Ronson still have had ‘scheduling problems’ or would he be uber excited to produce again? If Nile Rodgers didn’t have a massive hit in 2013 would DD have pursued him so doggedly going to the extent of ‘surprising’ him in Ibiza?
        I know I could be wrong, hey I’m willing to be wrong no worries but I can’t help but feel this the way band has been so damn cagey about this album y’know. Coz all said & done music like movies is business big business, ultimately its all bout the benjamins innit?

        1. Wow, I’m pretty cynical myself…but ouch! As far as I am aware, Ronson is someone who is in very high demand, so I suppose I’m not entirely surprised that he couldn’t completely clear his schedule for the band, regardless of the reason. I think the far more scathing comment here is about Nile. The band has ALWAYS been supportive of Nile and vice-versa, but my job isn’t really to try and convince anyone of the innermost-band business. I don’t know what goes on behind those closed doors, and quite frankly I don’t need to know in order to love the music. A lot of the politicking that goes on would most assuredly make my head hurt, and the beauty is that as a fan…all I really have to do is just enjoy the music. -R

  2. First off, I may sound “not surprising” (you know after 30 years … ahem… LOL!!), but after this Katy Kafè, I could say once again “I love you Simon!”.
    One thing that is making me laugh a little, is just their “obession” for Nile Rodgers. Is it possible that for a band who love changing musical direction on every album, are they still thinking and trying to team up with the same producer for the 4th time??? Help me to understand, please.
    I don’t mean I don’t like Nile Rodgers, but where is the change they go prophets for?

    1. Do you think that everything that Nile has produced for Duran all sounds the same? To me, The Reflex is very different from the Notorious album to Astronaut’s Point of No Return. I don’t think working with Nile means that they aren’t open to new musical ideas. I think it is more about working with someone they respect, work well with and feel like they make good Duran Duran music with. -A

      1. no, things will sound surely different,
        I was sort of highlighting the paradox that for a band who seemingly never make the same thing twice, it seems it’s not going to be the first time they work with the same person.
        Colin Thruston as well was with them twice and the two albums they did together – DD1 and RIO – did sound different music.
        For me, it’s fingers crossed

        1. I think that sounding different has very little to do with the producers they choose, EXCEPT that those producers – assuming they have a good relationship, merely help to guide the band toward making the album they want to make. They help to provide a sense of direction and perhaps some guidance towards cohesiveness, although some producers are obviously far more successful than others. I think that’s why the band has chosen to work multiple times with some of their producers, because once you find the stride of that working relationship, it’s probably easier to create. -R

    2. I don’t think that everything Nile does sounds the same. In fact, I’d argue that he’s one of the most time-tested, proven and innovative producers out there, which is why he continues to be in high demand.I laugh at the idea that it’s only due to his recent hit with Daft Punk that the band wants to work with him again (this does not come from your comment, DDTV – just others I’ve heard)…they’ve had a great, ongoing relationship with Nile for a good many years now, and his work definitely changes. While sure, they could always pick another up and coming producer – there are a ton out there, I believe there is something to be said for the love, respect, and trust that comes with a relationship that has stood the course over a few decades.

      I think the reinvention of musical direction will be evident in the work, we just need to be patient and let them do their thing. (I’m starting to sound as though I’ve gained patience and maturity this past year….something is definitely wrong!!) -R

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