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New DD Calendar for 2015!

I wasn’t at all surprised to see that Duran Duran was releasing another calendar for 2015, but I was pleasantly surprised to see the photos were going to be recent, shots taken while recording #DD14 in the studio.

Last year, I was openly critical of the calendar because I felt it did a disservice to the band in their current form. Don’t get me wrong, the 80s were lovely in nearly every way, but it’s now 2014. For a band that prides themselves on not being nostalgic, why bother? Sure, we could certainly point to Careless Memories, the yet-to-be-released photo book that Denis O’Regan has been working on, and say that provided the motivation, but given that Andy was artfully removed (cropped) from every shot, overall it felt like a big attempt to reach back than a true step forward. Some might say that my comments were unsupportive of a band I claim to love. I would say that my comments are a doseof reality – whether that dosage is positive, negative or neutral. People read our blog because we’re truthful.  Being supportive does not mean being just another “yes person”. It means being honest and giving real feedback. We have always said that if the band REALLY wants to know what fans think, then they should read our blog, and we continue to stand by that assertion.

This year, however, is a different story. I am cheering for the use of recent photos. 2014 was a year spent in the studio, and it’s great to see that time documented. No, the pictures may not end up being as flashy as the #duranlive photos we’ve all grown to love, they’re real-life moments during the rigors of recording an album. How can we not love that?? Granted, the more selfish, insistent part of me wonders what pictures will show up on the calendar….but today I’m settling on being happy a 2015 calendar with recent photos will be coming out. Who would have ever thought in 1985 that I’d still be hanging Duran on my wall?? I’ll be buying one for sure!

Duran Duran announced the calendar on their Facebook account this morning, and it will be available to order from their web shop on November 27th…. If you’re in the US and  waiting for your turkey to finish roasting that day (it is the US Thanksgiving holiday on 11/27), you’ll have time to order!!  DDHQ also mentioned that maybe we’ll be getting a sneak peak beforehand – and if that happens, you can count on seeing a blog about it here!





8 thoughts on “New DD Calendar for 2015!”

  1. So, any guesses whether they will include Dom in any of these pics? At best, I am figuring that they will have him in the background somewhere? The way that they market Dom with the band is so weird. I have to think that there are clauses in contracts regarding how his likeness is included within the band.

    Don’t get me wrong. I totally hope that he is Mr. July, but the realist (or am I being a pessimist?) in me thinks that something akin to the Andy whitewash might happen.

  2. As for their 2014 calendar, the worst thing I saw was Roger taking his kids at the Denis O’ Regan exhibit, from where 12 pics were used to make the calendar: his young guys are all close to Andy and his kids.
    Hope for a better treatment with Dom.

        1. But Andy is gone…and has been gone for years now…and as I understand it, the reason Andy wasn’t included in those photos or the book was because he never bothered to reply to the requests for his likeness to be used. Just because one band member doesn’t care to be involved doesn’t mean that the other band members have to ignore the part of their history that includes the other, you know? -R

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