New US date! Big anniversary dates!!!

First of all, did you see Duran Duran’s Facebook page this morning?  If you did, you probably already know that they are playing in Durham, North Carolina on August 21st at the Durham Performing Arts Center.  So to recap:

August 21 – Durham, North Carolina
August 29 – Chicago (Ravinia), IL

Did they give us the first and last dates of the US “superquicklikeabunnytryandcatchusifyoudrivesuperfast” tour?  Hard to say, but I look forward to filling in the rest of the dates.  That’s a serious HINT to Duran Duran’s HQ.  😉  I could continue to speculate, but instead I’m trying to figure out how I can drive to Wisconsin, pick up Amanda and then continue on to North Carolina.  Oh, and I’ve got to come up with a plan on how to convince my husband that this is all necessary and prudent.

Please be aware that if Duran Duran announces more dates throughout the day, this blog WILL be updated!

This date also marks two very special anniversaries in the lives of Duranies as well:

On this date in 1984, Duran Duran played Madison Square Garden in New York City.  I was not there on that fateful evening, but I was at home in Glendora, California.  The show was broadcast on KIQQ – which was a local radio station at the time (now defunct).  Somewhere, deep in my Duran Duran collection, lies a CD of this show.  What I love about the show, or at least the memory of it, was that on that night I was in my bedroom, observing the ridiculously obscene bedtime that my parents insisted upon.  I knew the concert was going to be on, so I went to bed on time, and snuck my Walkman into bed with me, slipped on the headphones and wrestled with finding just the right position for the Walkman so that it’d pick up the station without static.  All was fine and good until the band came on and I got excited.  I must have giggled at some point or something because it wasn’t long before my dad came in and busted me!  He took the Walkman away, I was grounded for a week, and never got to finish listening to the show until about 2004 when one of my friends happened to give me the CD.  True story!

If that all weren’t enough, the European release of the full All You Need is Now album happened just one year ago today.  What a year!!  There have been some major highs and serious lows to the year, with more to come on the horizon I’m sure.  There are days when it feels like I’ve barely blinked since the release, and then there are other days when it feels like last May and the UK-tour-that-wasn’t was a lifetime ago.  Makes me both wonder, and even kind of fear…what will come next!

If you haven’t checked Duran Duran’s Facebook page lately – you really should!  They announced that they’ve switched to Facebook’s “Timeline”, and they’re inviting all Duranies to come and share.  I’ll be curious to see what that timeline looks like in a week from now with all of the “sharing”!


3 thoughts on “New US date! Big anniversary dates!!!”

  1. I remember that concert very well,because I had taped it on my tape recorder and had several tapes used for that show. That was my unofficial official 1st time at a Duran Duran show,without seeing them. In Chicago,I believe it was broadcast on WLS AM as well as FM,since they ended up getting an FM station after being an AM station for so many years. I was so happy to hear it live on the radio,so I could imagine what you felt Rhonda. Sucks that you didn't get to hear it until '04,how did you survive for so long without it? Sadly,my tapes are lost to the ages,but I remember it like it was yesterday. Thanks for the wonderful memory of that date.

  2. It was one of those things that I never really thought I'd hear again – so it was with HUGE surprise when I discovered one of my friends not only had the entire thing, but sent it to me on CD! I think my facial muscles got quite a work out from all of the smiling I did when I listened to it for the first time. 🙂 -R

  3. I was at the Madison Square Garden show(there were two MSG shows actually but I was at the one that was simulcast, because my friend had her dad record it-her mom was our chaperone:)). She & I dressed in almost identical outfits – pinstriped tight jeans, these black pleather looking shirts with gold zippers, our trusty fedoras and those short suede boots with the turned down tops. 🙂 We ate at the McDonald's across from the Garden. Our seats sucked but to be honest I don't think we even really noticed–we stood up there in our 400 level seats and screamed our brains out. 😀 It was my first concert ever and the standard against which all others have been measured(OK I have to admit, the best concert I've ever been too is Paul McCartney but that MSG show is still right up there as well as a number of Duran shows)

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