New York Werewolf on the Loose!

So, heard about any crazy gigs happening lately??

You’d have to be living under a rock not to have heard stories of green cake and champagne showers, rafting over audience members and mosh pits full of sweaty, cake lathered people at the Trident Gum gig last night at Terminal 5.

In my “expert” estimation, I would have to say the scene sounded as bad, and probably worse, as Voodoo was for me in 2006. That gig brought an end to my festival days. I just don’t need to be roughed up quite that badly in order to see my band of choice and get something out of the show.  Call me crazy.

Many came out of the show saying nearly the same thing – that it was great to see the band, but that if they never saw a Steve Aoki DJ set again it would be too soon. Are boycotts on Trident gum next??  (Of course not, but it’s an amusing thought all the same.) Another widely held opinion was that the DJ set (90 minutes) was far too long, and Duran’s appearance was of course, far too short. (Naturally, we’d all say that even if they had played a full-set, wouldn’t we?) Lastly, many were shocked and disappointed that not a single mention was made of John’s birthday, nor were there band introductions made, but again – this was not a Duran gig, only a special appearance. We have an extra-special blog coming from someone who was actually at the show last night in the next day or two, so watch this space. I believe it will be worth the wait and the read.

So that brings us to the reason for the appearance.  The newly minted remix of Hungry Like the Wolf. (Of all the songs on the planet…it had to be this one. Of course it did.)  I have to say, I’ve given it several listens, and it’s nothing like I would have expected to come out of the original song, yet it’s exactly like what Steve Aoki is known.  What I think fans need to recognize and respect before giving it a fair listen is that this really is not Duran Duran.  I mean yes, they collaborated on the remix, but this isn’t about Hungry Like the Wolf ending up to sound like Hungry Like the Wolf dance remix. The remix is very techno and electronica and even a bit trance-like. If you’re not into that type of music, this is probably not going to please your ears much. Me? I like it, but I’ve got to ask where the guitar went.  Did Dom melt in the New York City heat or something?  Normally I wouldn’t have expected to hear guitar on a remix like this one, but in the interview I heard in promotion for this, much was made about the fact that the remix incorporated each member.  I hear bass, but just as I believe in “More Cowbell!!” I believe in “More Dom!” Some have called the remix boring (um, how about trance-like??) and generic, and perhaps that is so, but it’s the type of music I can put on while I’m writing and it’s not distracting.  Yes, I can actually write and get work done to this.  I don’t know what that says about me other than it blocks out the sound that 3 kids can make in the morning running around this house in complete chaos.  

If you haven’t given it a listen, here’s your chance.  Hungry Like The Wolf: Steve Aoki vs Duran Duran — The New York Werewolf Mix.

Just as a point of reference, as much as I am sick to death of Hungry Like the Wolf – I’ll be buying this one.  If nothing else, it’s good music to keep me working!!  


14 thoughts on “New York Werewolf on the Loose!”

  1. Can't wait to read the guest blog from someone that actually attended this crazy event that sounded like a rave party/ mosh pit w/ Duran thrown in the middle. Soooooooo very glad I passed on the free tix I won from DDVIP. I am proud to say that I am way too old for a scene like that! I wonder what made them choose to be part of this “unique” experience?

  2. I would imagine that the band and their people felt it would be a good way to expose their music to some new listeners – and let's face it – the more people they get in front of, the better. I just know that I was better off at home, otherwise I might have been hauled off to jail for being the crap out of some of those kids. I'm not nearly as nice as I look. 😀 -R

  3. Sweet Rhonda and Amanda,

    Remixes. Oh god. Duran Duran remixes. Oh heaven on earth. Having stated that, I really didn't like that much the Aoki remix of Hungry Like The Wolf. I didn't hate it either, but… When it comes to such a strong and iconic song like HLTW you have to be really good to make the song stand out in ways the original didn't or make something completely new slightly based on the original song. Anyway, that's the way I like remixes. And this Aoki one just didn't move me in either direction, good or bad. But…

    Did you know there's a new remix of Electric Barbarella on iTunes? I bet you didn't! And you know what? It's pretty good. It moves me. It sways me in ways the original didn't. It's a new light into the original song itself. And, yes, that's the way I like remixes to be. And if you have the time, I urge you to inspect carefully the 3 (Three!) new remixes of Girls on Film, also on the official Duran Duran iTunes section. Lessons in how to transform a fucking terrific song into something else completely. And, please, pardon my french, s'il vous plait 😉

  4. Hello – I am going to a show in August. I am a tru 80's fan but I don't know what they are playing nowadays. What album should I buy to get caught up?
    Thanks! J

  5. Thanks for the heads up on the new remixes up on iTunes! We will definitely check them out! Don't be surprised if we mention them at a later date after we have given them a listen!


  6. J-You are awesome for wanting to get caught up! I appreciate people who want to do their homework. Obviously, if you liked their work in the 80s, I would recommend their recent album, All You Need is Now! You won't be sorry that you did!

    Which show are you going to in August? You should report back about what you thought about the show and the album!


  7. You are so right – I had no idea that there was an Electric Barbarella remix on iTunes – and I'm not a huge fan of the original song so I am more than willing to give it a listen. I have a remix here at home on vinyl that is all acapella of Simon, and even though I don't like the single, I think it sounds really, really cool. Who knew?!? 😀

    Three remixes of Girls on Film?? I challenge someone to tell me just how many different remixes there really are of that song…. I have completely lost track at this point, but I'll tell you what, I'll give the three new ones a listen. They seem to have a glowing review from you, so it's gotta be worth the time and Amanda is right, don't be surprised when we mention them later! -R

  8. All You Need is Now….and I mean that both literally and figuratively. 🙂 It's the best album they've put out in recent years and is the best representation of what the band is really like now. -R

  9. I went, I loved it. Besides the pushing, which got old and annoying to everyone, not just Duranies, it was great IMO. I honestly thought the pushing (or at least jumping) would be worse. I think some people came expecting the normal routine for a DD show, but throwing a current world-famous DJ into the mix pretty much guarantees that you should probably prepare yourself for something very different. I think a lot of DD fans did well under their circumstances & enjoyed themselves (or tried to at least), but others were honestly just acting bitter. Just as they maybe expected the show to be much calmer, maybe non-DD fans expected something else.

    Again, pushing, biting, physical confrotations, that kind of stuff is obviously uncalled for, but I'm sure many of the other confrontations could have been avoided by simply going with the flow a little more. I know how some DD fans are with their spots, and I can also guarantee that people were getting upset by the lack of personal space and

  10. Ok, I forgot where I left off. I think I was talking about personal space. I have the feeling that many confrontations may have had to do with that, but again, having personal space in the front rows of a show being put on by one of the most famous house DJs in the world- it's not realistic whatsoever. I had zero confrontations, zero problems (yes, I know the pushing and shoving was an issue- I'm not referring to that… I experienced it too, and while yeah, it sucked, I grabbed onto the guy in front of me so I wouldn't fall, and hoped it wouldn't happen again). As far as clothing goes- ok, some people were unaware of the food thing (I personally think it would have been wise to at least search for Steve Aoki's name b4hand to see what he was about since he was the headliner.). Even not knowing about food/ drink/ etc, eeryone did know that a house DJ would perform and this house DJs fans got lots of tix. The first thing that comes to my mind? Sweat & people. Not a good idea to dress up anyway. My personal opinion of course, but I was obviously prepared a little better than others for this show, so I kind of know what I'm talkin about. I think my zero problems and my eventual massive enjoyment of the entire event had to do with my willingness to experience this as oppose to fighting aspects of it that may not have been so familiar to me. You only live once, and I was really happy that I flew in to be a part of this. (This, btw, isnt a response to Jonee, I guess I'm just offering another point of view for those who were interested in hearing it.)

  11. I absolutely agree that expectations make a big difference. Information makes a big difference, too. I think for a lot of Duranies, they didn't get enough information from DDM to know what could or would happen.


  12. (sorry for the abrupt break-offs, on my iPhone and it won't let me scroll down after I go up to fix something, ugh!)

    As I think I was saying… basically…

    I think some people would have had a much better time had they tried to experience it for what it was as opposed to being angry that it wasn't what they had (falsely) imagined. If it was too much, you go to the back. Yes, you may have traveled far and waited in line, but given the choice of being miserable in front or semi-tranquil in the back? If you decided to stay in front, it's your own fault you were covered with cake and champagne.

    Again, most people seemed to adapt pretty well, but some have been downright bitter & angry. I wanted to clarify that that type of horrible experience wasn't the norm, some just chose to deal with it differently. Lemons/ lemonade, that whole spiel.

    Also, I was one who waited in GA, I think I got there at 3- even if I had gotten stuck in 2nd or 3rd row as opposed to getting back to the front after most contest winners left, I'd have been ok with that. The waiting was one of my favorite parts, getting a chance to see & visit people that I don't get to see that often

  13. True, but they never give us info for festivals regarding individual acts either. I really think it's our responsibility to find out what we're voluntarily agreeing to as opposed to it being spoon-fed to us. We're adults.

  14. Okay, I'll agree to that. Of course, this is why I would never go to any festival with Duran or any show with Duran sharing a stage with someone else unless that person is someone like Mark Ronson because it would never meet my expectations. That said, I am not sure what information was given by DDM and if people knew where to get info.


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