Nick Rhodes – Year End Katy Kafe

Onward to Nick Rhodes in his year end 2014 Katy Kafe. Once again, I went for the highlights, and I feel as though I should warn everyone that in this case – Nick goes in-depth. I cover the highlights. This isn’t meant to be a word-for-word accounting, so if that is what you’re looking for, I implore you to get membership to DDM.

Nick Rhodes on Band Aid

Nick has fond, non-hungover memories of Band Aid. He remembers gathering these gigantic egos into one room without it being out of order and feels the song has held up very well for being one of the top pop songs of that era.  He’s proud of their contribution, as he should.

Nick Rhodes – favorite concert of 2014

Nick went to see Kate Bush at Hammersmith this past year. According to Nick, Kate has only toured one other time and he saw her during that tour in 1979 as well. He said that Kate still sounds great and hopes that she will tour again.  He also saw Peter Gabriel (and convinced Roger to also see him) Nick Rhodes also saw Lana Del Rey and sat with Justin Bieber at the same table that evening.

Nick Rhodes – favorite movie of 2014

Nick began by saying he hadn’t seen many films this year, but recalls Venus in Fur as being the one he enjoyed most.

Nick Rhodes – favorite album of 2014

FKA Twigs album, LP1. He loved the cover and joked that he really does judge an album by its cover. The album was inventive and different during an era where it is incredibly difficult to sound modern because everything seems to have already been done.  (My question to Nick Rhodes, if I were ever given a chance to ask would be that since it seems that everything really has already been done, what does a band do to sound modern then?)  Nick also mentioned Mark Ronson’s album, which isn’t out yet – just the single “Uptown Funk”. (but obviously some of us have the insider advantage!)

Nick Rhodes – favorite book of 2014

Nick is a huge fan of photo books. I cannot stress that enough. You could start collecting and reading photo books right this second and you could never catch up to what Nick Rhodes has seen or knows of in this genre. Simply not possible.  In that regard, he mentions several books that I will pass on here: Stephen Gill is a photographer that has put out several photo books that Nick seems to adore.  He also mentions a book named Tiergartenby Johannes Schwartz that is a photo book about food given to animals at the Moscow Zoo.  Does this sound interesting? Nick says that it probably does not – but when you look at the photos they are “startlingly attractive and horrifying” at the same time.  Nick finds these books inspiring, and is about to put out his own photo book based on his gallery showing Bei Incubai in 2015. This book will include a 7″ vinyl, a movie poster and a screen print. Nick admits this book will be very limited, (Let’s be honest with one another: if you want this book you should probably be prepared to sell body parts, your possessions and/or home to be able to afford, but don’t worry – I’m sure the book will keep you warm at night.) but it will be very interesting to see the book when it comes out.

Nick Rhodes – favorite event of 2014

Not that I needed confirmation, but Nick attends a LOT of events.  He went to a Cellini opera this year, he saw David Byrne’s Here Lies Lovea theatrical event about Imelda Marcos, and he attended far more gallery showings and museum events than I could keep track of here, including something on Matisse and another exhibition on Richard Hamilton at the Tate Modern in London. (He designed the Beatles’ White Album) Nick Rhodes is busy!!

Nick Rhodes on DD14

Once again, this is my favorite part. Nick adores the creative process because even after all of this time, it was excites him most.  (I personally think this, if nothing else, is what will keep Duran Duran going, because I don’t think Nick can give up the studio. He might be able to give up the live shows, and maybe even the band itself if it comes down to it, but I suspect we’ll continue to hear of Nick for many years to come.)  I will say that out of everyone in the band – and I really hope they see this somehow – Nick shows the most excitement for this album, and I really believe it to be genuine. Where some of them (I’ll keep them nameless but I’m looking at YOU, John Taylor…) sound very bored and tired of the process, Nick Rhodes sounds genuinely proud and energized by this project. He says that he believes this to be their strongest album since the Wedding Album. I don’t believe we should take that at all lightly, because Nick admits that he sometimes worries when he says that because in 12 months he sometimes feels differently, but this time he really feels as though they’ve “zeroed in” on what they are best at.  But what about All You Need is Now then? Nick says he was very proud of that when it came out and he is still very proud of the album, but this one just seems to focus in a little more. His “gut instinct is that they worked very hard on the songs”.  (I know many are thinking what I am right now – don’t they always?? I suspect this to be one of those things where, being an outsider to the process itself, doesn’t lend itself to understanding what Nick means. Perhaps when we hear it…..IF we hear it….) Nick followed up to explain that right now they will have 15-16 songs finished mixing by January and then they’ll need to make some decisions about the final album in early February, and then make a firm decision about finding a home for it. From the way Nick spoke, it sounded as though they have more than one label-offer to consider, which is good. Choices are good.  “It is much different from the last album”, Nick adds.  I’m unsure of exactly what is meant by that, but I’m looking forward to finding out. Someday.

Nick Rhodes on looking ahead to 2015

Obviously, Nick looks forward to getting the album out next year. “Most certainly in 2015″….although he isn’t sure when that will be. (I’m still going with Autumn at the earliest. Autumn starts in September, Duran Duran.) That said, Nick seems to think that more excitement regarding the album “cycle” (videos, promotion, etc.) will begin in February.  I really hope so. Nick also mentioned that he and John are going to be FINISHING their musical (Why doesn’t anyone ask them about this?!?!!) Nick Rhodes’ photo book will be released, and he’s looking forward to seeing continued growth for his Geneu product line.

Sounds like it could very well be a busy year!  Happy 2015, everyone!!


3 thoughts on “Nick Rhodes – Year End Katy Kafe”

  1. I enjoyed it and noticing they didn’t talk about Geneu.
    It’s odd to notice that the John-Nick musical project is a little underrated, but I can make sense we fans just love the “album-tour, album – tour” routine.
    I think I’m supporting more the musical affair than the album affair, because it’s something different.

    1. They actually did talk about Geneu at the very end. Nick commented that the store on Bond Street is doing really well and that he’s looking forward to seeing how it does next year.

      Personally, I’m looking forward to hearing all about that musical that Nick and John have been working on – I wish they were telling us more about it, but my guess is that they don’t want to talk about it until it’s finished. -R

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