Night Two & Weekend Review

Quick little vlog capturing some of the highlights of last night’s Duran show at Agua Caliente.  Some topics include the better crowd and energy, living in the moment, why these weekends are like reunions and why we don’t want to stop!

We apologize in advance for our tiredness!


One thought on “Night Two & Weekend Review”

  1. I want to hang out with you girls! 🙂 I am looking forward to the Hollywood FL — my 3rd — show. My husband is a saint too… He was so excited for me when I met them in SA and supports me being a Duranie. I have so many cool stories of this band and how they’ve helped me through life, if you ever have time, please check out my blog at–that would be amazing as I would love more readers (new at this blog thing). Glad you had such fun!

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