No news is good news?

So today is Thursday…and I am still on vacation in San Diego. I’ve tried keeping up with the DD news this week, and that’s been very easy!

Unfortunately, the world of Duran is very quiet is week…and aside from Dom Brown’s studio mic not working…I have to think that no news is good news. I haven’t even seen anything from Roger about his newest family member arriving. I certainly hope things are going well and that he’ll share the good news soon. It’s amazing how difficult it is to find things to write about when there is no news or while attempting to blog on an iPad. I forgot my keyboard dock at home, and let me just say that I won’t make THAT mistake twice!

Everyone else seems to be off doing their own thing, enjoying their summers…which is exactly what I plan to do in a moment here. today we’re off to spend the day at Sea World. My little one is very excited to see Shamu!

Sorry for the short blog today…I’ll be back in full force on Monday! -R

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