No Regrets!!

One of the things about Duran Duran that has always impressed me was their consistent focus on the now, the present.  They constantly get asked questions regarding the past, especially the 1980s.  They typically respond with how excited they are about the current era, what they are currently working on.  Then, of course, they are starting to get asked questions about the future more and more.  How long will they continue?  Will there be another album?  Recently, when in Dubai, Simon participated in an interview and indicated that the band might have another 5 or 10 years.  This, of course, caught my attention and I filed it away under things I should and would want to talk about on the blog.  Then, this morning, I asked an open-ended question on our facebook and twitter about which song people would like to hear live that they haven’t.  On twitter, it led to a discussion on John Taylor’s solo days.  On both, when people mentioned a specific song, frequently, other people would respond that they saw the song performed live during a specific tour.  Simon’s interview and today’s discussions reminded me that I already have some regrets about my fandom, but that I don’t ever want to have more. 

I cannot be the only one to regret things regarding Duran Duran, am I?  Like many people out there, Duran Duran was placed on the back burner in the mid-late 90s.  There were a variety of reasons for this, including not being wowed at a concert I saw in 1993, being and graduating from college, starting my career, and completing graduate school.  I was pretty busy during that time of my life and didn’t have any extra money at all.  Of course, it didn’t help that my favorite band member, John Taylor, left the band.  I didn’t completely ignore Duran and Duranland as I watched shows like Storytellers when it aired and saw various TV performances during the Medazzaland era.  That said, I didn’t follow a lot of what John Taylor was up to.  In many ways, I couldn’t as I didn’t even have a computer at home when I graduated from college!  That’s how broke I was!!  Anyway, I regret not following his career at that point as I would have loved to see him perform during his solo days.  Those gigs were small and looked to be a ton of fun.  Thus, I have to admit regretting that.  I wasn’t able to participate much during the reunion, either, due to finishing my master’s degree.  Thus, when I had the chance to dive back in, I did in 2004.  I was determined to do as much as I could.  That motto remains with me to this day.  I don’t want to look back and regret any other era of Duran even when I wasn’t excited about an album (*coughRCMcough*). 

It seems to me that there are other fans who are like me in that they look back and regret their non-involvement.  These regrets could be as upsetting as missing a whole era or they could be missing out on a tour.  Based on today’s response to my question about a song to hear live, there are many people who missed a tour and missed hearing/seeing one of their favorite songs performed live.  Obviously, Duran doesn’t play the exact same songs every night during a tour so it is possible that people saw a tour but didn’t have a specific song on the setlist(s) for the show(s) they went to.  Yet, some songs were played consistently during specific tours.  Then, what about this idea that Duran might be done in 5 or 10 years.  While I don’t even want to think about it at all, I have to acknowledge that they cannot continue forever.  They can’t.  Thus, I can’t wait until the next show, the next tour.  I have to do as much as I can NOW.  I don’t want to have any regrets ever again when it comes to this band!

As Rhonda and I plan for the summer tour, I am keeping this in mind.  There are many goals that I haven’t been able to fulfill yet.  For example, I haven’t seen a show from front row.  I haven’t gotten photos with the band except for one picture with Nick that I shared with my friend.  I don’t have any guitar picks or drumsticks.  Now, of course, I can’t control my seats or meeting the band, but I can only try and that means going to shows.  I won’t regret if I don’t get those front row seats or pictures but I will regret if I don’t try. 


7 thoughts on “No Regrets!!”

  1. Wow, Amanda, your story and my story from the late 90's are so similar and I feel the same way. How I wish I could turn back time and have gone to John's solo shows and have been more involved in the fandom! Those years between 95-2003 are my greatest Duranie regrets! I've been so blessed the past few years to have met them, gotten that pick, gotten front row, and I won't stop for as long as it lasts! I still don't have a drumstick! – Michduran

  2. Life keeps happening when planning and doing things.I was in same boat, and have some regrets of a 10 year period of dis-connect from fandom and DD. But you know what? I'm back, I am at a different stage in my life where I can “relax” a bit, and take the time to fill in the pieces missed. Have to understand, too, that MTV stopped playing videos, control of the airwaves and what was played in the states was by a big machine managing station playlists nationwide, and until the explosion of the internet, itunes, youtube, and other social media, DD was just not out there for my ears to prick up and listen. Let's face it, just because I was raising a family, in grad school, working, husband in grad school, didn't mean I wasn't listening, it was just controlled. Sure, I knew Backstreet Boys, Eminem, U2, Linkin Park, N*Sync, but it was because they monopolized. Record stores disappeared,too! That's how I found DD in the first place–the import section of the record store.

    When all is said and done, I have no regrets in my life. It unfolded as it did and once a fan,always a fan when it comes to DD. Just not on my radar screen for awhile. And, due to some of the cultural changes in the music industry, which I had no control over.

    I'm tired so time to end here.

  3. Love your blogs btw!!!! I was a fan in the beginning, early 80's and then fell away too for awhile till around the same time 2004-2006 and I too loved..coughRCMcough! First saw them live in 2008 on their RCM tour and now 2 x so far with AYNIN. I actually got to meet them their first go around here on the AYNIN mini-tour in Chi-town @ the HOB due to a friend's awesome connection! Died and went to DD Heaven that day! Still get butterflies and excitment jitters when I look at the pic with them! I am hooked and I've luckily gotten some of my Duranie Sisters more hooked now too cuz they can't wait to hit another show with me! No regrets about the years I fell away cuz now I am back and not going anywhere. Besides now I have a full time, decent paying job so I can afford to go see them 3 times in 18 months and hoping to hit and score some VIP tix this go around so maybe I can check off “really close seats” off my DD checklist! Even though my hubby thinks I am nutts for wanting to see them a 3rd time in a row and wanting to purchase VIP tix…O-well, girls must have some fun now don't we? 🙂

  4. That's great that you got to meet them! As for getting hooked, I think that is a common experience! Now, your husband may think you are nuts for wanting to see the band again and going VIP, but the rest of Duranland doesn't!

    Glad that you love our blog!


  5. I,too ,deeply regret missing their show in 1997.Had a low DD phase from let's say 96 to 2002-3.I regret it cos a friend of mine went & they played Secret Oktober,amongst others.Missed that unique chance.
    This is why from now on I want to see them as much as I can,cos they won't tour forever!

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