Not gonna lie – I’m worried.

I have to admit, I didn’t think the news could really get any worse after coming home from London.  That’s as much a selfish reaction on my part as it is pure hope that it was as bad as it was going to get.  The UK shows had been postponed.  I didn’t dare think past that, because as far as I was concerned, anything worse would be positively unthinkable.  So I didn’t think.  I set out about my business here at home.  Dealt with jet lag, planted some tomatoes…wrote some blogs.  Then this morning, I got online, obviously wondering if any news had been made public about the European dates for this weekend.  As I’m sure everyone is aware, there was some news.

First 5 European shows postponed.

It wasn’t the press release from the band that pushed me to the edge of my keyboard.  No, it was the statement directly from Simon’s Twitter.  Let me copy and paste for those of you who haven’t seen it yet.

“Very sad to announce that our [weekend] shows are cancelled, to be re-scheduled at a later date. There has been a little improvement to my voice in the last 3 wks.  There is obviously some underlying problem with is not shown by laryngoscopy…so I’m really trying to remain positive.  It’s difficult to stay relaxed when you feel like fighting hard.  I’m doing an MRI scan tomorrow.” – SimonJCLeBon (Twitter)

I have to give Simon credit, because I can’t imagine he’s not ready to climb the walls at home right now.  I’m just a fan and I’m sitting here, anxious to do something, yet I know there’s really nothing that I can do for him.  John said that they’re powerless right now, and he’s right.  Unfortunately – all that any of us can do is sit back and wait.

Simon will have an MRI tomorrow.  I don’t know how these things work over in the UK, but here – it takes a few days for results to come through, and tomorrow is Friday.  The one thing that I am hoping for, yet I fully understand the ramifications of doing so – is that Simon is able to relay to the fans what is really going on, good, bad, or otherwise.  There’s a good many of us that are sick with worry about him.  The trouble with Simon saying anything is that once again, this issue goes far, FAR beyond disappointing the fans.  They have employees, contracts, record sales, money, and entire plethora of worries that go way beyond some woman sitting at her keyboard in Orange County, California who says she’s “worried”.  I get it.  I suppose though, in times like these, our longevity as a somewhat very dysfunctional “family” of sorts counts for more than just dollar signs to their management.

Until I blog next, take care Simon.  I’m sincerely looking forward to the day when I can go back to teasing you relentlessly (on this blog), rolling my eyes at your tweets, and calling you LeBon….because that’s what I do.   Nile Rodgers reminds me that there’s a gift in everything – and I suppose the “gift” here is that I have seen a side of you that I wouldn’t normally have had the opportunity to see – but I still miss the cocky onstage persona at times.  Sort of.  😀


One thought on “Not gonna lie – I’m worried.”

  1. Like you when I read that this morning I feel bad. This is not a good thing. I had to have a MRI myself 2 months ago and still waiting to see the expert. Trying not to worried even if I know that they found something. So, I wait affraid of what can be an horrible news… So I can understand Simon. Hope he will have good news soon. That kind of thing is never good, but it is even worse when that take place at a moment when the group was going better. Hope Simon be well and that the group didn,t suffer too much about all that.


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