Not-So-Secret Oktober

This is the last weekend in September.  In many ways, this month went by quickly (too quickly, in some ways, and not quick enough, in others).  October is literally around the corner.  This means that Durandemonium is coming up quickly!!!!  While my to-do doesn’t seem to be shrinking at all, I thought it might be good to update and remind all the attendees on some of the big things they should be aware of or of things that might have been forgotten since we introduced the convention way back in February and March!  By the way, even if you aren’t going to the convention, we will be seeking ideas, feedback, etc., in case we are ever crazy enough to do something like this again!

1.  Convention registration is from 5 to 7 pm at the Hotel Amalfi on Friday, October 18.  
Not only will attendees get their packets, but registration will feature games and is on the same floor as the manager’s reception with appetizers and an open bar for those staying at the hotel.  Still think that is a sweet deal!  If you are attending the convention and won’t be there then, please let us know so that we can make arrangements for you!  Remember to wear your most recent Duran tour t-shirt that day!

2.  Saturday during the day will be busy!
First, we will travel from the hotel to the Showplace Icon Theater to see A Diamond in the Mind on the big screen!  I don’t know about anyone else but I’m completely looking forward to this!  Rhonda’s blog yesterday captured the feeling that a lot of us have.  We miss Duran Live and while this won’t be the same, it is definitely the next best thing!  After that, there will be opportunities for Duran games either back at the hotel or around the city, depending on what you prefer!  The winner of these games will receive prizes, too!  If you are staying at the hotel, don’t forget the manager’s reception again before the banquet to get the party started!  During the day, go ahead and wear that retro Duran t-shirt.  I know that I’ll be busting out my Wedding Album shirt!

3.  The banquet is taking place across the street from the hotel at Harry Carey’s restaurant beginning at 7 pm!
The theme of this convention is the music between us.  In order to fit that theme, we are asking every attendee to wear something to represent the music.  This can be done by dressing like a song title or capturing a lyric in some way.  I can’t wait to see the creativity here and to see what Duran songs are represented and how!  Of course, on top of having this dress theme, the banquet will feature a fabulous meal.  In fact, we have been in discussion with the restaurant about the menu, including dessert!  The music during dinner has been determined and the slideshow highlighting the friendships made between fans is ready to be seen!  We are super excited about the fun decorations the room will have and the various raffles and door prizes to be distributed!  After dinner, while digesting your food and enjoying more drinks, there will be dancing to really kick the party up a notch!  After all, we are here to celebrate our Duran fandom!!!

4.  The Party Bus!!
After the banquet, there is much partying to be done!  Duran Duran is the band designed to make us party, after all, right?  Therefore, we are all set to descend on Late Bar, a club on their New Wave night called Planet Earth!  The club is super excited to host us and they are all set to celebrate Duran with some “blocks” of Duran music and other special touches, including Duran related drinks and some decorations!  The club has no cover but the bar is cash only.  The only down side is that the club isn’t super close to the hotel/restaurant area of Chicago.  Yet, never fear, the convention committee has a solution!  We reserved a party bus that could transport attendees to and from the hotel/restaurant and club.  The best part?  The bus would be able to take multiple trips so that everyone could head back to the hotel whenever they are ready and no worries about getting a taxi, which we know can be tough to find in this particular area!  Plus, what could be more fun than traveling with a large group of Duranies!?!  Truly, Chicago should be afraid!!!  If you are attending the convention and are interested in reserving your seat on the bus, please, get in contact with us for details about how to do that!  Monday is the deadline!

5.  Reaching up for the sunrise!
While I’m sure that many of us will be tired, in a good way, on Sunday morning, we will get back together again at the hotel.  For sure, group pictures will be taken!!!  I remember the group picture taking at the convention in 2004 as many, many, many cameras were lined up to be used!  I can’t wait to see that picture, especially with so many of us wearing the convention t-shirt!!!

When I read over what we have planned, as one of the organizers, I worry about every little detail, but, as an attendee, I can’t wait!  Just recently, there has been a flurry of discussions and activity on Twitter discussing various parts of the convention from what people will be wearing to the banquet to who is going on the party bus to people’s travel plans!  After thinking about this last summer, we really are just a few weeks away from experiencing a truly fun weekend!  I, for one, can’t wait to see all the friends I haven’t seen in a long time and all of the people I will soon meet!!!  Let the countdown begin!!!


2 thoughts on “Not-So-Secret Oktober”

  1. I CANNOT WAIT for the screening – I was so envious you'd organised this and was delighted when I found I could fly over from the UK to join you all. The rest of it sounds brill too; so excited to meet all the Duranies I don't know yet!

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