It’s November: time for Peanuts, and even Election Day!

…and it’s November already.  Part of me is happy to be nearly finished with 2018, and another part of me is standing here saying, “Wait, what just happened to the entire YEAR?”

I’m feeling optimistic about 2019, but we’ve got to finish out 2018 first, I suppose. I’ve got just the thing to begin the month on the right note, too!


Who doesn’t love Duran Duran?!?  Take that band, and combine them with one of my favorite set of cartoon characters – and you’ve got the Peanuts gang singing “Hungry Like the Wolf”.

Doo do doo do….

Yeah, it’s that song again. That Pavlovian bell of iconic laughter at the beginning, along with the rest of the tune, will outlive all of us. This song will end up being totally synonymous with the 1980s – not that it isn’t already (but I think this will be the big one!).  My great-grandchildren will hear it and immediately be reminded of a crazy old lady in their family who actually blogged every day about this band.  Insanity!!

The video is super cute though, and so much more clever than just writing every single day. I love seeing Pig Pen on the drums, synced with the song, followed by the gang singing my favorite part,  “doo do doo do, do doo do, do doo do, do doo do, doo do.” Impressive!

Here we are, on the cusp of the holiday season. I saw a meme last night that said something about how at the strike of twelve, jack-o-lanterns would disappear and holiday music would begin playing. Last night I was watching TV in between trick-or-treaters, and I saw holiday commercials on TV already.  My glass very nearly left my hand and hurled itself towards the television. I’m definitely not ready, are you??

Vegas in February!

I’ll tell you what I am ready for though! I’m ready to start planning for a mini-Duranie convention in Vegas! We’ve got one more week until the US election day. After she gets some much needed rest, Amanda and I will begin working to put something solid together.  What you need to know, if you’re at all interested in a party – is that our festivities are going to begin on Thursday night! So plan on getting to Vegas a night early!

Speaking of Election Day, let’s set the tone properly, shall we?


US people, do your part and VOTE on Tuesday !!!


4 thoughts on “It’s November: time for Peanuts, and even Election Day!”

  1. I don’t like to push the holidays, but I am one of those who have been watching Christmas movies on Hallmark since 10/27 and started Christmas music on Pandora at work. I got some not so good news on 10/1, was diagnosed with non alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, and while I’m trying stay focused on the positive, and lose the weight my doctor wants me to lose, and stop the sugar, and eat healthy, I need all the Christmas I can get right now to keep my spirits lifted and get me through the next few months. As if that’s not enough, my husband goes tomorrow for a lung cancer screening CT. He was a smoker for years and has dealt with COPD and heart issues for few years and I can honestly say I am concerned what the scan will show.

    I enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing with us Duranies.

  2. This was really fun and it was well matched to the lyrics. I haven’t watched Peanuts in years and the limited cell animation was a shock because as a kid I never noticed. I guess Gatchaman and other anime spoiled me.Kind of like the way I felt after watching The Archies ‘Sugar Sugar’last month. When I was young I thought Betty and Veronica were good dancers…..and enjoy our Simon dancing in similar fashion.

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