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Last week, I received my DD Blast from DDM. I’m not sure if everyone gets those, but basically – it’s a little newsletter sent out by DDM, and all you need to do to get it is get on the mailing list. In any case, out of the entire news blast – which I don’t mind saying was a regurgitation of things THIS blog had already covered during the past month – it was the first sentence that interested me most. It said that that the band was still in the studio and that we should be getting snippets of new music soon.

Amanda and I had mentioned the quiet last week in various ways – she even blogged about it – and we’d commented to one another that it would be great to finally hear something. A few notes. ANYTHING (!!!) from the studio. Yes, we’re impatient, but we’re also just downright curious. And nosey! For me, and I highly doubt I’m alone, it’s not just the excitement over getting something new, although don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely that too. It’s hearing that first burst of creativity and then wondering where it will go from there.  How will it end up? I still have snippets from the last album, in particular the one that Mark played on his radio show (I believe his words before playing it was that he was going to get in big trouble but that he was going to play it anyway. I saved it. Of course.). I haven’t listened to it in a long time – like since the album came out, but I can remember listening very intently.  I frowned, trying to focus on every single note. It ended nearly as soon as it began, and I played it over and over again, trying to make sense of it. Did it sound like Duran Duran? Did it sound anything at all like Red Carpet Massacre? What about Rio, did it sound like Rio? Is there really guitar in there??? All of those questions, and many more went through my head. I still remember exactly where I was when I first heard the snippets. I was sitting on my bathroom floor while my youngest was playing in the bathtub! (Yep, it’s nothing but glamour, glamour, glamour here at Casa Rivera.) I remember shaking my head when it ended, wrinkling up my nose and thinking “What in the hell was THAT!” There was one teensy snippet though, that when I heard it, I thought “Now that, is Duran Duran.”, and that was what became the very beginning of Runway Runaway. It was really cool to hear that on the album once it was finished. Kind of like my own “A-HA! Now I get it!!” moment.

On the other hand, any time we’d mention the snippets on either Facebook or even here on the blog, we’d be met with a barrage of “If it’s not coming directly from the band you don’t know if it’s real”, as well as “I refuse to listen to those. I want to wait until the final product.”  Fair enough. Let’s face it, we’ve had our plenty of “fake” snippets rise from various black holes, to be toted as being “the newest music leaks from the studio”, only to be debunked within hours. That’s why Daily Duranie has never, nor will we start posting snippets now, unless the band starts sending them and TELLS us to post them. We don’t do leaks out of respect for the band. That said, we very well might comment on what we’ve seen or heard, but we’re not going to be posting that sort of thing here unless TPTB (The Powers That Be) ask us to do so. No matter, I can understand why people are less than willing to believe the rumors and news unless it comes from the band. We are well aware that there are plenty of others who want to be the first to post the leaked material, and we’re just going to leave them to it. As for those of you masochists out there who will sit back and somehow restrain yourselves from clicking on the snippets, well…you’re better than me. I can’t do it. Just know up front that I’ll be clicking enough for all of you combined, and occasionally we’ll talk about what we’ve heard here on the blog. I will do my best not to spoil it for you!

Naturally though, I can’t let this subject go by without an offer for discussion. How do you feel about the snippets from the studio? Do they help to get you excited by an album? Do you wish they wouldn’t release a thing until it was done? In a past Katy Kafé, Simon mentioned how if they release too much, there is always the concern of listeners having preconceived notions before the album is finished. What do you think about that? I’m curious to know if I’m the only person out there that actually enjoys the whole experience of getting the snippets and talking about them. (Aside from Amanda of course. There IS a reason we started Daily Duranie, you know.) Let me know what you think!


3 thoughts on “Now the channel is open”

  1. I remember Mark Ronson's drunken youtube audio 🙂 That was really funny let's hope he will repeat that with the new album.

    // Peter Bluesilver

  2. I was regularly receiving my monthly DD blasts as a aying member up to February, March this year, since then I'm in the dark. It makes sense the monthly emails are no longer run by DDM, but by DD and they moved the files on other computer. My membership is expiring on 31st January 2014. On December 8th I subscribed the mailing list clicking on the DD VIP Community site and let's see what it happens.
    Snippets from the album? They shoud be sharing the new music with the fans any time they're in the studio: they shouldn't forget they're still making it thanks to us.
    Beyond that, it's their own decision to listen to their fans' feedback or not. Don't know how much our opinions can influence their new music, my need of hearing snippets of new music is to me the need to hear they're still alive, sort of.

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