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Yesterday was the big day for Duran Duran as they represented England in the Olympics concert in Hyde Park. I was lucky enough to hear some of Duran’s performance through an Absolute Radio app on my phone as I drove to Minneapolis. Later, I had to chance to see some of the songs on youtube and checked to see reactions from Duranies who were there. Based on everything I heard, saw and read, Duran absolutely rocked it! I didn’t see one negative statement in regards to their performance, including from the press. Heck, I even read an article from the Daily Mail that indicated how good of a job Duran did!!!

In some ways, it seems like we have been talking about this performance forever! First, we had the rumors flying. Will Duran be playing? Won’t they? Then, the announcement came and all of the reactions that came with it. The media, for the most part, was horrified and thought Duran was a terrible choice. The fans, of course, were thrilled and very proud! Some of us were anxious as well as being pleased. After all, this was a big deal and the pressure would be on. We wanted so badly for Duran to perform well–not only to silence the critics but to also make the fans proud and maybe even get some new ones. Throughout Duran’s history, the big gigs have not always gone so well. I heard horror stories about some gig they played in front of Princess Diana. We all know about Live Aid and the bum note heard around the world. Even now, I feel like they don’t do so well during the important TV performances and I have heard that their shows in Birmingham are not as good as others due to anxiety or whatever. Perhaps, this kind of thing also has to do with expectations. Sometimes, fan expectations are so high that no one could meet those expectations. Anyway, whatever the deal is with important gigs, I worried. Would they prove the media right or would they show the world how fabulous they truly can be? Again, based on what I heard, saw and read, they absolutely proved their talent and skill!

Duran played for about 50 minutes for what I heard. They seemed to play a greatest hits set with a couple of new tracks. While I suspect that we all knew they would play a setlist like this, I still saw a few complaints about it. I’m sure we all understand why they would play songs that were familiar to most people. After all, it wasn’t a show just for fans. It was a showcase–to show what Duran has done. While we might be sick of those songs, casual fans and non-fans aren’t. Besides, it sounds like some of the more frequently played tracks did really well. For example, I heard that Ordinary World and Save a Prayer really captured attention. The fact that the audience, for the most part, joined in to sing the chorus to Save a Prayer shows that they really were able to connect with the audience. Good for them!

This show, of course, marked the last day of the European leg of the tour. Now, the band gets some time to relax before the last and final leg happens in the States. I hope that this Olympics show renewed the band some as I can imagine how tired they must be. A big victory like this one might energize them and us enough to finish this era of All You Need Is Now well!!!


6 thoughts on “Olympics Reactions”

  1. I was a proud Duranie listening live over the internet to the Olympics Concert! I hope anyone who thought that they were the wrong choice to perform @ the Olympics is now going home with their tail between their legs! Can't wait to see them next month!!!

  2. From what I've seen and heard, I'm SO proud of them! They did a great job, it wasn't just SAP and OW that had the crowd singing along, they were even doing the notorious-ing during Notorious. 🙂

    The only people who could possibly criticize the show now(I don't mean the song choices or whatever, I mean of the ones who were all “ew why them Duran Duran suck!!!!” people) are the ones too arrogant to admit to being wrong. LOL

  3. That was a great show but I am a bit not so happy about that. I think it would have been better to see them in the real ceremony (watched by the world) even for one or two songs better that 50 minutes of a show not very visible around the world. Especialy that during that ceremony they showed all the great songs from England over the years from The Beatles to David Bowie to Queen to Muse etc. but not a note from Duran Duran ! The performance was very good except Ordinary World. Rhonda gonna kill me, but Dom was very bad at the beginning and ruined the ending as ever doing a very standart solo witout any of the original sadness of the Warren's solo where you can hear the guitar crying. Too bad because obviously everyone love that song. But overall a superb performance !


  4. Effectivly besides Paul and a young band that Simon love and that i don,t remember the name nobody played live, but lots were showed and small pieces of their hits were played but nothing about DD. 🙁

  5. As I understand it the 80's were kind of given the short shrift according to a lot of people during the opening ceremonies, a lot of bands who should have been given pieces of their hits weren't heard, many very popular/influential bands.

    Now admittedly it's especially stupid with Duran Duran seeing as they were largely responsible for the second worldwide “British Invasion” and are pretty much the poster boys(no pun intended) for 80's British music but I don't think the exposure the bands who did get snippets heard will do very much for them and as for Paul, I don't think anyone considers it a huge deal because he often does these sorts of things(and sadly stuff like this generally just starts off a million “Do you think Paul should consider retiring” threads on music message boards) and the Arctic Monkeys(that band Simon likes) only played like two songs, one of which wasn't even their song, but a Beatles cover.

    I think Duran Duran probably ultimately did better with what they got than they would have stuck in the Olympic Ceremony itself. Aside from one or two sad, pathetic British reviewers who think it's 1984 and cool to insult the band(lol just found out the Telegraph reviewer tried to be a pop star himself in the 80's and was freakin' AWFUL, no wonder he always puts them down, they are living the life he wishes he had), they've gotten positive reviews and the crowd had a great reaction to them.

    Like I said above(the July 29, 12:33 comment), I was just BUSTING with pride for them. Don't worry, Pat, I'm someone who worries about everything and am always “spoiling for a fight” when it comes to defending my favorites, and I really feel this was a positive thing. They showed an audience of people, many of whom weren't necessarily there to see THEM specifically, a good time, in the rain:), and a lot of people are going to remember it as a positive experience for years to come.

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