One Night (not exactly) Only! – Unstaged on the big screen!

It is Thursday, and I have ONE question for you, Duranies!  Have you seen any good movies lately?!?

With three kids and a schedule that makes most men cry – I really don’t get out to the movies much. (I don’t get out of my CAR much, either!) That said, last night my husband and I made an exception and drove to Anaheim Hills, California to meet up with my friend Krista.

All three of us had been in the audience at the Mayan Theatre in Los Angeles on that fateful night in 2011 when it was filmed, so for us, it was a special opportunity to relive a memory. I very clearly remember standing in the rain that day, already sick with a cold and shivering (the things we’ll do for this band….), and my husband ran to a nearby store to buy a scarf, mittens and sweatshirt for me. I had no idea what to expect from the show aside from the fact that I knew the Mayan was a small venue, and that the band would likely be playing new music. If you’d like, you can read my original review from the show. As I composed this blog this morning, I re-read my review. Interesting how distance gives you clarity and much different prospective. I had eventually seen Unstaged online, but I hadn’t yet seen it on a big screen, and I am pretty sure my husband had never seen it, so I was curious to see what he thought.

I’m going to be completely honest, I didn’t really understand what David Lynch was thinking or what he was trying to communicate with some of the images he chose, but that’s art. I was fine with most of it, but I still didn’t really get the mice, hand puppets or sausages on a BBQ. That said, I can’t deny that seeing the band on a big screen is a huge draw(just as it was when we did the special screening of Diamond in the Mind on a big screen for Durandemonium – one of the best things we planned for the entire convention, in my opinion!).  The theater that we attended was about 60% full, but everyone stayed seated.  In hindsight we should have sat in the back so that we could have gotten up and danced because I could barely contain myself and no one else around us danced. In fact, Krista and I kept singing along and doing all of the familiar hand Simon hand motions and clapping, and aside from the woman in back of us who announced that Krista and I were her kind of people, no one did much of anything.  My husband was very quiet during the show and didn’t even look sideways at me when I forgot who I was with and cheered for someone on screen. (Which someone?  HA….I’ll never tell!!!) We also watched for glimpses of ourselves on screen and were able to find all three of us, which was fun.  It was definitely a really fun memory to relive, overall.  My husband didn’t really appreciate the filters and graphics that David Lynch used either, which didn’t surprise me. He said that he just focused on the band, which made me chuckle. Don’t we all??

Hard to believe that this show took place 3 and a half years ago now. Where does the time go? We’d only been doing the blog for about six months by then, and now we’re about to turn 4.The show was before Simon’s vocal problems, before the two trips Amanda and I took to the UK, and before we completely lost our minds and planned a fan convention. So much has changed, so much has stayed the same. Here we are, on the cusp of a new album, a new tour at some point, and it only seems fitting to take a good long look back before we take a few steps forward.

Rhonda & Krista
Krista and I after the screening


8 thoughts on “One Night (not exactly) Only! – Unstaged on the big screen!”

  1. You had a MUCH better turnout in CA than we did in Louisville, KY. We had maybe 20-30 people in the theatre…but we were all there for Duran Duran.

    It was fun getting to relive that show again on the big screen this time. The David Lynch visuals still make me chuckle. I especially loved the DD Barbie during (Reach Up For The ) Sunrise. I’m really hoping we get this on Blu-ray/DVD soon.


    1. I think that our theater here was pretty small…but I would say there had to be 50 or 60 people there at least?? It was a really small theater though, for sure.

      I don’t know if you heard Katy Kafe with Roger, but she said that SHE heard a rumor that we might be able to see this at home on our television’s soon and that we might hear more about that in the next few days…so we will see. 🙂 -R

  2. The ONLY Lynch effect I liked was the rain during Planet Earth. And while I didn’t like the B&W, I love that he colored Gerard Way’s hair. Did you notice that Lynch was nowhere to be found at the end of the evening. Suspicious!

    1. I found that the effects bothered me at the beginning of the movie a little, but after a while I adjusted to them and really didn’t even notice them that much until Come Undone. LOL I did like the way he left Gerard Way’s hair colored properly! -R

  3. There were only 20 in the theater where I was in Nashville, too, but then it was also playing in several areas around here. I loved it, and I am not ashamed to admit that I just do not get David Lynch sometimes 🙂 I was just excited to be able to see them on a screen bigger than my computer & TV! I enjoyed sharing the experience with my new Duranie friend, Melissa, & knowing that I was participating in something that hundreds of other people who love this band as much as I do were at the same time was pretty cool!

    1. I don’t know for certain how many theaters it played in here in Orange County, CA near where I live…but I know that I saw it on 3 screens in this general area at one point, and I heard they added more – so I really don’t know for sure. I thought it was great fun going to see it though, and I’d still love to see Diamond in the Mind on a big screen again, too! 😀 -R

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