One of those Days

It is all happening right here.  Right now.

Thanksgiving. For most people it’s a great holiday. For me? It’s my yearly penance, because I don’t really love to cook. I do it every day (well, most days), but I don’t get a great sense of joy out of it. Regardless, almost every year we have a big dinner here at my house and I invite my mom and her friend Dennis over. We watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, followed by the Westminster Dog Show, and ignore all of the football games now that my dad has passed. We scour the newspaper ads, we talk about going out for early Black Friday sales, eventually decide that nothing is worth getting out of the house before 5am to buy, and then, much later after dinner, I begin the long clean-up process and congratulate myself on making it through yet another Thanksgiving. Our holiday isn’t very formal, and it might not be very exciting, but it’s nice to have a full day to talk with my family. I’ve got a turkey thawing in my refrigerator right now – it’s an enormous 21 pounds that will easily feed four families, which seems crazy when you consider there will only be seven of us here for dinner at my house on Thursday. Before anyone assumes otherwise, I cook a huge turkey so that I can send a lot of it home with my mom so that she can freeze it to use later. She lives in a pretty tiny senior apartment complex not far from my house, and she doesn’t cook that often anymore. I remember when she used to send my grandma home with tons of leftovers, and while I really don’t enjoy cooking, I do like being able to help her out just a little.

In addition to Thanksgiving, changes are afoot here at Daily Duranie. These changes are probably going to take several months to put into things that you all will see and hopefully benefit from, but trust me, we’re working. We wish to revamp the entire site completely, and once we do that, we’re going to be working on some new things for 2013 to keep you busy!  I know we’ve been talking about moving from Blogger to a WordPress site since nearly the day we started this blog, but this time – I am SERIOUS. No really, I am this time. Stay tuned…  I also want to give you an update regarding a special surprise that we’ve been working on for a few months now. Don’t miss our blogs in December! If you haven’t signed up to be subscribed to the blog, sign up and don’t blink!

If that weren’t enough, in just three little days – there are new holiday goodies to purchase from! Not only is there an Advent Calendar that caught my eye, along with a set of holiday cards, but also the 2013 calendar. What is so special about THIS calendar? Well, I swore that I wouldn’t buy one until Dom was finally included. While he might not have a huge photo in the calendar – he is certainly in there and I couldn’t be prouder! I guess my “Black Friday” shopping from home will include a visit to the Duran Duran website – and so should yours!!

Good things are coming up ahead, and we look forward to sharing the journey with all of you!

I’m off to clean a house, teach a child some American History (the easiest part of my day, believe it or not), and “redirect” my youngest away from the kazoo she is currently blowing in my face (never a dull moment here).


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