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Last week, on the most recent Katy Kafe with Nick, the idea of making a setlist with a song from each album came up for discussion. As diehard Duranies know, the setlist is always a topic that gets people’s attention. Diehard fans, especially those who attend a number of shows, are thirsty to hear something beyond the hits of Hungry Like the Wolf and Come Undone (anyone who has been reading this blog for a long time should see what I did there!). So, this idea of playing one song from each album is one that I would think a lot of those fans would embrace. Heck, I don’t see why all Duranies wouldn’t embrace it. If I’m a fan who has not seen a lot of shows, I would still love to know that there would a variety of songs played, at least in terms of the band’s history. This idea got me thinking. What would I want to hear from each album if I could make that setlist? What criteria would I use? Here’s what I came up with!

1st Album

This one was actually super hard for me to decide on. Planet Earth is my absolute favorite so big part of me wants to choose this one. Then, I think about the last shows that I went to in which Anyone Out There was played. Holy crap, it sounded amazing and I would give a lot to see that again. That said, when it comes down to it, I might choose a song that I have had heard/see live before. For the first album, that could be Night Boat. Yet, I think my choice would be Tel Aviv. The only time I can really remember hearing about the band playing it is the Orlando show in 2005 when they played with an orchestra. That would be too magical to pass up!


I have been extremely fortunate in that I have seen every single song off of Rio performed live. I think that makes this decision tougher. What criteria do I use here if I don’t use “the pick a song I never saw before” idea? I could go with a favorite like Hold Back the Rain. Instead, though, I’m thinking about songs that I have heard even more rarely than that. I could go with Last Chance on the Stairway as I only heard it as part of the electro set during the Red Carpet Massacre Tour but I think I would go with Lonely in Your Nightmare as my choice. I only heard this one once and that was during the Fan Show in 2007. I would like a do over as things did not go as planned during that song.

Seven and the Ragged Tiger

This will not be an easy choice, either! There are definitely songs that I have not heard live at all and there are songs that I have rarely heard live that I would love to hear again. I also have some favorites. If I had to pick one, I would go with Secret Oktober. While it is not on the album, it was a b-side to Union of the Snake, a song that was on the album. In this case, it is not only a favorite but one that I have only seen one time. Another time would be just as amazing.


Unlike the previous albums, I have not seen a ton of songs live from this album. I would probably pick something like Vertigo, which is a song I really enjoy and one that too often gets overlooked in favor of the singles.

Big Thing

Interestingly enough, I did not need much time to think about this choice. I would definitely go with The Edge of America. It is a big time favorite of mine and right now feels so very, very, very fitting.


This album feels more like Notorious to me in that there are a ton of songs that I could choose here! I could go with something fun like Violence of Summer that I would imagine would be so fun to sing along with or I could pick something like what Nick mentioned in My Antarctica. He had stated on the Kafe that they tried this one live a few times and it just didn’t work. I’ll have to trust him on that. So I will go with Violence of Summer!

The Wedding Album

This is another album that I could choose a number of tracks. While I have seen a number of tracks, would I choose one that I have not? I’m not certain. I guess if I had to pick one, I might go with Too Much Information. While I saw this song most recently in 2015, it was different than what I was expecting. The first time I heard it I was not excited about it but it grew on me as I heard it more.


This is an album that I have seen VERY few tracks from. This makes my decision wide open. I guess I would pick Out of my Mind as it is a track that I really like.

Pop Trash

Interestingly enough, I have heard/seen none of the songs off this album. That probably tells when I have seen Duran Duran live and when I have not. If I had to pick one song, then, I might go with Last Day on Earth. I know that they opened up the tour with that song and it sounded great from the live albums I have heard.


Now, I have seen quite a few songs off this album but not all of them. I have not heard One Of Those Days and Point Of No Return. Part of me wants to choose one of them and the other part of me wants to hear one that I did not see much. If I had to pick right now, though, I would go with Finest Hour. It is a favorite and one that I only saw it live once.

Red Carpet Massacre

Lucky for me, I was fortunate enough to see this entire album when I saw one of the Broadway shows in 2007 so the question is which song would I like to see performed again. Like Big Thing, I know my choice right away. I would love to see Tricked Out live one more time. I would especially like to see it with Rhonda even though I would be worried about her needing oxygen.

All You Need Is Now

This is another easy for one and one that I did not have to think about. I would go for Too Bad You’re So Beautiful as it is a big time favorite of mine.

Paper Gods

Like All You Need Is Now, this is another one that I would not need to ponder my pick. I would absolutely go with Planet Roaring. It just feels like it was meant to be played live.

Now, of course, I could pose an additional challenge in deciding the order but that sounds completely overwhelming. Maybe I’ll assign that to myself for next week. What would the rest of you pick?


2 thoughts on “One Song Per Album”

  1. This was my question that Katy asked Nick. I’ve always thought one song from each album should always be a goal when they go on tour but I realize that as they release each album, that idea gets more difficult. Maybe they need to consider making their shows a little longer, wishful thinking.

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