Ordinary World?

I have been sitting here for the last half hour trying to figure out what to write about.  I pondered writing about the announcement about promotional appearances in the UK, which you can read about here.  I also saw that the band posted a link about Duran fans from back in 1984 talking about their fandom then and now, which you can read about here.  I’ll be honest.  Neither one hit me to talk about.  I don’t think I have the brain power to critically analyze much today.  I’m recovering or something like that.  The campaign I was working on ended on Tuesday in an extremely disappointing fashion.  Since then, I have tried not to think about it too much and have tried to catch up on everything else.  This hasn’t been easy, especially since next week will prove to be tough, emotionally, as well, as Tuesday will be my last day at my current job as I’m transferring schools next year.  Thus, I’m on emotional overload.  In fact, I would go so  far as to say that I’m feeling numb and unable to process much.  I need to clean my house and get ready for a trip but all I want to do is sleep.  Seriously.  I know that it will take time to find my way back to an “ordinary world”.  I wonder how the guys do it after facing an overly emotional time or an overly busy, stressful time or a time like I’m in the middle of, which is both busy and overwhelming.

It seems to me that some people have jobs and/or lives that pretty much provide a constant stream of activity.  At times, this constant stream might become a little more busy than normal or a little less busy than normal but it never or rarely reaches extremes.  Then, there are those who have extremes.  These people are either extremely busy or not busy at all.  I think the band is in that category.  They have times when they have tons of things to do, when they can’t find more than a few minutes to sleep and catch their breath.  I’m sure that doing a lot of promotional work and/or touring would be like this.  Then, of course, now-a-days they also have the chance to relax some.  These stretches are or seem to be longer than what a usual vacation entails.  I think my life is in between the constant stream and the extremes.  During the school year, I’m consistently busy and then when I have added campaign work, that consistently busy extends to being insanely active.  Of course, then, I do have summers, which aren’t completely off with classes, professional development, curriculum planning, etc.  Nonetheless, summers are very different than the rest of the year.  As I’m facing an extreme shift in activity level like the guys do after a tour or something equivalent, I wonder how they adjust.  What advice would they give the rest of us?  How do they find their new normal?  What if their last project was horribly unsuccessful?  How do they use their time off to regroup?

Let’s face it.  Duran Duran, overall, has been a successful band but they have had projects, times that have not been as successful as they would have liked.  In some cases, when they have regrouped, the results have been more than they hoped for.  For example, the Liberty album wasn’t exactly what they had hoped for, both musically (not saying all the songs were bad but…) and commercially.  Goodness, they didn’t even tour that album!  How did they pick themselves up off the ground and give themselves the energy, the courage to try again?  Why didn’t they decide to call it quits?  Obviously, they were not only able to keep going but they were able to make an album (Wedding Album) that resulted in commercial success and converted a whole new generation of Duranies!  Likewise, Red Carpet Massacre wasn’t the success that they thought it would be but they kept going and made the fabulous All You Need Is Now.

I don’t have the answer to this question about how they continue forward after facing a roadblock.  Do any of you?  I would honestly love to know their secret as I could use a little of that now myself.  Maybe then, I would be able to comment on Duran news or move forward to find my new ordinary world.


4 thoughts on “Ordinary World?”

  1. Amanda, I am sorry that you live a bad moment. I can understand very well your situation. Sometimes, we are so tored emotionaly that our body can't go further. You need a rest. Then focus on a new chalenge. You will see, there gonna have beautiful things to come! For the band it is the same. They were the greatest band and sudenly everything fell appart, Andy and Roger left. The people decided that they weren,t as good. John was having personnal issue. I remember him saying that if he didn,t have those issues he would have made Liberty a successfull album that inside of him he had the key to do that. Then the success came again with the Wedding album and gone again. John had to go and that didn't help. But I believe that the one thing that made them having so much problem was maybe that they didn't have a huge record company backing them the way it should with publicity and strong marketing. It is said that money meke money. If they had had a powerful marketing they could have hd success with those album, Liberty, Medazzaland, Pop Trash. I often compare them to Madonna, she have a career similar to them, but never had drop in popularity because she has an incredible marketing machine backing her. I really don't think she do better music. I think what make them able to go on is the passion. They are music lovers and that is the motor thatmake tehm continue to live the dream. Fortunatly Mark Ronson believe in them and help them to produce a new superb album. In life we sometimes need help from others not to do thing for us, just to say: hey you're the best keep on!
    So Amanda, take a rest and keep on! You are a great girl!


  2. Pat-Thank you for your kind words. I love the idea of a new challenge and having beautiful things to come! As for the band, I think you are right. Passion and having others who believe in them have helped keep them going!


  3. Amanda, I am very sorry you had a disappointing result in your home state. I share your disappointment as I was sympathetic to your side in that race, and am very impressed that you put in the time and commitment to help your cause, with everything else going on in your life. Here's hoping you find your “Ordinary World” soon or at least in time to enjoy the tour dates later this summer.

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