Our “Top Ten”…

If the world only worked according to us….

We would vote things off our island. Indefinitely. Some of those things would be songs from the DD catalog. That’s right. Hey now – don’t choke on your Wheaties – but it’s true. There are songs that Duran Duran has written that we absolutely cannot stand. We might even…. *gasp*…. hate. EEK!

Here is the beauty of the situation though – you too can vote things off of your island!  Your list doesn’t even need to match ours, and you certainly don’t need to agree with us.  We would expect nothing less from our fellow fans, and we fully expect all of you to come after us with pitchforks in tow. We don’t post this crap for merely our own amusement, you know!

Before we begin, I must explain two things. First of all, if you are in the band right now and you’re taking precious time from your own personal “hiatus” (We call it “vacation”, but that’s just us) to read this – look away!!  Look away!! We know that these songs are probably like your own children in some way – and we recognize that we’re basically saying we would forcibly rip your child out of your arms and send them off on a boat off into the sunset. (As opposed to tossing them overboard. We’re humorous and sarcastic, not sick minded!!)  So I warn you now – this is not the blog for you today. Secondly, let me explain our methodology.  Simply put, we each made a list of ten songs we’d vote the hell out of here and then compared our lists. Amazingly enough, most of our lists matched! *more gasping* Once we finished marveling over the coincidence, we saw a few discrepancies. There was some cursing, campaigning and crying (Well, we were laughing pretty hard…), and then a list was arranged. There might have been some bargaining around which song would in fact BE number one, which will be explained as we go.

Without further adieu, we give you the Top Ten List of Songs Daily Duranie Would Vote Off Of the Island!

10. Silva Halo.  We feel this was an LSD trip gone awry.

9. Medazzaland.  Just not sure that Simon’s bad medicine trip needed to be commemorated in song, even though this was Nick’s first foray into being the lead voice. Sorry Nick.

8. Hothead.  Rhonda hears this song in her nightmares sometimes.

7. Shotgun.  This song is stupid short.  Why even bother?!?

6. Yo Bad Azizi.  Rhonda takes this one personally. Not only is the song ridiculous, but it is a direct insult of one of her most favorites. Who came up with this plan?? OFF THE ISLAND!

5. Ordinary World.  *gasp* That’s right. We would vote this off, and we would do it while smiling.  We clearly have no hearts or souls. We know. Now, before you hit “send” on that death threat – here is the thing: we both used to like this song. Rhonda even loved it one point.  It helped Amanda get through a hard time once upon a time.  It has been overplayed past it’s prime and it’s just time. It’s time to let the past go, even if only for a little while. All You Need is Now, right?!?  *runs*

4. Zoom In.  Amanda has near constant nightmares of avatars from Second Life coming through her window after her after seeing this performed live as part of the Broadway run. It is no wonder she isn’t rocking in a corner somewhere. We blame this song, and quite honestly – the band too. Besides, it’s a Timbaland song and we’re over him. Also, she campaigned hard for this one to be included….and she is pretty good at that campaigning thing!

3. Night Runner. Rhonda doesn’t believe this one even needs further comment and both of them still shudder from seeing that first “performance” of this one at the fan only show in June of 2007.

2. Skin Divers.  We’ll vote this song off and Timbaland too!!

And that brings us to our number one….Before we get there, let us explain how we arrived at this being the number one, as opposed to the songs in the #2 and #3 slot. The fact is, as much as those songs are indeed despised by at least one of us who happens to reside on the west coast of the US…they don’t receive a lot of play in #duranlive. (thank goodness.  Thank whatever higher power is out there….*knocks wood, starts thinking about what can be sacrificed to please the gods…*)  Number one though, does get an awful lot of live play.

Therefore…we vote off in a final act of defiance…

1. Come Undone!   We are simply over this song. Over. It. Neither of us started off hating this song, well…maybe Amanda did…but the fact is, it’s time to retire this one in favor of others that almost never get played. So we’re voting it off and doing the dirty work for the band. We look at it as doing a public service, really. We know a few of you like the finger licking (Durantigger – we are looking at you), but we are absolutely positively OVER IT. Time to give it up and move on to something written in the current century. Might we suggest some Mediterranea or Too Bad You’re So Beautiful instead???

We can hardly wait for the hate mail to roll on in….but we ask you, before you tar and feather us, isn’t there just ONE song you could do without hearing again?  If you say a quick no – we have to wonder why. Being a fan isn’t about loving absolutely everything. It’s being supportive, but it’s also about being willing to stand up and say “You’ve done so much better than this.”  Call us crazy, but we prefer it when our friends are honest with us. If we all really believe we’re connected to the band, then why isn’t OK not to love something, or to even hate or despise it? We love this band.  (We hope that is pretty obvious by now.  We write a daily blog on being their fans.  If that isn’t enough proof, we don’t know what is.)  We also think they’ve made some mistakes over the years. Mistakes that may have gotten them right where they are nonetheless, but we’re not afraid to make good fun of them as a result.

Truth of the matter is, we hope you not only grumble when you read this, but you laugh. It’s just a blog. We are just a couple of fans that are entirely too outspoken. We don’t make the laws (be thankful for that), and we certainly don’t choose the songs for the band. So much for the dare on the part of friends of ours who think we are far too diplomatic here. (Rhonda just spent a great deal of time looking up the exact post on Facebook to find the right word that was used…)

Wait…is that Come Undone that we see out there in that lifeboat paddling furiously towards (to?) the shore???

-A & R

29 thoughts on “Our “Top Ten”…”

  1. I couldn't agree more. I ALWAYS go on bathroom/beer runs during OW and/or Come Undone. If they ever tried to play any of the other disastrous songs that you've listed, I would bail out on those as well. Well done girls:)

  2. First of all I love all your blog, including this one! No one should take offence at someone saying their opinion.

    Second, “Come Undone” – nooo! xD But I'm just biased. That song means a lot to me and those lyrics even more. Maybe in the future I'll even hate it since I associate it with my current… well… call him whatever you want – love, crush.

    As for the RCM songs I've already told you my opinion. Good songs, just in the long run wrong style for the band. But a nice experiment. Especially “She's too Much” and “Box Full O'Honey” which I am so glad are not included xD

    I'm sure there are some songs I'd vote off, but I'm still quite a new fan (almost 6 months now!) and everything is still shiny and new and quite frankly I'm enjoying the exploration 😀

  3. I actually rather like some of those songs, but I understand some of the choices. While I, too, love the finger licking, I am over it. There are FAR too many songs that get left out of the list that could easily go in place of Come Undone. If this was a list of songs that we would like to forgo in concert for a while, then I would fully expect HLTW to be number one. I see this is just a general list, though. I would have to give some thought about which 10 songs I could do without. I am not positive there are actually 10, but I know there are a few. How is 911 is a Joke NOT on this list?? That would be my number one, easily. I also could have seriously done without a SECOND version of I Wanna Take You Higher on the album. Just do it right once and be done with it. I will leave it there. I can't think of anything else @ the moment.

  4. I agree with everything here except Ordinary World and Come Undone. I will agree they are over played. I had wished they'd drop OW from the set lists as it was so over played and I worry about Simon hitting all those high notes esp. after his troubles a year and a half ago. But he kind of won me back over to it after hearing the commentary on a Diamond in the Mind. If he feels he needs it to clear his mind during the show then I guess we'll have to live with it 😉

    As for Come Undone, I was front row center for 4 shows where he reached out to me (or that is how I see it LOL) and in Durham we actually touched. So it's kind of special to me now.

    But everything else you are so right. Hothead is my absolute least favorite DD song.


  5. Take heart, I still can see Come Undone paddling furiously back towards the shore….

    I don't think we're rid of that one yet. Sad for us…probably happy for a lot of you crazy people out there. 😀


  6. Hahaha girls you are out of your mind!!!
    There is so many bad songs that should be never in a show ever.
    As for Ordinary World and Come Undone I agree they should stop doing them except if one day they have Warren back, nobody can put the feeling in them as him (sorry I know you believe the contrary, but we are humans mmmm and we can do mistake so i don't jugde you on that.;-)but just sit and listen to the original and the soup we can hear live now and you will understand why you don't feel nothing now. Medazzaland's songs are so better than Safe or Last chance on the Stairway or many others… But as I already said ( I a an old man so I do repeat myself often…) the band do so many different style of songs that it is normal to see that some duranies do prefer a style more than another one. Unfortunatly the band have a bad image because of some of those commercial songs that may be fun to dance but that will not take part of the music history. I do prefer the artistic part because not so many band can do it. And there is tons of artists that can make people dance. Safe can be a song of many artists, The Chauffeur can only be a Duran Duran's song.

    Hey happy new year to both of you pretty and mad ladies, we love you!!!

    Pat xxx

  7. I love you ladies, even with the inclusion of OW on your list (I will happily listen to that song until I die). I am thankful that I'm not the only one who can't stand Shotgun, I seriously pretend it doesn't exist. However, you are missing one big one here… Hallucinating Elvis. I just can't with that song, and images of Simon in Elvis sunglasses doing Elvis kicks on stage float through my mind. Why did he do that on stage? Why was I a witness to it?!

  8. Sorry but Big Thing's gotta go before anything else… if there's one Duran song that makes me start feeling slightly psychotic then it's this droning piece of dross.

    Other than that perhaps its better to just not play a few songs to recapture the luv as opposed to send them floating off into the sunset. There's a few songs on your list that I'd regret not ever being able to hear again but have to agree that Shotgun would not be one of them so off it goes….

    Richard 😉

  9. Love this post! I love lists!!!! No hate mail on this end…but I am going to give you my own snarky list:

    Hungry Like The Wolf: You can scrub this song from Rio and the live set. And I'm shocked it wasn't on your list…in fact I'm sure it was on Rhonda's. To be fair, I hated this song when it first came out. It was Rio (the song) that got me hooked in 1982…

    Man Who Stole a Leopard: Enough, people–this song is ordinary at best. While I give the band credit for being artsy and taking a risk…ultimately this is around the 12th best song on AYNIN. Sorry–I can't stand The Chauffeur and I dislike cheesy attempts to rewrite it even more. Speaking of which…

    The Chauffeur: I once calculated that I wasted 24,658 hours of AA battery life due to fast forwarding through this song just to get back to the beginning of the Rio cassette.

    Drive By: Really? REALLY? The only idea worse than releasing a covers album as a follow-up to their best selling album ever was to include this abomination on it.

    Ordinary World (live version): Please remove from every future set list ever. Agree with Daily Durannie on this one. But still love the single edit–not the album version, but the single edit…

    Drowning Man: There are times when I actually kinda sorta like the beat to this song (e.g. when I had the flu last winter and a 102 temperature.) This is an example of the band trying too hard to put a dance song on an otherwise adult contemporary album.

    Meet El Presidente: I don't know WTF to make of this–as with the Chauffeur in '82, my 1986-87 battery usage was impacted by the constant forwarding to get from the end of So Misled to Winter Marches On. (I figured that joke was good enough to use twice–if DD can keep doing sh*tty Chauffeur rewrites then I can crack the same joke twice!) The sad part is that the remix only partially improves it. And they released it as a single??? Seriously, Nick? Why?

    Most of Liberty: Look, my twitter name is “poptrashed” and my wallpaper is the Medazzaland cover, so clearly I'm partial to the more obscure Duran material. But aside from maybe 4 or 5 tracks…Liberty is just “bad music.” Don't take my word for it–I had on “All Along the Water” in the car and my 3 year old asked me to change the “bad music.” I put on AYNIN and he thanked me. (PS-instead of giving him timeouts we make him listen to “Man Who Stole a Leopard” on repeat.)

    Those are the immediate ones that come to mind…thanks for the list! Very inspiring and fun on a Friday!

  10. You are FUNNY Chris!!!

    I like your list a lot!! 🙂

    HLTW was definitely on my list, but it wasn't in the top 10. I'm just sick to death of that song – I don't hate it yet. Key word: YET. 😀


  11. Oh Patrick……I'm so sorry that your ears do not recognize the chords of genius coming from Dom's guitar. 😀

    I think Warren's guitar playing has simply dulled your senses over the years. It's Ok. I understand and still love you anyway. 😉

    (I hope you know I'm kidding about your senses…I just have to give you a rough time!!)


  12. You know what they say (don't know the right words in english)when you love someone you are tough with that person. In french “Qui aime bien chatie bien”.


  13. Some of you have been to waaaaaay too many concerts….what a luxury to be sick of 'great' songs just because you have heard them too often live.

    Ya spoilt ya know????

  14. Our list was not based on songs were heard live as most of them are never ever played live or haven't been played live in years. Our list was a general list of songs we would vote off. Now, other people might have used live songs.


  15. there's a couple songs on the list i kinda like but i don't care. ordinary world and come undone are on the list, so i'm willing to say buh-bye to all ten of those songs! if i never heard either of those songs again, i'd be very happy. heard them too much live, heard them too much on the radio, just heard them too much full stop.

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