Out of focus fading in

Yesterday Amanda and I posted our reviews for TV Mania’s first video – Euphoria.  As I mentioned yesterday, one of my favorite things about video (and there are many), is that even though you’re watching a visual interpretation of the song (well, at least some of the time – I’m not sure that you can count performance videos, as in the song being performed in front of an audience and used as the official video, as an interpretation), there remains plenty of room left for imagination.  Amanda and I have mentioned many times here on the blog that we both love art.  She has it in her genes, and I, well…my love for art probably comes from my educational background more than anything. It goes without saying that when a new video comes out, we watch many, many times.  Probably not unlike any other fan, I am sure.

I can’t really speak for Amanda, but to begin with – just as when I read a book that I am excited to read, I find myself flying through – skimming a lot, trying to absorb as much as possible.  It takes me several views to start noticing the small things, and even more views to start picking out subtle nuances.  A lot of times, it is Amanda telling me about the smallest things before I even see them – I’m much slower. Sometimes I will see what she’s trying to show me, and other times, I see something completely different.  This shouldn’t really surprise anyone – art is meant that way. There shouldn’t be wrong answers – which is something one of my professors was very good about teaching.  We aren’t all meant to see or feel the same things.  The concept is incredibly freeing when you allow yourself the room and imagination to come up with your own ideas.

Just as Simon LeBon chooses not to explain each word of his lyrics, saying that they are meant to be open to interpretation – because while he may have written something with one idea in mind, when each of us hear his words, we come away with our own feelings – I think video can be remarkably similar.  I know many fans want to know exactly what he means, and so often I wonder if it isn’t because we’re afraid to be wrong.  How can your own feelings really be wrong?

Amanda and I thoroughly enjoy discussing video and song interpretation with other fans here.  I’m not sure if anyone actually caught that – what with Amanda picking a song each week or so to talk about – but the point is that while she might have an interpretation of something that she feels strongly about; so might other fans, and the hope is to discuss them.  I love the exchange of ideas without judgment.  Not an easy feat, but a worthy goal.

Yesterday, I had posted my thoughts on Euphoria, commenting that I believed it was Sassy in the video – although even as I wrote, I didn’t feel it was completely accurate.  I felt like I might be missing half the story, but in my own haste – I forged ahead and completed my portion of the review.  I figured Amanda would fill in missing details, and she found plenty to mention that I hadn’t picked up on at all.  Then yesterday Amanda messaged me, mentioning that someone had sent a comment in regarding my thoughts on the video.  I figured it would likely be someone disagreeing with my assessments, but instead it was someone willing to discuss what it all meant!  I love that!!  What I really craved and needed was someone willing to put themselves out there – just who was that blonde in the video supposed to be?  Cathy? Sassy?  The anonymous poster felt that she was indeed Cathy, not Sassy as I’d surmised…and later even gave a few possible scenarios for why she might really be Cathy, ending with the reality: we will probably never know for sure.  The point is while there is no way to really know whether we were way off or dead on, it was fun talking about the possibilities.  I wish that every day could be that easy.  I took absolutely no offense to reading someone else’s thoughts, and I am fairly certain that the poster didn’t mind my questions in return.  It is the way fandom really should work, but sometimes we all fall short.

My purpose with this post is to reach out to fellow fans. If you have something to add to what we’re blogging about, I really hope you do take the time to comment and begin a constructive discussion with us, even if it’s just by reaching out on Facebook or Twitter.  We are always happy to talk Duran…or TV Mania!


2 thoughts on “Out of focus fading in”

  1. I loved the argument you have had on TV Mania, because it was a nice moment of discussion without anger, or any form of obscene spoken language, congrats for being able to moderate the dialogue!!
    I have to go back in time in 1985 at the release of the Arcadia album cover, when with my class mates we argued – in civilized terms as you did – on the meanings of the symbols on the album.
    I hate it when anger takes over during the supposed- to- be civilized swaps of ideas: I just go out of the room, disappointed.

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