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I didn’t watch the Grammy’s last night.  I realize that for most of you, this is probably not groundbreaking news. Maybe you stopped watching after Nick was there presenting an award in what…1986 or so?  For me, I was hardcore. I watched all of those cheesy damn award shows every single year, cringing through much of it, but insisting that I had to keep trying. I kept that up right through 2013, up until Miley did her deal at the VMA’s.  Something else happened that night though, something far less visible, far more subtle…and probably a lot less important to everyone in the world but me. I stopped caring.

There is a part of me that would like to kick myself this morning, because out of all the years to stop caring – this doesn’t seem like it should have been the year. I actually tolerate Macklemore…sort of. (for me, this is a miracle, as I am not a fan of Rap or Hip-Hop)  I really enjoy Daft Punk.  (Enjoy is probably not the right word – Nile is amazing and without him, they’d likely just be a gimmick. You can’t help but hear his wonderful influence all over that album, which is why I love it so.) I love Lorde – she reminds me a little bit of the teenager that lurked within (me) back in the 80s, and I think her music has integrity – something that tends to lack these days.  And, I did miss seeing Ringo and Paul onstage together – even though they didn’t perform a Beatles song, instead doing a song off of McCartney’s latest album.   That said, I’m glad I didn’t sit around to watch Madonna continue her attempt at keeping up with the “younguns” and staying cool – that ship sailed a few years ago, and now it’s just getting sad.  I didn’t need to see Beyoncé and Jay Z – quite frankly they bore the hell out of me, no matter what the rest of the world says.

The only question I’m really asking myself this morning is why I stopped caring. I’ve always loved music. Still do. I think though, I got tired of watching the dog and pony show. I miss the days when talent spoke louder than gimmick, when the music made the hair on the back of my neck stand up or when I’d get goosebumps from something I heard.  Maybe though, those days only existed in my head. I suppose gimmick has always played it’s part – but the question is whether or not gimmick outweighed the music or the message.  I find myself looking for the music that’s off-the-beaten-path nowadays. I’m much more apt to buy the music I can’t hear on the radio than I am to buy songs that I hear every time I get into the car. I like supporting the little-known, the obscure, the new.  There is absolutely nothing like the feeling when I hear music that speaks to me – the hair stands up on end, the goosebumps still wash over me, and I feel like I’m being taken on an escape.

So perhaps it isn’t that I’ve stopped caring, perhaps its just that right now I want more than the spectacle or the show.  I want something to savor, to contemplate.  It doesn’t have to always be that way. Sometimes fast food works, and other times, I want the well-thought out, slow-cooked gourmet.

Of course, it wouldn’t hurt much if Duran Duran happened to hit an award show one of these days, either!


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  1. I first heard Daft Punk a couple of my month’s back, and I remember my husband saying he really liked their music (he’s not a fan of a lot of the music out there currently) because it sounded “old school”, especially the rhythms. When I saw Nile Rodgers on stage, I was like “Wow that’s Nile Rodgers!”. Hubby had no clue who he was until I mentioned he had been in Chic, and I also told him that he had produced the Notorious album. You can definitely hear his influence all over their music, and it probably explained why we liked it so much when we first heard it, even though we didn’t know his connection at the time!

  2. you said it right here: “I miss the days when talent spoke louder than gimmick”. i quit when i realized most of them are performers rather than artists, and there isn’t an ounce of sincerity in their performance.

    i keep sending people back to the Stray Cats at the 1983 US Festival. 3 dudes, a guitar, drum set (not kit) and an upright bass. that is talent.

    1. That’s exactly right, Jessica. I have a really tough time with the insincerity piece of the business…and I know it will come as no surprise to you that I remember that Stray Cats performance at the US Festival. They were/are musicians. That’s really kind of key for me personally. I want the ART as well as a fantastic performance. -R

  3. It was night here where I live and I couldn’t watch the show, but I read the related items on the web the day after.
    Can’t judge on all music, ‘coz part of the names involved still has to “arrive” in Europe/Italy: good luck guys, by the way!
    I loved my classic heroes have the Award..
    I am aware these Awards are given by the music industry representatives, whereas the other trophies are “assigned” with the fans votes, So what is more important for an artist in 2014: an acknowledgment given by the industry bosses or by the hearts of the people?

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