The Daily Duranie Q&A

We decided to throw the blog out to our readers for a change, and what resulted is the following Q&A!  None of the questions has been edited for content, and we hope that once everyone sees the questions, they can come up with a few more of their own!  Send them to our gmail address (, and once a month or as warranted we’ll happily answer them!  

How do you guys manage to get the fundage and the time off of work to do all the traveling you’ve been doing this past year? I need to know your secret! LOL! 

Rhonda – Well, my “work” is basically raising my 3 kids, finishing the book and writing blogs each day.  I do a lot of things and don’t really earn a monetary payment from any of it, so going to the shows and traveling is what I consider to be my payment!  It’s kind of a much-needed break for me, as my husband travels quite a bit and so much of my work is 24/7!  

Amanda-The “fundage” is much less stressful for me than work.  Basically, I am constantly saving for Duran trips/tours.  I am also willing and able to sacrifice other things in order to pay for trips.  It helps that I don’t have a family outside of my kitty to worry about.  That said, I live in a one bedroom apartment, have a crappy TV and don’t spend money doing things like going to the movies.  As far as work goes, as a teacher, it is challenging.  Luckily, I do have set breaks and am able to take a few personal days but it is NEVER easy and often takes weeks or months to arrange it.

If you ever meet DD,how do want it to happen?
Rhonda – I’ve already “met” the band at a signing in Los Angeles back in 2004.  I’m sure it was as memorable for them as it was for me. (Hardly!) The truth is though, of course I’d like to meet them again, and perhaps under circumstances where we can actually speak would be nice, too.  That said, I’m lucky to have ever had the chance to even get that close.  Many people out there haven’t even had the chance to go to a signing, and I’m well-aware of my good fortune.  

Amanda-Like Rhonda, I, too, have “met” them at a signing.  Of course, I never even know if that really counts as a meeting since I barely exchanged words with any of them except John.  Thus, if I were to meet them again, I would like it to a situation where they are relaxed, which probably means that there won’t be a TON of other fans around.  

Would you rather have them autograph a prized possession or have a photo taken with a fave member or the whole band?
Rhonda – One of my most prized possessions is a signed Astronaut album that is signed by all 5 original members.  I’ve given instruction to have that, along with my other prized Duran possessions to be buried with me in the event of my death.  Of course, that’s assuming that they’re still burying people by that time.  If not, my instructions are “DON’T BURN THE DURAN!!!”  Sorry…got sidetracked.  I would love a photo with the band, but I don’t dare hope for such things.  I’ve already been very fortunate with the places I’ve been and things I’ve done. (but yeah, it’d be nice for Daily Duranie actually have a photo with the band!)  

Amanda-Again, I follow Rhonda on this.  I have signed CDs.  Thus, I would LOVE a picture with any member and/or the band.  That said, once I get them, I would gladly step aside to allow others to get photos.  One photo is good enough for me!  

What song do think should have been released as a single that wasn’t?
Rhonda – This is a really difficult question for me.  After giving it some thought, I have to say that I think they should have gone with Nice off of Astronaut rather than Sunrise.  It’s not because I think Sunrise was a poor single, and it’s not that I think Nice was much better – it’s that Sunrise was already a single (granted a different version of it) when the Queer Eye soundtrack was released, so going with a different single off of Astronaut would have given the band yet one more way to showcase the album.  All of that said, I personally think the band has done a good job of picking singles.  No, not all of them have done well, but that has more to do with other factors than it does the quality of the song at hand.  

Amanda-My immediate thought here is Hold Back the Rain.  Of course, they didn’t need another single at that time.  For me, though, it is my second favorite song and I would have loved to have seen a video for it!

What random Duran earworms do you two get in the oddest circumstances? I’ve got a few at work: one of our books is called Planet Cake (that one’s obvious!) and I used to have a colleague called Mette Fentz, which frequently set off my Edge of America earworm (I’m just a number on a metal fence…anyone?)
Rhonda – My answer isn’t as much of an earworm as it is a case of seriously thinking that I was hearing things.  Amanda and I were in a mall just outside of Chicago killing time before my plane took off in 2005 and we both swore we could hear Sunrise playing in the background, but we could never find the source of the music OR if we were both really hearing it! 

Amanda-I get lyrics in my head at weird times!  For example, when walking around London with Rhonda, I had no choice but to start thinking the lyrics to Careless Memories.  I have also been known to quote the lyrics to other favorites like Red Carpet Massacre or Leopard.  Sometimes, we have even tried to have Lyric Day in order to speak in as many lyrics as we could!!!

What is the most outrageous story you’ve told in order to go to a DD concert?
Rhonda – Hmm.  Aside from telling a very small lie of omission in order to go to the Milwaukee show in 2005 and perhaps “forgetting” to mention that I was buying a VIP ticket (as opposed to a regular ticket) to attend the NYC fan show in 2007, I don’t think I’ve ever had to tell a story!  It’s gotten to the point where my husband doesn’t even bat an eye under most circumstances unless I’m missing Fathers Day or his birthday. (of which I’ve done both!)

Amanda-I haven’t really told a story to get to go to a DD show.  I have been pretty lucky in that I have been able to be pretty honest except for when I have had a bit of Duran sickness.  ;D

Have you indoctrinated your kids yet?  If so, do they like DD?  What songs?
Rhonda – Ah yes, my kids.  Well, my oldest has seen them live with Amanda and I once, and she also went with me to the signing in Los Angeles.  She and her brother were both big fans of Sunrise when they were younger.  My son isn’t a big fan, but he’s not really into music generally speaking.  I keep waiting for the “bug” to hit…  My youngest however LOVES the band.  Her favorite songs are Planet Earth, Careless Memories, Sunrise and All You Need is Now.  She requests them Every. Single. Day.  in the car and sings along loud and proud!  

Amanda-While I don’t have children of my own, I do have 13 students currently at work.  My students have been exposed to Duran to some extent.  My kids typically refer to Duran as “my band” and they are aware that I’m writing a book.  While they support ME, they aren’t really keen on the music.  They are urban kids of today, after all! 

What is your favorite movie where DD music has been used?
Rhonda – I haven’t the faintest idea.  I did go see A View To a Kill even though I was never into Bond movies though.  

Amanda-I would probably choose Donnie Darko.  First of all, I found the movie fascinating with the questioning of reality, mental health/mental illness, society’s standards of behavior and more.  Then, the use of Notorious was genius due to the particular nature of the scene.

I heard one of DD’s song in a commercial on TV very recently, and I can’t remember what it is. Do you know what product and the song used?
All You Need Is Now is being used in a Dior ad.  

Should DD explore more opportunities in using their music in commercials, as other artists have done? What about in being sampled by other artists? Have they been sampled by any artists that you know of? [i.e. an artist paying for use of some element of their music in their own music]
Rhonda – I think I’m glad I’m not their manager, because I can say that THIS IS NOT MY JOB. 🙂  I do know though that where at one point it was almost cheesy to have ones music connected to a particular brand – now it’s considered to be a lucrative, smart move, so I’m not surprised the band is exploring this avenue.  I think Duran Duran music, generally speaking, lends itself to being sampled.  I’m not a big fan of much that’s out there, though.  

Amanda-Notorious BIG and Puff Daddy sampled Notorious.  I have heard that Duran is pleased with the result.  As far as being used in commercials, I would understand if they chose this route.  Yet, I would hope that they choose the brand well.  For example, being connected to Dior makes sense to me since Duran has always been connected to the fashion world.

Can you say more about your book plans? I know you refer to it, but don’t know where to find other information about it. Love to hear about it!
Rhonda – Our book is basically a case study of fandom.  The Duran Duran fandom is the specific fandom we’re studying.  It’s meant to be both a celebration of our fandom, as well as an academic type glimpse inside what makes a fan community last and thrive.  We are nearing completion of the first full draft (although we’ve edited some along the way), and then we’ll go back and do the first hard edit as well as find a publisher.  We’d really like to find a publisher because we have other books in mind for the future.  

Amanda-I’ll just add that we hope that all fans, no matter their fandom, will be able to read it and relate.  We also hope that people who are not involved in fandom will read it and understand why people choose to be part of one!

 What bands have admitted that DD has been a major influence on their music?
According to wikipedia, some of the artists who claim Duran as an influence include Moby, Barenaked Ladies, Gwen Stefani, The Killers, Franz Ferdinand, Goldfrapp and Dido, to name a few.

Have any of the very, very early songs a la Wickett & Duffy + JT and NR –been released or exist anywhere? I think these are some of the titles: [Big Store, So Cold in Eldorado, Hold Me Pose Me, Signals in Smoke, Dreaming of Your Cars, Reincarnation, Working the Steel, early “embryonic” version of Girls on Film, See Me Repeat Me -early version of Rio, Enigmatic Swimmer, Ami a Go Go] Have you heard any of them? If so, how do they sound and where might one find them?
Some of those songs that you mentioned are available on the Devils album.  Those songs were done with Duffy.  You can find information about that particular side project hereSome of the other songs you mentioned (See Me Repeat Me, Reincarnation, Girls on Film, and Working the Steel) were demos with Andy Wickett.  Those demos were floating around the fan community for awhile as a bootleg.  Then, there are some that we have never heard and would love to know more about them. 

Are any of the band members dual citizens (US + Great Britain)? JT must be as he married a US citizen, right?
Rhonda – To the best of my limited knowledge I don’t believe that any of the band members carry dual citizenship, and none of them are US Citizens.  As for whether John is a citizen purely because he married Gela – I happily pass on this website for citizenship requirements.

Amanda-I do remember reading/hearing that John does have a green card but, at least, as of 2008, he could not vote, which would indicate that he is not a citizen.

Was the band able to finally secure complete rights to their work from Gloucester (post-Berrows bros.)?

Amanda-I believe that in most, if not all, situations that the record labels maintain rights, especially those songs recorded with EMI.  Does anyone know more?

What’s the relationship like with Andy? I get the sense that he was gonna be on board for AYNIN but then backed out. What’s the story?
Rhonda – As far as I know there was a rumor that circulated about Andy during the writing/recording of AYNIN because Andy’s personal Facebook or website disappeared, and his location apparently “changed”…but again, that was pure rumor and hopeful speculation.  I am not aware of his relationship with the band, but I will say that it seems that all involved are very happy with their current situation, so more power to them!  

I read in Wild Boy: My Life in Duran Duran (AT) that during the Sing Blue Silver tour in US (c. 1984), that Charlie (Simon) knelt down to sing in tight leather pants, they split, revealing his “crown jewels” to all the audience as he wasn’t wearing underwear. To your knowledge, is this true?
Rhonda – Before I kick this one over to Amanda for proper answering, I would just like to say that if in fact I were ever present to see Simon’s “Crown Jewels”…after I tried bleaching my brain to erase the image ever from my mind, I would NEVER publicly admit to having seen such a thing or have knowledge of such a thing ever taking place.  No offense to Simon, but I just never ever need to see that.  It’s similar to my feelings about Santa.  I know he’s there and yet I don’t need to see him to make it so. Thank you.  

Amanda-I have heard people talking about Simon’s lack of underwear.  I do not know if this is true, nor do I have desire to find out.  I’m not sure about that specific story you reference but I do remember hearing of another time (more recent) in which Simon’s pants ripped.  He ran off stage and thought that a brilliant solution would be to staple the pants together.  Unfortunately, as Simon moved around, the staples popped open, resulting in open pants and Simon getting poked in the ass.  When I heard this story told in an interview, I remember John following up with the question about whether or not they were playing “Cracks in the Pavement”!  Hilarious!

I have yet to hear any lyrics with curse words, although some videos have been risque. Have you noticed curse words in their songs or absence of them? It is quite a feat to not use explicit lyrics these days.
Rhonda – I’ve been called Mother F*cker a few times by John at concerts (along with everyone else in the audience)…does that count??  

Amanda-That’s strange!  I, too, have been called a motherf*cker at shows!  I know that they use the word “damn” in Careless Memories and Hold Back the Rain.  I also know that Simon changed the damn in HBTR to f*ck often when performing the song live.  While I don’t think they record curse words much, John and Simon, at least, have both used curse words frequently.

I want to get a tattoo like JT got on his upper right arm after reuniting with the band. I don’t like the idea of pain, and it would not be nearly as large as his. Do either of you have any DD related tattoos or considered doing so? [I am 44 with college aged kids]
Rhonda – No.  No thank you. 

Amanda-Nope.  In my luck, I would probably be allergic to the ink and have a major problem!

How does JT maintain his sobriety? Does he have someone as a part of their entourage that helps him with this? I admire him for doing so.
Rhonda – I really have no idea, but I’m thankful that he’s doing so well.

Amanda-I echo Rhonda’s sentiments.  I have heard people complain that John doesn’t come out after shows much.  In my opinion, I would gladly sacrifice this if it means that John stays happy and healthy.

That being said, professional sports teams have docs, trainers, etc. on the field and road with them. Who is a part of DD’s team? [I’m willing to volunteer as their band psychologist 😉
Rhonda – Again, I have no idea.  This is definitely an Ask Katy type of question!

How does the band practice self-care on the road? This tour seems awfully demanding and I worry about them!
Rhonda – Another Ask Katy as I have not the slightest idea!

Amanda-I have heard that Simon and John like to get massages on the road.  🙂

Are they traveling the world in their regular plane? It seems so small in pictures I’ve seen. They can’t possibly travel on one plane for so long and maintain sanity and healthy relationships with each other! I hear Nick can be an a-hole and Roger has trouble with anxiety. After a day with my kids, I’m exhausted and can’t wait for them to leave. I love them, but just because they are adults, doesn’t mean they still don’t act like kids when they around each other.
Rhonda –  I’m still laughing about Nick being an….well, never mind.  I know that they have traveled by rented plane here in the US at times when it has made sense to do so.  I also have seen that the band – the 4 of them – will fly in the plane while other members of the onstage band and behind the scenes people will take other transportation, whether that is van, bus, other commercial flights or even trains at times.  It just depends. 

Do any of the members travel separately?
Rhonda – I think they travel separately when logistically it makes sense to do so.  John lives in the states, so obviously if he’s meeting them anywhere he’ll need to fly from here to get there, for instance.  
Other than sleep on the plane, when together, do they practice? write? play sudoku?  
Rhonda – Not a single clue.  I think they do what any other person does on a flight, you know?

Amanda-Maybe someone will ask John or Simon the next time they are on twitter!!

Any mention of writing for a new album?
Rhonda – While I appreciate the vote of confidence here, I have to say that the band never really takes the time to inform Daily Duranie of what’s going on.  This might have something to do with the fact that if we found out, we’d mention it on the blog, and what fun is there in that?!?  

Amanda-Rhonda is right.  I have also heard that they don’t write on the road.  Thus, they probably haven’t even thought about it yet!

I hadn’t noticed, but a review of one of the concerts said that Dom wrote half of the lyrics for AYNIN. I haven’t looked at the writing credits, and I love it that Dom is a great addition. But as I understand it,history suggests that DD songs come together when working together, including lyrics coming out of the notes and all throwing ideas in. Thoughts?
Rhonda – As I look over my liner notes, I see that Dom had writing credit on several of the songs, but I took that to mean writing credit for music, not lyrics. I believe that back when they were writing and recording, Dom was an active participant in the studio as well.  

How did you first become a Duranie?
Rhonda – That’s a long story.  Are you sure you’ve had enough to eat and drink today, because this could take some time!  Ok, the really short version is that back in 1981 I was in 6th grade, and there was a DJ on one of our local radio stations (KROQ) named Rodney on the Roq.  Rodney was known for playing unknown bands and artists, and one night he played Planet Earth by Duran Duran.  I remember him saying that they weren’t getting airplay but to keep watching for them because he knew they were going to make it big.  Next thing I knew, Richard Blade (another DJ for the same station) started playing them and along came the videos.  One look and I was a Roger fan for life.  The other guys weren’t bad either.  

Amanda-I’ll keep my story short since we did blogs about how we became fans, which I will reference after my story.  I got into Duran from listening to Top 40 radio and watching MTV.  I got the songs stuck in my head and thought that bass player guy was kinda cute!  It also helped that my best friend fell for them at the same time!  Here are the blogs:  Part 1 and Part 2!

Many hardcore duranies share likes/dislikes (for example everyone I know wants to hear SO or LB live and most would rather skip HLTW) what is one like/dislike you have that isn’t one that’s commonly shared?
Rhonda – I have a few that I don’t talk about much, believe it or not.  For instance, I could probably live a very long and meaningful life even if I never heard Save a Prayer, Ordinary World OR Come Undone ever again.  A less common one though?  How about I Don’t Want Your Love…definitely not one of my favorites. 

Amanda-I have 3 songs that I could definitely live without that are popular:  A View to a Kill, Come Undone and Ordinary World.  I think that I might be excited about Ordinary World again at some point if I don’t hear it for like 10 years.

Power Station or Arcadia?
Rhonda – this is a toughie for me as I really like both bands pretty equally overall.  That said though, if I were forced to pick I’d have to choose Arcadia Simon.  Um…I mean Arcadia.  Oops.  

Amanda-As a kid, I was much more into Power Station.  I was a John girl, after all!  I was also a miserable kid in 1985 as I had just moved to a small town from a Chicago suburb.  Thus, Power Station was my choice!  Plus, I couldn’t get into the arty quality of Arcadia.  As an adult, I think I prefer Arcadia’s music.  

What was the most stressful travel experience you’ve had as duranies?
Rhonda – Are you kidding me?  Go back and read our blogs from last May, and then again from last November, and then dare to come back here and ask that again.  😀  

Amanda-Rhonda’s right.  Both trips to the UK were filled with STRESS!  For the first trip, the travel was fine.  The rest of the trip wasn’t.  For the last trip, we had no idea if we were going to get there due to a public workers strike.  Luckily, that did not stop us and turned out to be the trip of a lifetime!

Any duran experiences that were completely unplanned and just happened in the best way possible (i.e. serendipity)?
Rhonda – Oh boy.  Well, I haven’t had that many chance meetings…but there was ONE time that was completely unplanned, but definitely not one of my best moments.  It was on a plane going from Chicago to New Orleans in 2006 for the Voodoo Festival.  I found out that very day just how allergic I am to milk products of ANY kind, and I was just praying to stay alive through the plane ride, I was that ill.  As I was feeling more and more green, who should come walking down the aisle towards the direction of my seat but none other than Dom Brown, followed by Simon Willescroft.  I think I might have groaned audibly, and if I could have somehow melted into the floor, I would have.  Then to my complete and utter horror, they sat directly across from me, and if that weren’t enough – my stupid VIP bag was on the floor AND visible, so there was no pretending that I didn’t know who they were.  I felt horrific, but Dom was very nice and only asked me for my Sudoku puzzle if I wasn’t going to play it!  

Amanda-I can’t say that I have a cool story like Rhonda’s.  During that same trip, I was on a different plane that included the roadies, merch people, etc.  I thought I was super cool until I called Rhonda and found out that she had the back-up players!  Clearly, I wasn’t that cool!  LOL

Proudest duranie moment?
Rhonda – After really thinking this over for the past couple of days, I would have to say that I am hoping our moment hasn’t really arrived yet.  This isn’t just in hope of continued longevity for the band, but also because I really believe my proudest moment will be when our book is finished, printed, and in my hand.  I have to wonder though if my pride will come from really being a Duranie, or from the blood, sweat and even tears of the last few years.  Regardless, I am really looking forward to that moment!

Amanda-I definitely agree with Rhonda on this one.  Our published book will be the proudest moment!!!  It will be the result of a heck of a lot of work, dedication, and persistence.  There were many, many times when we could have just quit but we haven’t so far and don’t plan to until the job is done!  As far as moments that have already happened, I’m proud that we went back to the UK to see the band play there.  We could have let the disappointment of May destroy, at the very least, our fandom, but we didn’t.  We stayed the course, fought through our tears, had patience and became stronger, better fans and friends because of it.

To be a fly on the wall…

I have to admit that there are times when I really do wish I were a fly on the wall.

My Daily Duranie partner-in-crime posed a question today on Facebook and Twitter about what moment in the band’s career did fans think was the most challenging. There were many different answers given, from when Roger & Andy left the first time up until Simon losing his voice last year. Some felt that the worst time was when they wrote Red Carpet Massacre, others felt it was during and after the Pop Trash album and just prior to the reunion. Still others felt it was when Andy left the second time before the Sears Center Show in Chicago, 2006.

The beauty of this question is that none of us really know the answer, and I think that at least in part, if we asked the band this question, the answer would most certainly change depending on whom and when we ask.

The ambiguity is at least partially derived from the point of view of the person answering. For example, what I feel might have been the band’s most challenging moments may not be the same answer for what the band itself might feel was the most challenging moment. Our perception as fans is likely to be far, far different from what really took place. A fantastic example of this is when Andy Taylor left the band after the reunion in 2006. So many fans took the news as almost certain death to the band, and yet whenever I read interviews from the band about that period of time, I never get the feeling that it was quite as pivotal of a moment. They just continued on. Naturally, I don’t know what happened behind the scenes, and I know as well as anyone else that the band is going to always put their best foot forward during an interview, so we might never know the truth of the situation, we only know what our perception allows.

That’s why sometimes, I really wish I were a fly on the wall. I don’t have the faintest idea what the band would consider to be their most challenging moment, but I’d love to find out!

People have commented that we don’t typically answer our own questions. This is true, although I do give my own answer through my personal Facebook account from time to time. After giving the topic some thought, I feel as though the most challenging period for the band might have been during the Pop Trash album, up until just prior to the reunion. I say that because as I recall, Simon had a lot of trouble with the writing on Pop Trash. Based on some articles I’ve read and interviews I’ve seen, the band seemed pretty fragmented, and I dare say that they were hanging on by threads. I really feel as though if the reunion had not happened, that might have been the end for Duran Duran. Good thing that didn’t happen!

So I leave you with another question – what was your OWN most challenging moment as a fan? This one is a toughie for me personally. I could pick moments like when I simply stopped paying attention, like during and after college. I could easily say it was when Red Carpet Massacre was released. I felt personally affronted by the complete lack of heart and soul the album had.  I felt as though the band was giving their fans the big “F” you – they didn’t want their long time fans at all, they were after younger ones and we just didn’t matter anymore. I swear I could have gone to therapy after that album came out…but no, even that wasn’t as difficult as last May for me.

I wish I could be more noble and say it was also during Pop Trash. It sounds so much smarter, academic and way less fangirl-like to say that I could hear the fragmentation in the music and it pained me to see the band unraveling like that. Troubling as it may seem, I didn’t even notice. I just knew it wasn’t quite their best work and it felt very forced overall.  The truth is, out of all of my years as a Duran fan – it was last May through until I saw the band in Valley Center that proved to be my most challenging time as a fan. Going to the UK last year and being completely denied shows was the biggest slap in the fact I’ve ever had as a fan. I still think back on that time and I’m shocked it all happened. I mean, how do you plan something like that for months on end and come out the other side with nothing? The best part of course was that even though Amanda and I were completely devastated on the inside, we didn’t dare lash out on the blog, as much as we might have liked to do so at least at first. We had to keep the brave face and dig deep to find empathy. Then we were outside the rehearsal studio the day that Simon had to come to terms with the rest of the band as to just how severe this voice-loss really was, I have never seen the band look so ashen-faced in my life. That was truly gut-wrenching. I felt like I was watching the funeral of the band at that point, which was why you never once saw a cross word from us on the blog. I still have friends that feel like they have post-tramautic stress from that trip. My own therapy came when I saw them play live in Valley Center, and I’ll never ever forget the first 90 seconds of the show when I couldn’t even look at Simon. I really couldn’t. I don’t do the whole crying thing, and I’m so stubborn that there was NO way I was going to lose it in front of the band.  No way. When I finally did get the nerve to look up, it was Dom that winked at me – and I’m  sure he had no idea what was going on with me, but in that second, I finally felt like we might all survive fairly unscathed. How’s that for some fangirl moments?!?

An early Good Friday and Happy Easter to those who celebrate, and to everyone else, I hope you have a fantastic spring weekend. On a very personal note, my 17th wedding anniversary is on Sunday – yes, the timing is kind of funny this year. I don’t really know what to say about that except that with each year, I’m more and more shocked. I can’t decide if it’s because I’m surprised we’ve lasted so long, or that we’re really old enough to have been married that long. Then I look at the three kids we have and realize that we really are that old. Smacked in the face by reality once again! *gasp* Speaking of children, I’m very excited to welcome home my oldest tomorrow morning. She went to go visit my sister in Chicago for the week. She visited a couple universities that she’s interested in applying (I’m really hoping she ends up going to college out there so that it’s another tally in the column of “reasons we should move back to the midwest”), and spent the week checking out where she spent the first 8 months of her life. It was her first flight without us and a big trip alone. I can’t wait to have her home. It’s amazing how quiet our house has become…


Should we or shouldn’t we?

A very wise man once said that we should never meet our idols because they will never live up to our expectations.

Now, I don’t doubt what this man said, for he too was (and is!) an idol for many. We’ve all heard comments about the band being put on a pedestal by fans, a mighty narrow one at that. It’s pretty incredible to consider just how high of standards some fans have them living up to, and one has to wonder if it’s at possible for a human being to really be that perfect.

Of course not.

It’s only natural for fans, especially those who became fans at a very young age, to put a band or celebrity up on a pedestal. I suspect that it has much to do with that Prince Charming syndrome – where we want our prince to come and save us. It’s a beautiful idea at the age of ten, eleven or twelve. The trouble is, most of us are a few decades beyond now. Reality should have set in at some point. We know the band isn’t perfect, don’t we? We know that each of them cannot possibly be happy to see us each and every time we catch sight of them in public. Sometimes, people really do just want to be left alone.

Like everything else in life, nothing is quite that simple. I know many fans that say “The band are celebrities and everything that goes along with that, the being kind at all times, the ‘perfection’ (or at least carrying on the idea that it is so), all of that goes along with the fame and fortune they found.” I’m pretty happy and well-adjusted enough to know that’s crazy talk.  People are people. Sure, when they’re on the town, working the “Duran Duran” machine, that’s WORK. I would say that yes, they probably do need to try and remember to at least give a smile and be friendly, just like I’m supposed to do so when I’m at “work”. At least…that’s what I hear. That does NOT mean though that every day when they’re on tour, whether there is a show, a press function, etc. that day or not, that they are required to put up with eager fans. You take your chance on those occasions, and I have to say that I’m amazed at how decidedly unaware fans are as to when it’s a “good time” or a “bad time”.  For those folks, I wish them luck. They’re the ones who are unfortunately going to find members of the band at the worst possible moment, have one bad experience, and then blab away about it on a public board, expecting all to agree and lament their bad experience. It’s unfair to assume that since they are indeed celebrities, they are somehow public property at all times, is it not?

For me personally, I think I left my idolization for the band, and truly for all celebrities alike – back in childhood. What replaced that idolization is respect, for the most part. I respect the band. Sure I still love them to pieces, but I don’t think you can call what I feel for them idolization. It’s different. I see them as the faulty humans they truly are. That doesn’t mean they’re somehow horrible because of that; it’s just that while yes they might have larger homes, drive nicer cars and take more luxurious vacations than I do, they’re still just human.  I respect the fact that they have put out over a dozen albums, toured the world many times over, are a good ten years older than I am and yet they still get out there on that stage and rock it better than I think they ever have before. I respect that they’re not quite finished yet, and that they continue to try new things, even when sometimes those new things have completely thrown me. I respect the fact that they’re people, and that sometimes people have really crappy days and the very last thing they want is somebody like me in their face.

Here is the double edged sword though – I want that same respect in return.  No, the band doesn’t know me. I don’t expect for them to look at me in a crowd and recognize me, know my name, or lastly – even have read the blog and be able to put two and two together. Hardly.  By respect I mean treat me as a human rather than a dollar sign with legs. Don’t wince as I’m walking down the hall because let me be clear – chances are – I will walk right past without even daring to do much more than smile unless they stop me first.  (Again, hardly think that’ll happen in my lifetime.) Naturally, I recognize that for the most part, fans would never just walk right by, and I know the negative connotations that go along with being a fan.  It sucks to be on this side at times. That said, we kind of ask for it, don’t we? Generally speaking, it’s a two way street, isn’t it? Treat others as you wish to be treated?? Anyone recognize that saying??

Let me be clear, I’ve never met the band outside of a signing, a chance “meeting” with one member of the band at a club in Vegas – and no, I did not speak to him (I smiled and left him alone to enjoy his night as I was enjoying my own), and another chance encounter with a fellow plane passenger/guitarist on a flight to New Orleans. I am not the type of person that will go running up to any of the band members expecting hugs, photos or who-knows-what-else. That sort of thing completely freaks me out, as I’m pretty sure it must them at times.  I try to remember that as often as I can when I’m “on tour” or at a function where they are in attendance. I’d much prefer to have a casual discussion over coffee or drinks and leave the whole “Oh my god I’ve been a fan for my entire life, can I hug you, can I get a picture, can I can I can I?!?” at the door. Again, that whole scene freaks me out just a little when I think about it.  

Granted, this is probably why I’ll never have photos with the band, and I get that. On the same token, and I mean this seriously – I write a blog about being a fan. Many people read this blog every day, as well as some others that I write on occasion for other places. My fandom, as it is, has taken on a completely different role in my life at this point. I have deep respect for the people within my fandom, whether those are friends, fellow fans, readers, or the band themselves.

Recently I commented to the wise man I mentioned earlier that when idolization gives way to true respect that goes beyond the music and the person on the cover of a magazine, you realize we’re all just human, and respect comes freely – flaws and all. I really believe this.  What about you?


The Story Behind the Story

So by now it should be pretty clear that our little post on Sunday was an April Fools Joke.  Anyone who has been reading the blog with any sort of regularity over the past 18 months or so probably knows that I personally have extreme difficulty in even saying the name Justin Bieber without choking. Just imagine what it was like to be in my house on that fateful Sunday….

Originally, Amanda and I had a very different idea. I’m not going to get into that first idea because, well, I’m not interested in being publicly flogged, and I’m a little afraid of karma.  Maybe we’ll tell the the story in our “tell-all” book that will come out when we’re all about ninety years old or so. Regardless, the first idea was completely shelved rather quickly and we had decided to do a silly pictorial. Everyone needs a laugh, right?? If not at the expense of the band, why bother?!  As we were starting to get worried about finding enough photos of a couple band members (It’s simply fascinating as to just how many silly Simon photos there are out there. Does he pay to have a camera following him every single second?!? I just can’t imagine that paparazzi are THAT interested in a member of Duran Duran!), Amanda and I  conferenced via speaker phone. While we were chatting, my husband, who is never short on ideas or opinions (regardless of whether those ideas and opinions are good, requested…or otherwise…), suggested that for one day, instead of being Daily Duranie, we decide to throw our fandom for DD overboard in favor of another. This idea amused me almost immediately. Can you imagine coming to the blog and finding that we’d decided to become Timbaland fans or something??

I can see the men with the white coats showing up to my house right now…coming to take me away….hee hee… (yes, the pun to the infamous 1966 song by Jerry Samuels IS intended)

Of course, none of our friends would quite believe Timbaland, so the question became “Who?” My husband had plenty of really bad ideas, and finally I mentioned Justin Bieber.  From there, the idea morphed into what you should have read on Sunday (If you haven’t read that blog yet, give yourself a smack on the behind and go read it here.) Rather than go to the trouble of changing the entire blog, we felt it would be far more believable for us to set about trying to convince all of Duranland that we should get behind a petition to have the get Justin as an opening act for the US dates in August.

The way the writing worked was that while on speaker, we worked out the wording together, and I typed. Then I went back, read through the blog again for editing. Then I desperately tried to read the entire thing back aloud. The read-back didn’t work very well because I could barely get through a single sentence without laughing. My hand shook as I clicked on “publish”, and then Amanda and I both posted the title of the new blog on Facebook and Twitter. We said our goodbyes, and then sat back to wait.

Facebook is typically much slower to react than Twitter, partially due to the real-time nature of Twitter. This particular Sunday was no different, and for a brief time I worried that perhaps the blog would go completely unnoticed. That has happened before. (Yes, that means that a lot of you are missing some of our very best work. There are actually blogs in our history that have gotten VERY few views – and while I try not to be offended by that, I must say, you’re missing out!) In any case, after waiting for someone, anyone to notice enough to say something on Facebook, I decided to check out the action on Twitter. I was not disappointed.

As soon as I opened Twitter I could see that not only was Amanda online, but she had already begun getting tweets asking if we’d lost our sanity. While she and I really hadn’t discussed what we we would do to handle that particular situation, I think both of us realized that in order for the joke to truly work – we’d have to follow through and defend our work.  After requesting a very large, very dirty martini from my bartender (Thanks to my husband), I set about helping Amanda defend our opinions. It is amazing what a good Grey Goose martini will do to ease the inhibitions while you’re typing the words “Embrace The Beebs”. I really can’t tell you how many times I laid my head down on the table that day, laughing hysterically.

There were a few times that day when I had to admit that yes, it was a joke. There were more than one reader that announced they were going to have to unfollow us, and I couldn’t have that happen.  I can certainly understand why they felt that way. Other than those few instances, we stuck to our story, and I even tweeted the band – who are probably on a hiatus and will never read the blog anyway – just to see what would happen. By the evening, I was exhausted and the best part? We had exceeded our daily tweet limit and could no longer tweet back! I didn’t even realize there was a limit! I apologized to a few of our twitter followers through DM and excused myself for the night, knowing that we’d have plenty to deal with in the morning.

While writing the blog was very fun and reading the reactions and opinions was downright hilarious at times, I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that at least in part, our blog was very true, and very realistic. That’s why so many fellow fans believed that we were serious, and that’s why our joke worked. (That and our fabulous acting skills I am sure.) It’s no joke that the band has not experienced a huge amount of commercial success from the album.  It’s also not a joke that the band does have an uphill battle in reaching younger fans. The question of course is whether or not those things are truly necessary in order to continue. I don’t have those answers, and once again I find myself thankful that those things are not a part of my job. I’m simply one of the many Monday Morning Quarterbacks out there, as is Amanda even if she’s the smarter one of the two of us. Speculation is part of my hobby, but I don’t hold any of the real answers. The beauty in defending our blog that day was reading and learning from some of the very poignant and descriptive reasons why the band shouldn’t care about that younger generation, why they should just concern themselves with their own craft, and even why some people feel strongly that certain songs on the album are simply just updated, re-mixed versions of songs like “Girls on Film” or “The Chauffeur”.

So the real story behind the story was that even though we set out to tell a joke, we learned something in the process. Not a bad way to spend April Fools Day, really.


Nightboat – Daily Duranie Review

This is NOT an April Fool’s Prank since it’s April 2nd!  We’re continuing our review series with Nightboat today.

Before we get into that, however – Amanda and I want to extend our condolences to the family, friends and loved ones of @DDStolenLeopard, known to the rest of the world as Sandy Ahrens.  Sandy passed this weekend, and we are heartbroken for her family and friends.  While neither of us knew Sandy personally, she was known for making us laugh with her tweets and we had begun to make plans for a get together when we come to North Carolina in August.  Once again we are reminded of just how short life really is – and how at the end of it all, it will be the memories we share with friends that have made this journey in fandom completely worthwhile.  Yes, the band is wonderful (that’s a given, right?), and yes the shows are amazing, but they wouldn’t be anything without the time we’ve shared with our friends.  That’s truly what’s important.  While I hate that it’s these moments that serve as that reminder, perhaps if there’s a silver lining to be gained here, it’s being given the gift of time to get past the insipid drama and recognize the gift of friendship that we’ve been given.  Bless you Sandy.  Rest in Peace.

-Rhonda & Amanda
Night Boat

Rhonda’s take:

Musicality/Instrumentation: One thing I can say about Duran Duran is that they know how to create an atmosphere.  While it’s easy to point at Nick Rhodes and say it’s all about the synths, I dare say that on this song – it took the entire band.  Yes, Nick begins the song with almost a not-quite-dreamy and yet not-quite-nightmarish synth background.  Before I ever saw the video, I had this vision of being in one of my dreams where I am walking down a dark hallway, not quite sure where I’m going, and pulling back sheer curtain after sheer curtain until I finally get to the end of the hallway where there’s one door.  You’d think I’d just learn to turn around and retreat back to my own bedroom, but no.  I open the door, and that’s when Simon’s voice comes out of nowhere to scare the hell out of me. (you can laugh here.  It’s OK.  I did.)  My point of course is that the music does absolutely everything it can to make this song scary, and it works.  That’s musicality at it’s finest.  Every single instrument has it’s own part in this song to create the intended mood, and while yes, Nick starts it – I think every instrument and band member fully commits themselves to the storyline, and it works.

Vocals: It’s a good thing that they recorded this song back in 1981, because I’m just not sure they could recreate the mood if they tried it again today.  During this point, Simon had such a unique way about his voice.  There was a darkness and edge to it that I just don’t know if he has any longer.  I don’t know why that is – I hate blaming these things on age, but perhaps that is the case?  I’ve heard them do this song live and I just don’t think it’s the same (that could very well be due to the production on the album, though).  That said, I think this song is a perfect example of Simon’s talent as a lead singer.  So many bands try to do a song that is a horror film come to music and they fail largely due to the singer not being able to properly convey the mood.  This is not the case here.  This song is a testament to Simon’s training not only as a singer but also as an actor.  There’s no lack of emotion in his voice as he sings, it’s very clear that the song is meant to engage the listener and create a sense of anxiety.  Let’s just say that this is one song I choose not to listen to at night!  🙂

Lyrics: It’s true, I never really understood the point of the song. I never connected much with the lyrics beyond being scared to death of the song when I was young.  I would honestly race to the record player and move the needle to skip the song.  My overactive imagination would envision Simon coming for me as a zombie, and I just wasn’t into it.  I much preferred the visions of the boys on a yacht, basking in the sun, or seeing them dressed up in military uniforms.  So, all I knew was that the song scared me.  It still does.  The interesting thing about this song is that one doesn’t even need the lyrics in order to understand what the song is trying to convey.  Sure, there’s a lot of talk about a boat coming and the apparent anxiety that this is causing Simon…but ultimately the real punch to the song is in the music, not the lyrics.  That isn’t to say that the lyrics aren’t excellent, it’s just that the music is what really brings the meaning into focus.

Production: I can’t complain about the production here. There isn’t a song on the original album that I can say was overdone.  There’s complete balance: each instrument is allowed to tell his story without yelling over someone else.  Who knew that eventually this would become a thing of the past?!?  Even with all of the extra effects on synthesizer, it’s not overdone and it’s complementary to everything else.  I wish today’s type of production took notes off of songs like these.  There is something to be said for allowing the instruments to do the real work.  Then again, there’s something to be said for real talent that doesn’t need to be manipulated in order for it to sound right.

Overall:  Tough as it is for me to admit, this is not one of my favorite Duran Duran songs.  I just never quite enjoyed it, although I do have appreciation for the song.  I respect how it was done and the talent involved, even if it is the one song I always skip when the CD is in my car or it comes up on my iPod.  While I might not ever call it among my favorites, the song is good in it’s own right and I respect that.

Cocktail Rating: 4.5 cocktails!

Amanda’s Turn:

Musicality/Instrumentation:   Confession time here.  I truly do enjoy the dark side of Duran Duran.  I like those times when they skirt the edge of being gothic like and this song truly is an example of this!  The word that always comes to mind when listening to this song is “eerie”.  The music is supposed to creep you out.  It is supposed to create a fear or an anxiety.  Right from the beginning, from those first notes on Nick’s keys, you know that this isn’t going to be one of those happy, bouncy Duran songs.  Nick’s keyboards remind me of classic goth in the sense that I almost hear organ in the first minute to minute and a half of this song.  There is very little going in the beginning of the song but Nick’s haunting keyboards.  Then, John’s bass enters.  This sound doesn’t distract from the creepiness but adds to it.  The drums and guitars eventually come in with the lyrics and chorus to round out the sound.  While the song starts with Nick dominating, by the end, everyone is fully involved. 

Vocals:  This song has always represented the best and the worst of Simon’s vocals to me.  I love the deep Simon vocals on this track.  These vocals were present throughout the first album and I will always love them.  In many of the songs on the first album, but especially this one, Simon’s vocals seem, to me, to be an example of someone trying desperately to control one’s emotions.  It isn’t that Simon is calm but he is trying to seem that way.  Yet, if you pay attention, you can feel the anxiety just waiting to jump out, which it does, at times.  Those times, in my head, are when his vocals suddenly become much higher.  For example, he often is deep but then jumps to a higher note when singing “Nightboat,” with the boat being the high part.  These moments bothered me as a kid and they still bother me today even though I think they are fitting with the song.  In these moments, I can really see and tell that Duran was an art school project.  Their songs were never just straight up songs but ones that went beyond the traditional song.  Each song was like a different piece of artwork with different emotions and tones.  This is Duran at their best.  Nonetheless, while I get this element in his vocals, I still don’t like those high parts.

Lyrics:  This is honestly where the song doesn’t work as well as it could have and should have, in my opinion.  The music is absolutely brilliant.  Yet, the lyrics don’t hold up as well.  I don’t really get why the nightboat is such a big deal exactly.  We know that we should be worried about it but I don’t really know why.  If Simon was going to be cryptic here, he should have been more cryptic.  If not, he should given more of a storyline.  When I think of other dark, classic Duran songs, the ones that work the best have bigger storylines.  I think Nightboat needed that.

Production:  Like every other song on the first album, the production is great.  The instruments work individually and blend perfectly.  Simon’s voice, for the most part, matches the instrumentation and the atmosphere.  I don’t think you can ask for anything better.  One thing I am amazed by is how Duran was allowed to create songs like Girls on Film to songs like Nightboat on the same album.  The producer could have pushed them more towards songs that could have seemed more mainstream like Girls on Film.  Yet, they were allowed to make art pieces like this song.  They were given enough freedom to show every side of themselves. 

Overall:  I love the instrumentation/musicality on this song.  I love when they are/were dark and atmospheric.  I love Simon’s vocals when they are deep and seem to show barely controlled emotions.  I wish that the lyrics had been stronger, however, and I could have done without the high notes at the end of “Nightboat” in the song.  Yet, despite any weaknesses, this song fits so perfectly with the rest of the first album.  It shows how dark Duran can be and shows their amazing ability to create a mood.  While songs like Anyone Out There created a feeling of loneliness and isolation, this one creates an anxiety, a nervousness.  It is interesting that they chose to place this song at the beginning of the second side to the album.  It definitely told the listener that the second half of their debut album wasn’t going to be light and pretty.

Cocktail Rating:   4 cocktails!

Broadening Duran Duran’s Fan Base

We all love Duran Duran’s newest album, All You Need is Now.  The entire fan base has thrown themselves behind this album in a way that hasn’t really been done since the early days of the first album and Rio.  Despite the band touring, shooting song videos and a dedicated online presence in social media, album sales simply haven’t been there.  This is clearly a problem because without album sales, the band will lack funds, motivation, etc.  Commercial success is important.  Without that success, the band will likely cease to continue. We can’t have that happen.  As fans, we have to do our part to broaden their fan base.  This means embracing the younger generation.  As much as we don’t wish to share the band, we need to in order to have the band continue.  

In attempts to try and find a solution, we look to current, more youthful and popular acts amongst the younger demographic (18-25 year olds) as possible support acts for tours.  While there are many artists that have captured that youth audience, we need to find one that creates the same level of hysteria among females.  Let’s face it – it has always been females that have been the core audience of Duran Duran and other other wildly popular artists throughout rock and roll history. (For instance, The Beatles, Elvis Presley, etc.)  We also aspire to find an artist who uses their fan base as a catalyst for sales and activity.  We want to continue to promote a sort of synergy between artist and fan base.  Duran Duran has made such huge inroads in connecting with their fan base, we very much wish for this to continue.  
Based on all of our extensive research, including this blog here, we feel that there is a very strong case for working with Justin Bieber.  Both Rhonda and Amanda have continued to become increasingly captivated by his work, obvious talent, and fan outreach.  Not only is his fan base incredibly youthful, they are willing and ready to go to work for Justin in any moment, creating hysteria, sales, and press interest in a way the world hasn’t seen since at least 1984.  Just as Duran fans have a name for themselves that they take to heart (Duranies), Justin Bieber fans call themselves Beliebers, and truly embrace the idea of being his army.  There’s no denying the effect that they have on Justin’s continued success. 
Now, we both know the question that is floating through our readers heads right now.  Why would Justin ever want to work with Duran Duran?  Obviously the band has been around a while.  They know how to deal with fan hysteria.  They know what it’s like to have their fan base age.  They know how to do handle long term success with a long term career.  Justin’s fans can learn from Duran’s fans.  We know what it is like to see our idols age.  We’ve learned how to tour appropriately.  We know what it’s like to go from having the band as the posters on our walls to staying in the same hotel as the band on tour.  Therefore it’s a win-win situation for everyone from Duran to Justin to their collective fan base.  
We are advocating for this quality of music to join forces with Duran’s quality of music by having Justin Bieber as the opening act for the 2012 US tour.  One might be curious as to how Justin’s catalog might fit in.  In fact, they would rightly complement each other.  Justin’s musical style has a slight urban feel to it at times, and as we all know, Duran Duran has worked with urban producers many times during their tenure.  For example, Duran Duran’s last album, Red Carpet Massacre, was completed with the fantastic hip and modern producer Timbaland.  Everyone knows his amazing work on Night Runner, Skin Divers and Zoom In set off the entire album as a timeless classic.  As Nick Rhodes himself has said, he feels the album will stand the test of time.  So, it is clear that the two catalogs of music, while distinctly different, very much complement one another.  
For the past year, fans have sat back and effectively been the Monday Morning Quarterbacks   in trying to explain the lack of sales and excitement surrounding what has quite possibly been one of the best albums Duran Duran has ever completed.  It’s now time to be proactive rather than reactive and offer an effective solution, which is why Rhonda and Amanda are calling fans to action.  Let’s promote the idea of a Justin Bieber/Duran Duran tour for the US! Daily Duranie is in the process of getting a petition ready, and we want each and every one of you to sign it, and share it widely so that we can get as many Duranies on board as possible.  This is a huge opportunity for power of the fans to speak and help to insure the bands future for many years to come.  
In closing Rhonda and Amanda are posting a youtube clip of Justin’s new song “Boyfriend”.  Embrace the Bieber.  You know you wanna.  
– A & R

No Regrets!!

One of the things about Duran Duran that has always impressed me was their consistent focus on the now, the present.  They constantly get asked questions regarding the past, especially the 1980s.  They typically respond with how excited they are about the current era, what they are currently working on.  Then, of course, they are starting to get asked questions about the future more and more.  How long will they continue?  Will there be another album?  Recently, when in Dubai, Simon participated in an interview and indicated that the band might have another 5 or 10 years.  This, of course, caught my attention and I filed it away under things I should and would want to talk about on the blog.  Then, this morning, I asked an open-ended question on our facebook and twitter about which song people would like to hear live that they haven’t.  On twitter, it led to a discussion on John Taylor’s solo days.  On both, when people mentioned a specific song, frequently, other people would respond that they saw the song performed live during a specific tour.  Simon’s interview and today’s discussions reminded me that I already have some regrets about my fandom, but that I don’t ever want to have more. 

I cannot be the only one to regret things regarding Duran Duran, am I?  Like many people out there, Duran Duran was placed on the back burner in the mid-late 90s.  There were a variety of reasons for this, including not being wowed at a concert I saw in 1993, being and graduating from college, starting my career, and completing graduate school.  I was pretty busy during that time of my life and didn’t have any extra money at all.  Of course, it didn’t help that my favorite band member, John Taylor, left the band.  I didn’t completely ignore Duran and Duranland as I watched shows like Storytellers when it aired and saw various TV performances during the Medazzaland era.  That said, I didn’t follow a lot of what John Taylor was up to.  In many ways, I couldn’t as I didn’t even have a computer at home when I graduated from college!  That’s how broke I was!!  Anyway, I regret not following his career at that point as I would have loved to see him perform during his solo days.  Those gigs were small and looked to be a ton of fun.  Thus, I have to admit regretting that.  I wasn’t able to participate much during the reunion, either, due to finishing my master’s degree.  Thus, when I had the chance to dive back in, I did in 2004.  I was determined to do as much as I could.  That motto remains with me to this day.  I don’t want to look back and regret any other era of Duran even when I wasn’t excited about an album (*coughRCMcough*). 

It seems to me that there are other fans who are like me in that they look back and regret their non-involvement.  These regrets could be as upsetting as missing a whole era or they could be missing out on a tour.  Based on today’s response to my question about a song to hear live, there are many people who missed a tour and missed hearing/seeing one of their favorite songs performed live.  Obviously, Duran doesn’t play the exact same songs every night during a tour so it is possible that people saw a tour but didn’t have a specific song on the setlist(s) for the show(s) they went to.  Yet, some songs were played consistently during specific tours.  Then, what about this idea that Duran might be done in 5 or 10 years.  While I don’t even want to think about it at all, I have to acknowledge that they cannot continue forever.  They can’t.  Thus, I can’t wait until the next show, the next tour.  I have to do as much as I can NOW.  I don’t want to have any regrets ever again when it comes to this band!

As Rhonda and I plan for the summer tour, I am keeping this in mind.  There are many goals that I haven’t been able to fulfill yet.  For example, I haven’t seen a show from front row.  I haven’t gotten photos with the band except for one picture with Nick that I shared with my friend.  I don’t have any guitar picks or drumsticks.  Now, of course, I can’t control my seats or meeting the band, but I can only try and that means going to shows.  I won’t regret if I don’t get those front row seats or pictures but I will regret if I don’t try. 


There Is Nothing Gonna Ace This…

I confess that I have been home sick with a fever, sore throat, runny nose, and exhaustion.  Now, it might be my fever or a dream but I swear that I saw actual tour dates from Duran Duran!  Did that really happen?!  Rhonda and I have definitely posted many blogs criticizing the band’s team or offering suggestions about how to do things better.  In this case, I have nothing but major praise to offer!!!  I’m so impressed by the email saying what information they know.  If you saw yesterday’s blog, this email from DDM to members included dates and locations.  In some cases, venues and sale information was given.  Perfect!  This allows many of us to plan!  Will other information be added? Obviously, the answer there is yes.  Venues will need to be listed as will ticket sale information.  Will other dates be added, many want to know?  I have no idea.  Are there spots for them to add more dates?  Sure.  Will they?  I don’t know.  Now, that said, they still won’t play for four days in a row.

Of course, not everyone is going to be satisfied.  For example, not everyone got the email.  While that is a problem, the information was shared widely within a few minutes.  Another complaint is when and where they are going.  People don’t have shows near them.  I understand this, but the band cannot cover every place in North America.  Other people are choosing to sit this one out for various reasons, including family vacation plans, not liking the setlists, and not wanting to ruin memories from a previous great show.  Nonetheless, I don’t think the fans really can offer anything less than praise here, even if the tour won’t work for individual people.

This email gave us tour dates for shows that won’t take place for another 4 months!!!!  This is unheard of in Duranland.  In most cases, in recent times, we have gotten dates 6-8 weeks ahead of a tour.  People can plan easier with less stress, including knowing how much money needs to be saved.  Can we ask for anything more?  Of course, it will be interesting to see how the presales go.  Will they be announced in advance?  How soon in advance?  It seems to me that we will have some time before the presales happen.  I would suspect that most of the presales will happen the week that the public sale happens.  As with anything else happening in Duranland, I’m sure we will be commenting!

Now, Rhonda and I have to figure out what we can do.  Right now, we have tickets to Durham and will be building a tour around that show.  On top of that, we have been missing the old Duranie Dorms (group rate at hotels).  Therefore, we would like to know how interested people are in doing that.  Likewise, we hope to get meetups planned for shows as well.  So, what shows are people planning on doing?  Would people be interested in doing Duranie Dorms?  Meetups?

I have to admit that I love when tour dates come out!  I love the excitement in the fan community!  I love planning!  I love having a tour to look forward to!  To me, this is best part of Duranland!  In this case, the planning is even more fun since people cannot complain about the band and the team behind them!  It is less stressful because of the notice.  It is fabulous!!!!  Thank you DDHQ!!!



I just received the following email!  Let the planning begin!!!

We have received numerous requests to give fans an idea of where the band will be this spring and summer. Unfortunately we are still confirming exact details for a number of dates but wanted to let you know the cities we will be visiting. Dates that have been announced will have the venue listed and additional details can be found in the TOUR section of Venue, on-sale and pre-sale details (as they become available) will be posted on the front page of
Apr 28 Brasilia, Brazil Nilson Nelson (Tickets on sale now)
Apr 30 Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Citibank Hall (Tickets on sale now)
May 02 Sao Paulo, Brazil Credicard Hall (Tickets on sale now)
May 04 Buenos Aires, Argentina Luna Park (Tickets on sale now)
May 05, Buenos Aires, Argentina Luna Park (Tickets on sale now)
May 08 Santiago, Chile Espacio Riesco (Tickets on sale now)
Jun 25 Wroclaw – Poland (venue tba)
Jun 27 Prague, Czech Republic – O2 Arena (Tickets on sale now)
Jun 28 Budapest – Hungary – Papp László Budapest Sport Arena (Tickets on sale now)
Jul 4 Berlin – Germany (venue tba)
Jul 6 Thessaloniki, Greece – Earth Open Air (Tickets on sale April 5th. Pre-sale tba)
Jul 9 Istanbul – Turkey (venue tba)
Jul 12 Belgrade – Serbia – Exit Festival (Tickets on sale now. No Pre-sale)
Jul 14 Ljubljana -Slovenia (venue tba)
Jul 16 Verona – Italy Verona Arena (Tickets on sale now)
Jul 18 Roma – Italy – Foro Italico (Tickets on sale now)
Jul 20 Cattolica – Italy – Arena Della Regina (Pre-sale March 30th at 10am local time. Login and visit the European Pre-sale link)
Jul 21 Lucca – Italy – Piazza Napoleone (Tickets on sale now)
Jul 23 Carcasonne – France – Festival de Carcassonne (Tickets on sale now)
Jul 25 Monaco – Monaco – Sporting Club (Details tba)
Jul 27 London – England (venue tba)
Aug 8 Saratoga, CA (venue tba)
Aug 9 Saratoga, CA (venue tba)
Aug 11 Costa Mesa, CA (venue tba)
Aug 12 Tucson, AZ (venue tba)
Aug 15 Catoosa, OK (venue tba)
Aug 17 Memphis Botanical Gardens Memphis, TN (Details tba)
Aug 18 Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Biloxi, MS (Details tba)
Aug 19 Atlanta GA (venue tba)
Aug 21 Durham Performing Arts Center – Durham, NC (Pre-sale now at United States pre-sale link at
Aug 24 Mashantucket, CT (venue tba)
Aug 25 Atlantic City, NJ (venue tba)
Aug 28 Kettering, OH (venue tba)
Aug 29 Ravinia Festival Highland Park, IL

** NOTE: Stay tuned for information regarding additional shows as they are confirmed. Always check the NEWS page under the band photo at
** NOTE: If a date (above) is not yet on the official website it will be soon. We wanted our members to be the first to have this information.
** NOTE: Unfortunately we do not have ANY information about cities not listed here. If we receive information it will be posted on the TOUR page
Looking forward to seeing you at the shows!

More on our reaction tomorrow!!!


Shadows on your side…we’ve got INFORMATION on summer tour dates!

It’s Thursday morning and I have news to share on this beautiful, non-headache filled morning. (it’s honestly cloudy and gray in So CA…and I hear the band are soaking up sun and water in Sydney…what’s up with that?!?)

Today’s blog was originally entitled “He can’t dance and so can you!” (If you’re a Stephen Colbert fan, you might chuckle.  If you’re not then, well…I sound like an idiot.) That blog has since been pre-empted for the following breaking news:

(so this part isn’t the breaking news….)
I was in the car headed to drop off my son this morning to school and broke his “no music” rule for in the morning.  I should explain that he’s on the autistic spectrum (he’s high functioning though and you wouldn’t even know he was on the spectrum if I didn’t tell you), and if there is one thing that gets him in a horrible mood quicker than anything, it’s music in the morning.  He’s a grouch in the morning, and to him, pop music is just a bunch of noise.  I think his brain has a hard time with organizing it all first thing in the morning.  I’m sort of the same way – I like peace and quiet (which is IMPOSSIBLE in my house) when I first get up. We listen to talk radio in the morning on that 10 minute drive to school just so that there’s relative peace in the car.  Anyway, this morning I broke the rule and had Shadows On Your Side on.  I have always loved that song – in fact it’s probably one of my favorites off of Seven and the Ragged Tiger (SATRT for those Duranese speakers out there…)  Little did I realize that the song would be indicative of the day ahead.

(Here’s the breaking news!)
I’m sure many of you have seen the little love note that was posted on the band’s website this morning.  If not, you can find it here:  (there’s a link for those of you anal Duranies out there that don’t believe a single thing unless you read it directly on the band’s website – I know you’re out there!)

I’ll give you all a second to read through the dates.  Go ahead…you know you wanna!

March 29th, 2012

We have received numerous requests to give fans an idea of where the band will be this Summer. Unfortunately we are still confirming exact details but wanted to let you know the cities we will be visiting so that you may plan your travels. As soon as we have details they will; be posted in the TOUR section of the website. As soon as additional cities and dates are confirmed we will update the list.
Expect an email with details soon.
Thank you,
Duran Duran
Sat 23 Jun
Sun 24 Jun
Mon 25 Jun Wroclaw – Poland
Tue 26 Jun
Wed 27 Jun Prague, Czech Republic
Thu 28 Jun Budapest – Hungary
Fri 29 Jun
Sat 30 Jun
Sun 01 Jul
Mon 02 Jul
Tue 03 Jul
Wed 04 Jul Berlin – Germany
Thu 05 Jul
Fri 06 Jul Theseloniki – Greece
Sat 07 Jul
Sun 08 Jul
Mon 09 Jul Istanbul – Turkey
Tue 10 Jul
Wed 11 Jul
Thu 12 Jul Belgrade – Serbia – Exit
Fri 13 Jul
Sat 14 Jul Ljubljana -Slovenia
Sun 15 Jul
Mon 16 Jul Verona – Italy
Tue 17 Jul
Wed 18 Jul Roma Foro Italico – Italy
Thu 19 Jul
Fri 20 Jul Cattolica – Italy
Sat 21 Jul Lucca – Italy
Sun 22 Jul
Mon 23 Jul Carcasonne – France
Tue 24 Jul
Wed 25 Jul Monaco – Monaco
Thu 26 Jul
Fri 27 Jul London – England
Sat 28 Jul
How about that lovely London date on Friday, July 27th. Hmm….I wonder what could possibly be going on in London on that date! Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics, anyone?!? The plot continues to thicken….  
Just prior to London, they are playing in Monaco. Monte Carlo. I have to say, if there was one place I’d love to see the band (there are approximately one million…but just stick with me here…), it would be there. If only I were independently wealthy, I’d just tour the summer away!  Wouldn’t you?!? Seems that there was another Italian date added as well for Cattolica. Sounds like Italy might be the place to be for the latter part of July!  
Back to those US dates…I know that we’re all chomping at the bit for information. We see Europe getting some attention, and like the jealous, overwhelmingly obsessive fans we really are (Admit it.  Acceptance is good!), we want our own, and we’d like them now please. I agree completely. It is sometimes very difficult to remind myself that most of the time under normal circumstances we don’t even have presales until May or even June for dates in late summer – and it’s pretty clear that the band will be coming to the US for a short tour in late summer (August). One thing Daily Duranie does know – thanks to Amanda who keeps track of this sort of thing – we typically get dates 6 weeks to 2 months in advance (not advance of presale, but in advance of shows taking place). I know it’s difficult, but we’re going to need to wait just a little bit and defer to the band’s management on this one. We’ve got time, even if I’m biting my nails down to nubs in the process.
Daily Duranie also knows, via some “super sleuthing”, (sarcasm is ALWAYS intended!) that both the Durham, NC date as well as the Chicago Ravinia date were announced in advance in part (if not wholly) due to the venue. In both of those cases, the venue wished to have their own presale for their membership. Each of these venues has a donor or season ticket holder program where people can buy seats to a block or package of shows. Typically these types of venues announce entire seasons worth of shows at one time so that their patrons can buy tickets. In both cases (Durham and Ravinia), the Duran Duran concert is available as an extra ticket that can be purchased by donors. (as opposed to part of a package). In the case of Ravinia – I think the venue went to press extremely early with news of the show and it came as a complete surprise to band management. It happens. The patron presale for that particular show has already taken place, and truthfully I have no information as to what will happen with regard to DDM presale at this point. In the case of Durham, DDM had their presale earlier this week (Monday) – I believe tickets may still be available,  and the Durham patron presale took place yesterday. The whole point here being that these two shows were announced under unusual circumstances.  
Our readers should know by now that Amanda and I are all about being fair. That means we give props to the band (and the Machine that runs the band – Blame the Machine, get it? *sigh*) when deserved, and we’ll also gladly take them to task as needed. We’re fans just like anyone else, first and foremost. In this case, the band and their management deserve a huge thumbs up for the effort. They gave fans information that they didn’t have nailed down, and a thank-you is in order. This is a big step in the right direction. Naturally, I’ve seen a bit of backlash this morning from US fans. I get it, and I have to think that the band gets it too. The trouble is, we are not the sole people in this fandom.  Contrary to popular belief, it isn’t ALL about the US. There are many other people that want their moment with the band, and that’s OK. Our time will come. In fact, we’ve already hosted the band here twice in this tour. While yes, I still feel there’s room for improvement (isn’t there always)? It would be completely unreasonable of me to expect the US dates in their entirety this early. That said, I have faith the dates will be announced soon. The real question will be if we’re given more than 18 hours between the announcement and the presales.  (I beg the powers of be on that one for all of us. A couple of days would be outstanding!!  A weekend would send me over the moon. Any longer than that would be ridiculous.) 
I implore fans to really think the situation through. Have any of you organized a tour – much less a tour encompassing several continents – before? I have not. I have enough of a time getting my kids ready and out the door on time each morning, thanks. While in no way am I saying that the band is perfect about the announcements, I am saying that it’s not a case where they’re not listening and they don’t care. They are, and they do. The olive branch of “here’s what we’ve got so far for Europe” is proof. It’s a start, and we’re all partners in the same cause: we love the band. I think it’s great that fans who are planning to go to Europe can really begin to plan. Hug the band for Daily Duranie if you get a chance!! They won’t know who you’re going on about – but that’s OK!
Oh, and we’re still not being paid by the band! Promise!  I just like what they’ve done and I’m not afraid to give a little. We’re partners (like it or not!) and I’m not here to bash.  
The shadows really ARE on your (our) side today.  Happy planning, everyone!