Smile like you mean it!

Happy Day After…  or as I like to call it “The Hangover”.

One of my gifts yesterday, aside from the extra pound or so I’m sure I gained from food intake, was a DVD of The Killers Live at Albert Hall.  I’d been wanting this DVD for awhile now, so I was surprised to find it under the tree yesterday.  I watched it last night, and one of the most interesting parts of the DVD (which is fantastic, by the way – it’s the way a concert DVD *should* be done) was a section after the show where they did some behind the scenes type of footage the day before the show.  Some of the footage included some interviews with fans who had been waiting – some as long as the night before – for the show.  These fans came from all over England, Europe,South America, and even the USA.  I couldn’t help but draw comparisons between the fans.

Amanda and I have always felt that Duran Duran’s fan base,our community – is very unique.  I still feel as though we truly are, if for no other reason than simply because not many bands even last 30 years, much less have a fan base that has continued with vigor right along with the band.  While I don’t necessarily know if that makes the drama that continues to fester like a bad infection within the community all that special, I do believe we’re all “super special” (read: Crazy.  Insane.  Suckers for punishment.) for continuing to stick around!  (Yes, I’ve still got my humor!)  The fans in The Killers video, while at least several *cough, cough* years younger than I, had much of the same sentiment as I do.  I found myself nodding and even yelling out “I feel your pain!!”, which thoroughly amused not only my husband (My Duranie account is STILL overdrawn!), but also my mother, my sister and my children.  Well, at least the older two.  The youngest just keeps telling me that she missed me when I was on the airplane.  My household is never boring, and I continue to entertain….

The fans continued to echo the same sentiments throughout the interview, that there was nothing quite like The Killers, and that they were worth every single penny and heartache it took to get there.  There were a couple of fans that literally quit their jobs in order to make the trip.  Their feeling was that jobs come and go, but the concert was a once in a lifetime type of thing.  I really am not sure if I’d go to such lengths – but then again, my “job” isn’t really all that easy to quit.  I’m a mom!  Of course each fan mentioned how many shows they’d been to, and how long they’d been a fan.  This amused me because most of the fans had been to somewhere between say 10 and 15 shows.  I know of fans in the Duran community that have cleared 100 shows, so you might say we had a bit of a head start.  Regardless of the short time that The Killers have really been around (since 2001), their fan base is as loyal as they come.  They are bright eyed, vibrant, and have all the hope in the world in their hearts as they follow their band – and it is very reminiscent of what I’ve seen from Duran Duran fans when we’re at our best.

After watching, I came to the conclusion that while our individual circumstances might be different, fans really are very much the same, regardless of the fandom.  The enthusiasm their fans displayed was infectious, and while I probably won’t be traveling across the continent to see The Killers like I do Duran Duran – watching the video made me miss the good times I’ve had with the friends I’ve made along the way during my times of madness as a fan.

*wipes brow*  I’ve got to either save some money or find a job!!!

Have you followed Dom Brown yet?!?  (I’m not going to quit reminding you – so go do it!)


Merry Christmas, Duranland!

Today is my turn to wish people a Merry Christmas! My blog partner had the chance to do so a few days ago. I have had a lovely day so far! It started out early with opening presents, which lasted for hours! All I can say is that my nieces are spoiled! Good thing that they are good kids! The rest of the day will contain a big meal, playing games, watching movies, etc. I have been very lucky this year to have such a wonderful holiday! I hope that this blog finds you in a similar position!

Like my partner-in-crime, I will take a few minutes (or a few sentences, if you prefer) to give a few shout-outs even though she did a fabulous job a few days ago! First, I want to wish Rhonda a very happy of holidays! I’m sure that her Christmas has been busy with family functions and watching her three wonderful children enjoy their gifts. I hope that Santa was good to her, too! Maybe she will get some money for her Duranie account! (Dear Rhonda, I hope this is true as I feel more touring, more traveling in our future! That said, we have so much work to do that it isn’t funny!!! It will be a busy, fabulous 2012! I can feel it!)

I also want to wish our friends a joyful holiday as well!!! The truth is this: as much as the band keeps us interested, it is the wonderful people we have met that keeps us going as fans, as writers! This past year has been wonderful in terms of meeting people, some personally and some digitally. I know that I’m grateful for each and every one of you! Again, this makes me look forward to 2012 all the more as I hope it continues to be filled with all of the amazing people we now can call friends. Rhonda and I are SO lucky!

Lastly, there is the band. This past year has been an intense one for us, as fans. It was filled with both trials and triumphs. I know this much. They brought Rhonda and I together and have been the springboard to meeting all of you! My fandom has been renewed and intensified because of all of our experiences in 2011. I look forward to being entertained, excited, frustrated and more when it comes to Duran Duran! I hope that this holiday has been a great one for them as well. I hope that they have been able to enjoy it with friends and family as they have given us all many gifts this year!

With that, I’m off to play a game with the family! Merry Christmas, everyone!


Happy Holidays from Duran

I received an email message from Duran Duran the other day as I’m sure that many of you did. In this message, they discussed their upcoming plans and included short holiday greetings from Simon, Nick, Roger and John. Now, I won’t lie. I opened the email at work and had to watch the videos, immediately. Then, I openly squeed! I’m sure my colleagues must think that I’m beyond crazy at this point. Anyway, there is much to discuss with this simple email.

As part of the holiday greeting email, the band discussed how they were taking some time to be with their families and then mentioned about their plans to keep on the road in 2012. Some of the places they mentioned were Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and the US. They also mentioned something “special” for their UK fans. First, obviously, they mentioned about how they were going to take it easy for the next few weeks in order to let us know that things will be quiet on the Duran front. I’m not surprised by this since it is obviously the holiday season and since they have been busy touring for months. I’m sure that they need a break. I would! Now, of course, as a blogger I would like there to be news everyday BUT I get it completely. Might be a good time to introduce one of our games…As for the tour news, much of this information was not news at all since they have dates already in Asia, Australia and Europe. South America was completely new and I am thrilled for our friends who live in that neck of the woods. As for the US, there have been many rumors spinning. Now, we have confirmation. Obviously, we have no idea when they will be coming back to the US just that they are. That said, I will be curious as to what is the special something for the UK fans. Will this be SO exciting that I will be pushed into trying to go back?! If so, I hear that there is a convention being planned. It would be really ideal for those events to happen at the same time…just saying.

The videos were a lot of what I was expecting. Simon said happy holidays in a way that only LeBon can with a reference to Happy Nude Year. Then, Nick talked about technology as he snapped his fingers and various items would appear on the screen. So very Nick. Roger was lengthy but stayed to the party line by summarizing the year for Duran and what they are looking forward to for 2012. John’s was short but sweet. He mentioned about how he loved Christmas and wished us a good one. Nothing was out of the ordinary there. Strangely enough, when you went to the band’s official website or their twitter, another holiday message appeared. Dom recorded a holiday message as well. The official website, in fact, says happy holiday from Duran Duran then has all five of the messages listed and a picture of all 5 of them. I think this is fascinating. How come Anna did not do one? How come Saxy Simon didn’t do one? When I clicked on Dom’s message from their twitter, it reads holiday message from “Duran Duran’s Dom Brown.” He was referred to in a possessive way. Fascinating. Now, this might not mean much at all or it might. Only time will tell what it means if anything. Maybe they just want to point out that Dom is more than Anna or Saxy Simon or maybe they want us to start thinking of him as a member of the band. What do you think? Am I overthinking this? I probably am. That said, I would welcome him to the band.

Now, I should probably wrap this up so that I can join my family for dinner. Tonight will be a busy one of food, games and laughter, I’m sure. I hope that all of you as well as the band have a wonderful evening as well!!!



Today is a travel day in my world. It seems like I have been doing a lot of that lately and I have. This time it isn’t for Duran or to go to the White House (did that last week to attend a holiday reception–so cool!). It is to go to my sister’s house in North Carolina where my immediate family will gather. This is not a typical deal as it is frequently just my parents and I for Christmas as both my siblings live far away. My sister doesn’t want to travel and my brother has other responsibilities with his wife’s family. My parents and I haven’t been able to travel in the last few years as both my cat and my grandmother needed attention and assistance. Unfortunately, we lost both of them at this time last year. This means, though, that we are free to go to my sister’s.

Tonight, I will take two short flights: one to Chicago from my small city and then onto North Carolina. They will mark my 6th and 7th flights since the end of November. This is very unusual for me. Typically, I fly two to three times a year, which totals 4-6 actual flights. I have done that in a month! Let me also be clear about something here. I am not a fan of flying. I pretty much hate it. I don’t like airport food. I hate waiting but what is worse is the actual flight. I feel out of control and trapped. I have times when I do better with this than others. You might be wondering at this point why I’m sharing all of this and what the heck it has to do with Duran Duran.

Previously to 2004, I didn’t travel much AT ALL. My father worked briefly in Georgia and my sister was living in North Carolina. At that point, visiting them would be my only reasons to venture anywhere NEAR an airport. I went because I had to see my family. Then, something crazy happened. Duran Duran reunited and I was suddenly developed a strong but strange desire to see them as much as I possibly could. Thus, in the summer of 2004, I decided that I wanted to attend this crazy fan convention in New Orleans, which would require a flight. Okay. I went for it. It helped that I was traveling with someone else. There, I met lots of crazy people, including my partner-in-crime. That December, tour dates were announced. Remember that I wanted to see the band as much as I could, right? I did. I drove. I drove or rode to five shows. It seemed perfect, ideal, especially since many of my friends from the convention were going to be in attendance for some of these shows. I thought it was perfect. I could see a bunch of shows, hang with my friends and drive! After that tour, though, our group of friends planned a trip to Vegas. Duran happened to announced that they were playing some songs at a charity event there at the same time. This, again, forced me on a plane. I wanted to see my friends and Duran.

As time as progressed, I have found myself on more and more planes. Many of these flights have been for touring purposes (New Orleans in 2006, New York City in 2007, East Coast in 2008, Vegas in 2009, etc.). I have also taken flights to see my Duranie friends, including Rhonda. Then, this past year included two trips over to the UK. If someone would would have told me 10 years ago that I would have taken flights to all of these places and some of them more than once, I would have thought the person was crazy or on drugs or something. I didn’t envision myself as a traveler. I didn’t have the motivation to overcome my hatred of flying and, frankly, I didn’t know if I would like traveling all that much. As a kid, we did do vacations but most of them were small trips to places like Michigan or Missouri. They weren’t very exciting and we always drove. In fact, we drove to Williamsburg, Virginia, and Disneyworld, which were the two big vacations. I’m sure that most of that reason is because we couldn’t afford to fly as a family of 5. Nonetheless, I wasn’t used to flying and didn’t do it much at all.

Now, I still hate to fly but it has become a way more common occurrence in my life. I have discovered that I actually enjoy visiting other places (once I get there!). I also have many reasons to fly now, including my family, my friends and that band that we know and love. I’m lucky to have discovered this about myself and I’m lucky that I have had the opportunity to travel to so many great places. This fortune really has everything to do with the band. They pushed me out on a limb, out of my shell and I have become a better, happier person because of it.


Happy Whateveryoucelebrate!!!

Since today is my last blogging day before Christmas – I thought I’d send out my own holiday greetings to everyone.  Christmas is a pretty big holiday here for my family, we celebrate with my husband’s family on Christmas Eve, mine on Christmas Day…and then we have a big party on New Years Eve and typically don’t get to sleep until dawn, then spend the next day wondering why we thought we could still behave as though we were in our 20’s. (We can’t but we certainly try!)  By the time these weeks are over, I’m exhausted!  I love this time of year because it gives us a chance to spend time as a family, and if you’ve been reading the blog you know that my oldest has 3 years until she goes off to college.  Those times are special, and I hope all of you have the opportunity to spend time with the people you love and call family (whether by blood or by choice) as well.

Speaking of people we love, of course I want to send my best wishes for a wonderful holiday out to the band, regardless of what or if they celebrate, of course.  A holiday is a holiday – and I’m well aware that means a vacation in Britain.  They certainly deserve just that.  I have to get sappy and fan girl for just a moment and say that they have given me SUCH a gift this year.  Some of the very best shows I’ve ever been to happened this year, both before and after Simon’s vocal issues.  I really didn’t know if I’d ever see them play again after my fateful trip to the UK, and boy – did they ever deliver!  For those of you who are waiting patiently for the band to come your way, and I really hope they do, make no mistake – they are worth the wait.  I love each and every one of them and could not possibly be prouder to say I’m a fan.  Happy Holidays.

There are LOTS of other people in this world that I adore, and many of you are those whom I’ve met just this past year.  There are so many, I wouldn’t dare name all of you in fear of forgetting someone – but I hope you all know you are.  I don’t use the word “blessed” very often – I’m really not religious in that way, but I am SO blessed to be able to call all of you my friends. I thank my lucky stars each day that I met each of you, and I love you more than I could ever say on this blog.  It has really been a fabulous year when it comes down to the friendships I’ve made and continue to enjoy.  Its funny because I don’t even feel as though I need a single thing under my Christmas tree – I’ve already gotten anything and everything I could want.  Merry Christmas to each of you and your families.

Of course then there is my partner-in-crime.  Where to begin with that girl, I just don’t know.  We did it, didn’t we?!?  We actually saw that stupid band play REAL SHOWS in their homeland!!  They didn’t cancel the gigs when they heard we were coming, and they didn’t run the other way when they saw us in the audience….in the same basic seats….each night for the first four shows!  (and again I’m sorry to Dom Brown if he thought we were stalking him.  I swear we didn’t pick the seats – it just happened that way!!)  Unreal.  I still shake my head in wonder about the whole thing.  I had the best time, I really did, and I have you to thank for that.  (yes, there might have been other…people…involved, but we’re not talking about that here)  Thank you for putting up with my insanity, my forgetfulness and my scatterbrained self on almost a daily basis.  Who would have thought when we met in New Orleans that we’d dare try to change the Duranie world and write a blog with heart and soul?  Hope you’re working on  that chapter for the book….and yes, I need to finish my chapter too!  I hope you have the merriest of Christmases ever, and that 2012 is a better year.  Period.  I don’t know how in the hell we’ll ever top the latter part of this year, or if we should even try, but I look forward to more insanity ahead!

Lastly – have you followed Dom yet?!?  You haven’t??  Well get on it people!!  Dom on Facebook   Dom on Twitter    Yes, I see that he’s not Andy.  I know he’s not Warren.   Does it really matter??  He’s a good guy, a great guitar player (don’t even try to argue with me)….and he deserves our support!  So go, go do it now…and happy holidays!!

Peace, and I’ll be back on Monday!


My Duranie account is overdrawn?!?

I think I might finally be feeling better because I’m actually considering baking today.  Then again, that might just be a sign that the fever has affected my brain.  Its a good thing that my oldest daughter loves to bake…if I could only get her to wake up (yes, it’s after 11am my time.  Must be nice to be a teenager…).

So after the talk of their touring coming to an end for this year, I saw this morning that the band is playing a one-off date in Dubai next March.  Dubai?!?  I was just mentioning to my husband that I would like to go there one day…

No, the band does NOT have to worry about seeing me at their show in Dubai.  Apparently my Duranie fund has been depleted.  *gasp*  Imagine my shock and horror!  (My husband used words and phrases such as “overdrawn”, “you’ve reached the debt ceiling”, “get a REAL job”….)  *sigh*

Of course I’m joking (well, mostly).  Its not exactly fun to go from planning a big trip to planning nothing but Christmas dinner.  2012 is coming, and while my husband and our retirement fund is hoping (rather loudly I might add) for a tour-free year….I’m secretly (at least it’s a secret from my husband!) hoping that the band comes back to the US.  I’ve threatened to rent a motor home and go on tour with them.  The only solace my husband has is that it would take a lot to convince me to actually drive a big old bus or motor home.  I won’t even drive the truck when we’re towing our travel trailer to go camping.  That’s his job!  I have heard lots of bits of return tour rumors, but nothing solid now, and although I’m looking forward to hearing dates – I’m also nervous because I can’t imagine not being able to go – yet the phrase “overdrawn on the Duranie account” isn’t friendly either!

What I think about more often than not these days though is how I can’t imagine never seeing the friends I’ve made during this past year again.  So many of them live an entire continent….AND an ocean…apart from me.  Its not exactly a cheap plane flight…so my answer is to either become a pilot and buy a big plane (somehow I don’t think the Duranie fund will accommodate that purchase, much less the pilot lessons), or start saving.  I have said it again and again that the shows were great, and they were.  I couldn’t have asked more out of the band – they gave and gave and gave some more.  I felt like connections were made between the band and audience that I’d never witnessed before, much less felt a part of, and those made the shows.  On the same token though, what REALLY made the trip were the people I met and the friendships I’ve made.  It really bothers me to think that I wouldn’t see those people again, so I refuse to accept the idea.  Are we sure there’s no way to become professional Duranies???  😀

And with that, I’m off to my other priority – insisting that my oldest start baking with me!


Why I haven’t renewed

I’d been a member of DDM since it’s inception – give or take a month or two.  My renewal date was in October, and I’d faithfully renewed each year, until this one.  In the past I’d often wondered if I really needed to renew, but in my head it just felt like another cost of being a fan – and at $35.00 a year, I didn’t think it was that much money, and it really isn’t.  I know that over the years a lot of the original members stopped renewing, but in the past I guess I just wasn’t ready.  It didn’t seem like such a big deal to keep my membership going, so why did I decide to quit this year?  This year…as in the middle of a big world tour…this year?

For me, it had everything to do with circumstance and nothing to do with the band.  I don’t even know how much, if anything, they really see out of DDM (money wise), so I don’t feel as though I’m slighting them by not being a member.  That part I worked out of my head a long, long time ago.  I can still be a fan, and a pretty good one I might add, without that membership.  I also noticed that I was going over to DDM fewer and fewer times each month, and I had completely stopped going to the forum, or message boards.  The only real reason to keep my membership, and the only reason I still wonder if I shouldn’t sign back up is because of presales and possibly buying VIP tickets in the future, but at the end of the day I’m just not sure that’s reason enough to be a member.

From day one people have complained about DDM.  Not only the cost, although that’s certainly a good deal of the problem, but also that there’s just not enough offered to make the cost worth the trouble.  I would have to agree.  Ultimately, the “exclusive” things offered by DDM – the Katy Kafe’s for example – just aren’t enough.  Yes, the site has some decent features, but nothing that couldn’t or shouldn’t be offered by the band’s own website.  It just doesn’t make good sense, and DDM certainly doesn’t offer anything beyond the mundane.  Yes, you can get presale tickets, often within HOURS notice of tour dates being announced.  Yes, there is the off chance that the band will agree to do meet and greets for a “lucky” few. (no offense to the band on that one – its just become rather obvious that the same “lucky” few tend to win over and over and over again.  How many times can you really meet and greet the band on tour before the band themselves start wondering if they’re having a deep sense of deja vu each night???)  Absolutely, they do offer VIP tickets, and sometimes, those tickets are actually worthy of being called VIP simply due to where they are located – meaning that while the seats themselves might be good, there isn’t much offered along WITH the VIP ticket that would indicate it’s premium.  Yes, there are t-shirts that come in the package, along with a laminate, a poster, maybe a tote bag… all sent to you either before or after the show.  At the show itself though, aside from your seat, there’s not much to being a VIP.  I guess if I were doing the planning, I might make being a VIP a little more desirable.  A little more special and exclusive.  Private entrances and exits, a special bar area…a reasonable attempt to allow the first 5 rows access to the stage railing without a big security guy telling you no, even though you paid the same amount as the folks in the front row.  For around $300 a ticket, it seems as though it might be worth the extra effort.  I think that generally speaking something has been lost in the translation between idea on paper to execution.

As I said before, in my case it came down to circumstance.  October came and went, I was busy, and money was at a premium in our house.  I felt as though I needed to curtail my own spending to some degree, and DDM is very much just an “extra”, so out it went.   I very much wish that DDM was something so special that it would have felt a little more difficult to make the choice, but it was not.  I know many that will gladly say that when the next set of shows are announced (whether its for this tour or another), and I’m crying that I don’t have presale access, they’ll be the first to say they told me so – and that’s fair.  Perhaps by then I will have signed back up.

The real point I’m trying to make here, in case it was somehow lost, is that its a shame the decision wasn’t made more difficult for me in the end.  DDM is one of those things that doesn’t really have much of a soul.  You pay money, you have a shot at presale tickets, and they throw some silly extra things your way to try and make you feel good about paying them for the opportunity….but not too good.  If you’ve got the extra cash, it probably doesn’t matter and you don’t think much about it when you renew each year.  I played that way for a few years myself.  This year though, I just decided it wasn’t worth it.


I should be in Tahiti!

Today my best friend from here in “The OC” is at a beach somewhere on Bora Bora in Tahiti.  I’m sure it’s sunny, warm and deliciously non-winter like.  They are staying at a fancy resort where their rooms are huts out over the water, and I can’t wait until she gets home next weekend so that I can sit and salivate over the pictures and descriptions of what it was all like!   I’m only partly jealous because while this is an extravagant vacation, I happen to know just how often her husband is away from home during the year (I honestly think Duran Duran spends more time at home with their families than my friend Dave does with his)…and besides, I spent my vacation seeing Duran Duran while my husband and kids were still here at home!

Yeah….Tahiti still sounds pretty enticing!  Simon, Nick, John, Roger & Dom aside….

Here in California today, it is grey, cool…almost threatening to actually rain (*gasp*), and I am sick on the couch with the flu.  Some winters I’m lucky and don’t get sick very often, but so far this winter is not measuring up.  This flu is particularly bad though due to the fever I’m fighting, and since its the week before Christmas – which in our house is a major holiday – the timing really couldn’t be worse.  Today I was to go grocery shopping for the entire week, including Christmas – and then tomorrow is cookie baking day. My sister arrives on Wednesday, and then after that the week and tasks become a blur through until next Monday.  Instead, my husband took one look at me before he left for work this morning and said “Rest. Stay in bed.  Make me a list and I’ll take care of it.”   Famous last words, although I appreciate his optimism.    Staying in bed and “resting” don’t work with a 3 year old, even though my older two are home on holiday break for the next couple of weeks.  My point is that I don’t even work outside of the house and it still takes me all day to accomplish things.  He’s going to be at work until about 6, get home here around 7pm and then go shopping?  Oh boy and good luck!

So my friends, I do need to get better.  Quickly.  It makes me wonder how the band does it when they’re sick.  I mean, they can’t go around canceling shows whenever they’re ill, although I suppose they power through it the way I need to do this week.  I think it was Dom that said something about having tons of adrenaline.  I need some of that, except I’m pretty sure I used that all up during my trip!  I need to reload.  In the meantime, I’m going to take some Advil (thank goodness for Advil), grab a blanket and try to rest.

Hopefully I’ll have some dreams of being on a beach in Tahiti.  You can pick the band member that will be my personal bartender and bring me drinks!



Last night was a crazy, fun one for the Daily Duranie despite Rhonda being sick and thousands of miles away from me.  What was the cause of the crazy, fun?  In this case, it happened to be a tweet from one Mr. John Taylor.  He responded to something Rhonda had said about traveling to see the band and how it was our best fan experience yet.  So, what do two grown women do in response to such a thing?  Well, I did what many good Duranies would do and that is that I called up Rhonda!  She answered the phone immediately and we proceeded to giggle like teenage girls!!  Then, our twitter and facebook started going crazy as many people commented about how happy they were for us and whatnot!  We were then able to share in the silliness not only with each other but with friends all over the world. 

This fun was followed up by Rhonda’s response to my blog post last night.  She agreed that the UK tour definitely renewed her sense of being a fan.  Her main point, however, had to do with friendship, both the friendship we have and the friendships we have made.  She’s right, of course.  First of all, we were extremely lucky to have met each other in the fall of 2004 at the Duran Duran Fans Convention.  Obviously, we hit it off right away, but that isn’t so extraordinary as many people get along upon first meeting.  Since then, however, our friendship has gotten stronger through good times and bad in both Duranland and in our real lives.  We toured together in the spring of 2005 when many of our touring traditions began, including staying up extremely late, not eating much, giggling at nothing and everything at the same time and more, which continued through last tour of ours.  Our touring also survived through the not-so-fun, divisive RCM days of 2008 as well as through the setback with Simon in the spring.  In our personal lives, we have seen some great stuff and some tough stuff as well.  We have both suffered through grief at the loss of loved ones and have witnessed changes as well with the birth of her youngest and my involvement in political campaigns.  Yet, despite everything, of maybe because, of everything our friendship continues and has gotten stronger over the years. 

The reality is this:  Rhonda and I wouldn’t have met if it wasn’t for the band.  We don’t live near each other and don’t have much in common (on paper, anyway).  The band is also responsible for many of our other friendships as well since we have met many people on tour, on message boards or on social networking sites.  These friendships both work to reinforce our fandom and to intensify it as we can share every moment in Duranland with other people.  Yes, we probably would be fans even without being friends with other fans, but it wouldn’t be the same.  It wouldn’t be as fun, frankly!  Thus, a big part of fandom for us is making connections with other people!  Heck, that is part of the reason that we blog in the first place!  Yes, we like to write about what is on our minds but we also want to connect with other people.  I suspect that most fans want this as well.  Yes, I realize that not all fans post on message boards, have a facebook or twitter account but, I suspect that they try for connections somewhere, even if it is just by reading this blog. 

Thus, my point is that last night really reminded me about what I think fandom is all about and that is connecting with other people.  Yes, the connections begin with the common interest, Duran in our case.  The connections increase one’s interest in the idol(s) and, in many cases, can and does go beyond the common interest to include real life stuff.  It certainly has for Rhonda and myself.  Have you experienced connecting with other fans?  Has it developed into strong friendships like it has for us?  Has it changed your fandom in any way?


Renewed Duranie Spirit!

Today marks the end of the UK tour for Duran Duran.  I’m sure that many of our friends will be feeling what Rhonda and I have been feeling–a bit of post-show emotions!  While the end of a tour typically brings a low, post-show depression of sorts, this tour has brought something else, something more positive to me.  It has worked to renew my Duranie spirit!!!

I have a Duranie scrapbook that I have been keeping since I started touring with vigor back in 2005.  I wanted some place to capture everything that touring is as I didn’t and don’t want to forget a moment!  This scrapbook contains setlists, receipts from purchasing tickets, seating charts, the tickets itself and more.  One of the best parts of the scrapbook is my tour write-up.  During this write-up of sorts, I go into detail about the tour from start to finish.  I describe traveling, what happened, how the shows were, etc.  It is like a journal or diary of sorts.  When I’m really good with it, I will add pictures to show what I am talking about.  Since I have returned from the UK, I have been working on this one.  As you can imagine this one is much longer than a tour with one or two shows since a lot more went into traveling overseas.  When I reread these, how I felt about the tour becomes very obvious.  For example, in the spring of 2005, I was begging and pleadingly for more.  I couldn’t get enough!  Everything was positive and exciting then for me.  Then, I reread the one I wrote in May after going to the UK and not getting any shows.  That one was filled with forced determination.  Looking back, I can tell that I was trying really hard to be and stay positive.  This one, in contrast, is very different.  I feel like everything is back to being positive again!

Obviously, I know a lot more in 2011 than I did in 2005.  I know WAY more about touring, traveling as well as how the fan community seems to work.  I know that not everything is perfect and there are a lot of people who don’t like and who won’t like us or what we have to say.  Heck, we have been dealing with that this past week on Twitter.  Yet, this isn’t bothering me because I have too much good stuff surrounding me!  This tour of the UK, for me, gave me so many positive things.  First, it was an accomplishment!  It was a dream fulfilled!  That in and of itself should be and would be good enough!  Truly, that is what Rhonda and I wanted to begin with!  Fortunately, though, we got WAY more than that.  We saw so many wonderful friends whom we met last May.  On top of that, we made more friends!  Now, I can’t imagine life without them.  This has reminded me that there are SO many wonderful people in Duranland.  Sometimes, it is so easy to forget that, when all you see are negative people.  It was so nice to be able to relax and have fun with other fans!  Lastly, and most importantly, I fell in love with the band again.

Like many of you, I have been a fan of this band for decades.  I cannot remember a time when I haven’t been a fan.  They are a part of me, at this point.  Thus, I can’t imagine having something happen that would result in me walking away or not caring.  Heck, I have a blog about being a fan of theirs!  I’m committed!  That said, like Rhonda, I wasn’t sure that I would ever be able to capture the spirit of excitement that I once had, as evidenced by my 2005 write-ups.  I enjoyed myself at the Chicago show, but it wasn’t the same.  Maybe I was worried about something going wrong or that something negative was right around the corner.  Maybe the band was in a different spot then, too.  Then, I saw those 4 shows in the UK.  Some of those shows were the best I have ever seen!!!  That show in Glasgow, for example, continues to invade my thoughts!  I was reminded in a very serious, very intense way about what is so great about this band, their music and their live performance.  I became a fan all over again!!!

Maybe the lesson here is that fandom goes in cycles like this.  You feel all excited and everything is good then too much negative happens and you forget about the wonder and the fun.  Then, if you are lucky, you are given the chance to start all over again in a way.  Maybe I’m the only one who has ever felt this way.  Maybe the band feels this way and that they have been able to keep going because the cycle continues or because they have been lucky enough to have their spirits renewed over and over again.  Whatever the cause, I’m grateful!  Now, I’m already dying for more shows!!!  My Duranieness is back and ready to go!!


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