Do pictures really provide better memories?

I saw John tweeting earlier today about the UK rehearsal gigs.  I will continue to admit that I wish I were flying out to England next week, alas, I am not.  For whatever reason, my husband is against the idea of my hopping on a plane and going.  Something about “wanting to be able to retire before death” and “money”.  What?!?

That aside, John brought up an interesting topic for this lovely Monday morning, the day before my oldest starts back to school, thus this being the last day of our summer.  He has mentioned that the band would prefer it if cameras were not used during the rehearsals.  Now, I say “prefer” because just following that tweet, John said that it was not a “rule”.  If the venues say otherwise, then of course that’s different.  In any case, his feeling (I’m paraphrasing) is that perhaps the memory of the show and the time itself would live on it’s own without the help of fiddling with cameras and other electronic equipment.  Kind of like living in the moment, so to speak.  I’m sure many fans, especially those going to these particular shows, are totally annoyed with this simple request.  They want that indelible memory.  They want to have the photo of the JoSi moment in all of it’s finery. (is JoSi an American thing or does the UK go nuts for that too?)   They want the picture I myself have never gotten of Roger twirling his stick, of Nick smirking, of Simon doing his cool karate moves at the end of Notorious.  It’s all good, and no, I can’t blame people for wanting them.

In 2006 (October, to be more precise), I flew out to Chicago to see Duran Duran play the opening night for the Sears Center.  It was a brand spanking new arena right in lovely Hoffman Estates, IL and Duran was the first band to play there and give it it’s blessing.  Due to circumstances totally beyond my control (i.e. my kids schedule), I had to fly out that morning from LAX to Chicago (Midway).  My plane was on time, but Chicago traffic was insane, and it was raining, no less.   It took far, far longer to get to our hotel than we thought, and then we had to quickly change, eat and run to the arena.  Everything took longer than we’d hoped, and we were really worried about getting in for the show on time.  In our haste, we left our cameras back in the car.  I don’t even think I had given that any consideration until we made it to our seats.  Once we lamented about the cameras, I think we all just figured that we’d just enjoy the show and try to make the memory count.

At first, I wanted to kick myself for leaving the camera in the car.  Our seats weren’t bad, and I had a direct line of sight to John (which, if you’ve been reading the blog lately – you’d know that I don’t think we’ve been on his side since!).  I seem to recall being in about the 9th or 10th row.  It could have been closer, could have been a bit further.  Regardless, the show was great and the band seemed to be full of energy.  I know that Amanda and I definitely were – we were dancing and singing the entire time.  At one point in the show, John seemed to make eye contact with us, and me – being the smart aleck I am at times – didn’t think he saw me at all, so I think I stuck my tongue out or made some sort of a goofy face.  Well, he returned the favor, at which point I wanted to crawl under the chair in front of me.   I laughed, as did he, and then Amanda and I literally sang right along with him.  Coolest moment at a show ever.   I didn’t have my camera to commemorate the moment, but I’ll never forget.  The people in front of us turned around after the show was over and said that they’d never seen two more enthusiastic fans ever, which was both funny and a little embarrassing for me – I was just thoroughly enjoying the show.  Normally I’m fumbling with my camera, waiting for the best shot, complaining that I keep getting blurry ones – and while I know I enjoy the show, I have to admit that there’s something very free about just enjoying the time and not having to worry about anything else.  Sure, I’ve heard Hungry Like the Wolf about 50,000 times now (probably more and I don’t even want to think about that), and yeah, that’s a great time for picture taking, but for some reason that night – I didn’t even miss having my camera.  I actually sang along, danced and loved it.

You know, I’ll admit something else here – even though I take my camera with me to the shows, when I look back through the shots, unless I recognize the date when the photo was taken, I honestly don’t know what show they’re from now.  I don’t have THAT many pictures of them on stage, either.  I know plenty of people that stand there during the whole show, watching it from behind the lens – and while I’m not really judging those folks, I just have to wonder if the pictures really mean THAT much to them months later?  I don’t even look at my pictures very often any more!   Back when the reunion first happened and I went armed with my digital camera to every show, it seemed SO important to have those pictures.  I was proud of what I had of them, almost as though having those pictures somehow made me feel like a better fan.  Kind of silly, really.  After a while though, and in particular after I went to that show at the Sears center, I realized the pictures are great, but if I’m only seeing the show after the fact, digitally no less – I’ve missed more than half of the point of being there.  After that show, I learned to leave my camera in my purse and do more dancing than picture taking.

I really think John’s heart, and those of the rest of the band, are in the right place on this one.  Sure, I guess some could say that they’re worried about “secrets” getting out (as to what they might have planned), or maybe they don’t want the shows recorded for fear of the sound being “rough”…but I don’t necessarily think that’s the reason in mind here.  They want fans to go and enjoy the moment.  All You Need is Now, no?


Dream Setlist

Yesterday, we received a comment on a blog post that was written awhile ago.  While this isn’t surprising, it made me smile.  The comment was on the blog post about setlist reactions and the anonymous poster’s comment was all of the songs that s/he would like to hear on the upcoming tour.  I laughed–not because it is funny to have songs that you want to hear, but because that’s all the comment was!  I smiled because of the hope I have for the future.  A few months ago, I was doubting if the band was ever going to return and now people are thinking about what they want to hear live.  It got me thinking about what I want to hear.  Before I go any further, I want to acknowledge that no tour, no show is ever guaranteed and I will obviously just be glad to get a show at all.  Everything else is secondary. 

The anonymous commenter included both new songs and old songs.  Some of the new songs are songs that I think a lot of us are dying to hear, which included Too Bad You’re So Beautiful, Leopard, Runway Runaway, Mediterranea, Before the Rain and more.  I would love to any or all of these.  I actually keep a list of Duran songs that I have seen performed live.  I think, as of now, I have seen about 60 different songs performed live.  Thus, I would love to hear any of the new stuff that I haven’t heard before in order for this list to grow.  I also want to hear them because I think most of them are truly fabulous pieces of music.  I thought it was interesting that we heard the first part of the album for those spring shows (All You Need Is Now, Blame the Machines, Being Followed, Leave a Light On, Safe and Girl Panic) and was wondering if they would focus on the second half for the next set of shows.  Personally, as far as new songs go that I haven’t heard, I would really like to hear TBYSB, Leopard, Before the Rain, and Runway Runaway.  I would not turn my back if they play other ones but those are my choices unless they wanted to play the entire album.  I would really be down with that, especially if it was in order.  A Duranie can dream, right?!

The anonymous poster also stated some songs that are staples within the setlist that s/he would like to hear.  Some of those included Save a Prayer, Ordinary World and Rio.  I would suspect that some, if not, all of those will be played.  I know that some people will be thrilled with one or all of those choices while others will be begging for something different.  For me, personally, I would love to hear the following usuals:  Planet Earth, Rio, Girls on Film, Wild Boys (I know…Simon’s voice…this is the ideal setlist, silly!), Sunrise, and Notorious.  S/he also stated some songs that they have played more than once but aren’t givens like Is There Something I Should Know, Union of the Snake, Friends of Mine, Careless Memories, the Chauffeur and more.  I’m good with most of those, especially Friends of Mine and Careless Memories.  I would also include Hold Back the Rain, New Religion and Red Carpet Massacre. 

Then, of course, this person chose some songs that haven’t been played in forever or have never been played live, which included things like Land, Tel Aviv and Drug.  I would love to hear Tel Aviv live.  I’m pretty close to having heard all of the first album.  I’m just missing Tel Aviv and Nightboat, if I don’t include To the Shore.  I would be shocked if they pulled out either Land or Drug but stranger things have happened.  Of course, I make no secret that I would LOVE to hear LATE BAR.  I’m sure that has been mentioned a few hundred times on this blog!  Other rarely played or never played songs I would love to hear are Of Crime and Passion, Vertigo, and Secret Oktober. 

All in all, I think this is shaping up to being a complete setlist.  I wonder if that’s how the band does it with some new songs, some favorites, some lesser played favorites and some never or rarely played songs.  To summarize my setlist with this criteria and in no particular order: 
New songs:
2. Leopard
3. Runway Runaway
4. Before the Rain

Previously heard new songs:
5. All You Need Is Now
6. Girl Panic

Frequently played:
7. Planet Earth
8. Rio
9. Girls on Film
10. Wild Boys
11. Notorious
12. Sunrise

Less frequently played:
13. Friends of Mine
14. Careless Memories
15. Hold Back the Rain
16. New Religion
17. Red Carpet Massacre

Rarely or never played:
18.  Late Bar
19. Of Crime and Passion
20. Vertigo
21. Secret Oktober
22. Tel Aviv

I think that is pretty good for a 22 song setlist.  So, people, what is your dream setlist using the following categories and including no more than 22 songs?


Expressing Fandom

I apologize for the lateness of today’s blog.  I have been busy, though.  During summer, like many people, I try to get some projects done and this summer, despite any or all of its weirdness, has been no different.  One of the projects I have done is to reorganize my Duran collection.  I wanted to get rid of one book shelf that housed some tour photo albums and get something that could display random Duran related items instead, which I did.  Then, I decided that I wanted to change the posters–not that I didn’t love that 1982 group shot but that I wanted something different.  I decided to frame the covers to the vinyl albums and place them in cool, meaningful way.  After hanging the albums today from their debut through Thank You, I’m close to finishing.  Yay!  Of course, this display is all for me as regular visitors to my house wouldn’t see it.  That doesn’t matter, though.  It makes me happy.  It is one way that I express my fandom, but there are many other ways.

Another way that I express my fandom is through writing this blog and writing the book with Rhonda.  Obviously, those are pretty significant ways.  They take a lot of time and effort.  In order to do both well, I think, requires that we are observing and/or participating in Duranland quite a bit.  If we don’t, it would be like writing about a book by only looking at the cover.  Then, of course, we like to share our ideas with the rest of the fandom and we often choose to do that by acknowledging our topics on facebook and twitter and through talking with other fans.  Therefore, writing is a huge way that I acknowledge my fandom.  Probably the next biggest or the equally largest way that I express my fandom is through my purchases.

I like to tour.  I won’t lie or deny that.  I do.  If I could tour two or three times more than what I do right now, I would.  This, of course, costs money.  Concert tickets aren’t free, but neither are hotels, gas money, airline tickets, etc.  I choose to do all of that for the love of my fandom.  It is also common for me to buy merchandise when I go to shows as well.  I have a number of Duran t-shirts, for example, which I do wear.  I have purchased a number of tour books, too.  My purchases, then, show my fandom.  Yet, of course, there are many means of expressing fandom that don’t cost much or anything.

Many people seem to express their fandom through a creative means.  Some people might try to learn Duran songs and others might try to make new remixes, if they are musically inclined.  Writers might attempt fanfiction and people who enjoy Duran and reading might go out of their way to read fanfic and comment on it.  Others may create by using a visual art, which could include actual drawing or painting but could also include computer arts like signatures and/or avatars for message boards.  I’m sure that there are many creative means of how people express their fandom that I’m missing. 

I’m willing to bet that most Duranies have some way of communicating that they are fans of Duran Duran.  What’s interesting to me is how they do that and why they choose that route?  Do they choose a way that is very open to the outside world like wearing Duran t-shirts everywhere?  Do they choose a route that’s completely private by writing poetry that is never posted anywhere?  Do they choose something that is in the middle like writing fanfic and sharing it on Duran message boards?  So, this is the question I ask today.  How do you express your fandom?  Is it open to the general public, to just other fans, or only to yourself?  Why do you express your fandom in that way?  Why do you share or why don’t you share? 


Do Male Fans Get Negative Reactions?

This week in Duranland saw more ticket purchases, more presales, more excitement about upcoming shows.  It seems to me that the only shows we are waiting for news are New York City and the re-scheduled European dates.  Those people who are lucky enough to have tickets for upcoming shows, I’m sure, are making show plans, which can include transportation and hotel as well as family and work responsibilities.  I’m no different on that front as I am not sure what I will be doing with work that day of my show, but I will have to make a decision in that regard at some point.  I’m sure others have already figured out if they plan on working or are going to try and take the day(s) off.  I always wonder how those conversations at work go once the decision is made to take time off.  Are people’s bosses accepting?  Do people tell their supervisors why they need time off?  What kind of reaction to they get from them?  What about the reactions from colleagues?  Then again, what about reactions from other family members? Do they get your fandom?  Of course, this leads me to think about reactions or questions I have had about going to Duran shows.  One question that seems to come up is, “Are there male Duranies?”  I explain that there are.  Duh.  The follow-up question tends to be, “Are they straight?”  Obviously, here, the assumption is that only gay or bisexual men would listen to Duran.  I’m sure that I could write a whole blog about why that assumption is made, but I’m more curious if these questions are asked of me, what questions are asked of male Duranies?  Do they get the same kind of negative reactions that female fans often get or is it different?

I think that most Duranies have experienced some sort of negative reaction about the fact that they are fans of Duran Duran.  I know I have.  Some of the negativity is directed at the band.  “Why would you like them?  They aren’t any good.  They don’t care about the music.  They just care about what they look like?”  Some of it has more to do with my desire to tour.  “What a waste of money!  Aren’t all the shows the same?  Why do you feel it necessary to go to all those shows?  Aren’t you going overboard?  Isn’t that a bit obsessive?”  I could go on and on.  Sometimes, people go a different route with the disdain of my being a Duranie and outright ask, “Are you a groupie?”  They aren’t meaning someone who just follows the band, people.  The assumption that a female who goes to a bunch of shows is going for one thing and one thing only, the ultimate autograph.  I’m willing to bet that most male Duran fans aren’t questioned about being groupies, but maybe there are other questions that they have to deal with.

How are male Duranies treated?  Do they have to deal with the general anti-Duran statements?  Do they have to put up with negative statements about going to shows or buying albums?  What specific negatives do they hear that female fans don’t have to put up with?  Of course, some of you might be saying that guys don’t have to deal with much of this because they don’t show their fandom as much and don’t do as much touring.  First of all, I don’t know that if that is true or not.  I’m willing to bet that there are a lot of male Duranies who show that they are fans and many also go to a bunch of shows.  However, if guys don’t show that they are fans as much or don’t go to as many shows, I would ask why.  Do they feel like they have to hide the fact that they are Duranies?  If so, what do they think will happen?  If they don’t go to as many shows as they want, why not?  What’s stopping then?  Then, I wonder how they are treated by the female fans?  Do they get negative reactions from female fans?  Are they dismissed as unimportant?  Ignored? 

I’m hoping that some male Duranies will chime in here and answer some of these questions for me.  I would like some education about what it is like to be a male Duranie and to see if they experience some of the stigma I know I have dealt with!


And on it goes….and on…and on…

I have to vent this morning.  I guess that’s one of the perks of having a blog.  🙂

I was on Facebook this morning, and narrowly missed another John Taylor Tweeting session.  I’m apparently VERY talented at missing those, but that’s alright.  He’s on UK time, and I’m pretty much on west coast of America time, and so that’s the way it goes.  I love that he has his accounts set up to where his twitter posts are copied to Facebook, by the way.  I still comment on them when I want, and John isn’t subjected to my thought patterns.  Probably for the greater good of everyone, no?  (Yes, I can and do laugh at myself often!)  Anyway, one of the comments to John…actually a couple of them really…were regarding Andy.  I’ll wait for you all to compose yourselves, as I know this must have been as shocking for you to read as it was for me.  (that’s some Thursday Sarcasm for you)

As I recall, one of the tweets was a question to John – the person wanted to know who he’d like to play with as a guest on this tour.  His answer?  Andy.  This of course just fueled the ever-present fire for Andy fans out there.  After that honest tweet, I could envision John’s Twitter account, full to the brim with all SORTS of Andy questions.  Where would you want him to play?  What songs would you want to do?  How many shows would you want to play with him for….and the list goes on and on.  Naturally, John doesn’t (and probably cannot!) answer every tweet, so I’ll never know for sure what was asked.  Another question a few minutes later was something to the extent of: On a scale of 1-10, what are the chances of Andy returning to the band.  I’ll wait for you all to gasp in shock as you know I must have at reading that question.  Again.   Rather than put us all out of our misery, John has to answer in a way that leaves the door just a little bit open.  He responds by saying permanently?  0  for a one off? 5.  

Not long before this nonsense, I read somewhere in my news feed that someone else read on Andy’s twitter (This is all meant to sound EXACTLY as insane and as much like a old fashioned game of Operator as you’re reading!) that he said he would have played with Duran Duran in Ibiza had the tour not been cancelled.

Right about now, I’m wishing this blog had sound effects.  I’d have something like “Duh Duh DUH” play in the background.

I have to say that Andy Taylor has done more for the nostalgia factor for this band than Rio.  What I mean by that statement is that by Andy leaving the band back in the 80’s, many of us (this blogger included) waited, crossed our fingers and hoped for the day that he would come back to the band.  Call it the hope of youth, call it immaturity, call it whatever you’d like – there were a lot of fans that wanted the original five together forever.  That Rio would once again be played as the Fab 5.  That angels would get their wings, and that cats and dogs would live together in harmony.  World peace would finally arrive and we’d all live happily ever after once again.  Then, by an amazing bit of luck, our dreams came true.  Well…everything except the world peace part, and those angels – I’m really not sure about those.  A reunion took place, and Astronaut was our moment in the sun.   Then Andy left again.  Once again many people are thinking about sacrificing small animals, sending smoke signals and begging whatever band member that will give them the time of day to get Andy back.  Once again Rio, the first album AND Astronaut are seen as the end-all, and for that faction of fans who insist on living in hope that the world will once again come full circle and be perfect once again, and maybe this time world peace really will come right along with a full reunion of the Fab 5.  It’s the nostalgia of the idea that back when we believed the band was perfect, there were 5, and our guitar player of choice was Andy Taylor.

I really thought by now the fervor would have died down.  I guess I figured that the saying, “Fool me once, shame on me; fool me twice, shame on you” would have been taken to heart – and really, it was by a lot of people.  Many fans out there wouldn’t want Andy back.  I’m not quite in that camp myself, but there are many that are, and I really can’t blame them.  They’ve moved on, they deal with change well and probably even run with scissors occasionally.  (Something I’m afraid to do because the last time I tried – I literally punctured a hole in my foot. Not a joke.  I still remember screaming bloody murder when it happened – I was about 10 then!  Did I mention I’m a bit of a klutz?)  The funny thing is, there are a group of fans who are insistent – Duran Duran is only really Duran Duran with Andy.   That of course, isn’t up to me to decide.  I only report what I see and hear.

My only reason for blogging about this topic today is that I’m simply amazed that what – 5 years after the man left, we’re STILL asking about his return.  I suppose for some of us, we’ll never stop wanting.  I love Andy.  Always have.  I also feel strongly that if for whatever reason, he doesn’t want or can’t commit to being in the band the same way that the other four have done; or if he can’t or won’t work with the other four – that it’s for the best he’s not in the band.  I don’t concern myself these days with why he really left, because what’s done is done.  I guess for my own sanity, I’ve moved on.  I’m glad he came back and did the reunion because it was something very, very special that I’ll never forget, and yes – there is absolutely a part of me that misses him being on stage – but only when he was FULLY with the band.  I hate(d) watching the shows where he truly looks detached from the rest of them and seems to be going through the motions of playing his own show.  I can’t imagine that was easy for him, or for the others.  I don’t really know – but it’s very clear they weren’t all a cohesive unit, and for me, that’s not enough.

What’s even funnier is that I don’t ever hear or see people begging for Warren’s return in this same way.  Perhaps it’s because there are many, many fans who would call for the public flogging of those people.  Maybe it’s because Warren was the #2 guitarist – not the original.  I’m not sure.  I read the reminders from his fans that he was in the band longer than Andy, and that somehow entitles him to be able to trash Andy….which still ticks me off to this day, but yet it’s very clear to me that Warren doesn’t have the same outcry for a return that Andy does.  It’s fascinating.

I posted a comment in response to one of John’s tweets today on Facebook.  I think it was where he said that there was a 0 chance of Andy returning permanently but 5 (out of 10) for a one-off.  My comment?

“Let the Andy Taylor thing GO.”

Really.  Don’t you think it’s time?  Why or why not?  -R


To begin with, writing this blog for what is rapidly coming up on a year now has been a learning process.  When Amanda and I started writing, I’m not sure if either of us had a clear vision of what we were hoping to accomplish.  For my part, I was just hoping to be able to come up with a new topic each day.  Hopefully we haven’t rehashed topics too many times, and given the fact that our reader count has gone up significantly since day one, I have to believe we’ve done fairly well.  When I sit down each day, I rarely know exactly what I’m going to write about; and I never  know for sure how it will be received.  Playing that game each day is fairly akin to Russian Roulette – a game I have never envisioned myself playing.  Topics that I would believe to be fairly benign end up being firebeds for discussion, and other topics that I would like to believe get people thinking and talking (or responding in comment) seem to welcome the sound of crickets singing on a summer evening.

I’ve learned that my writing style is raw – I’m not the type to write first or second drafts.  What you see here is exactly what came out of my brain, through my fingers and onto the screen the first time.  I write in a very “train of thought” type of way, and I always have.  My college professors would all typically write the same thing on my papers, “This could have easily been an A if you’d had done a first draft.”  True, true….but then I wouldn’t have had time to go to that party last night.  Sadly these days I would need to respond saying “True, true, but then I wouldn’t have had time to do laundry, clean the house, take my kids to school, etc. etc. etc.”  I like writing this way for the most part, because I think there’s something very cleansing about my methods, but I’m also very much aware that sometimes what I hear myself saying in my head as I type isn’t exactly how it comes out in print without my voice to accompany it all.  That’s a problem I’m trying to work on.  Sometimes it works well, and other times, I get hate mail.  (or at least “I’m very disappointed with you, Rhonda” email!)

I’ve also learned that for every opinion that I have on any subject, there are 50,000 other dissenting ones – and for each of those opinions, they have 100,000 examples to prove why I’m wrong.  I love those because, truth be told here – I’m no Duran Duran expert.  I’m just a fan, I don’t know it all, hell – I don’t think I know MOST of it.  I just like to write and I hope you all like to read.  If I get one of you saying that you agree or felt something for what I wrote – I’m in good shape.  For the rest of you that insist on continuing to teach me a little something, I swear I’m learning as fast as I can.

I’ve found that I do have feelings, even after all of these years, and when someone comes to the blog purely to put Amanda and I down….it actually does still sting a bit.  I thoroughly enjoy those moments when they have the balls to tell us how incredibly ludicrous we are and how we must not even be fans due to something we said or how we said it, but then won’t even sign their own name to the comment.  That’s amusing, mostly because here we are, putting ourselves out there for scrutiny (which comes very often), and yet we’ve got some yahoo announcing how lame we are – and yes – we DO publish every comment whether we like ’em or not – but they wouldn’t dare sign their own name.  I guess those are the breaks when you’re writing a blog.  Not everyone is going to like you or agree with you, and while I don’t like it, I’m learning.  I’m also learning that it’s not always welcomed to argue my point with said commenters.  I’ve driven more than one person away from the blog by doing so.  Apparently being “touchy” about comments is not allowed.  *sigh*   I’m learning!  I do feel badly if I’ve driven someone away from reading though, because obviously, that’s not what we want.  I think though, that it’s sometimes very difficult to find the boundary between someone not appreciating something I’ve written versus feeling as though that person doesn’t like me.  It’s something I’ve had to really learn how to deal with this past year, and while I am by no means good at it yet – I’m getting better.

The bottom line here for me today is that this blog was created out of my thoughts, and of course Amanda’s thoughts – for whatever day it is that we’re writing.  It’s all about what being a fan is like on any given day, and how all of that mixes with our everyday lives.  Sometimes, we get it all right, and other days – we get it completely wrong for everyone except ourselves.  Sometimes, we have the right sentiment and the wrong words, and still other days we even have the wrong sentiment!  Our goal here is to share what we’re thinking – but in doing that we never wish to harm anyone with our thoughts or words.  It’s sometimes a very difficult and thin boundary.


UK Rehearsal tickets!!

I must admit that under normal circumstances, I am not a jealous person.  I find no joy in being jealous of other people – it serves no purpose other than to be unhappy, and while at one point in my life I may have been “happy” to settle for unhappy, that is no longer the case.  Jealousy has mean feelings at it’s root, and there’s just no room for that in my life. Envy is another case entirely for me, although I find that when I’m envious of someone – I don’t have malicious feelings towards the person.  I simply wish I could do the same!  There’s no ill will from me, because again – that’s just a waste of my energy.  I’m envious of those amongst us that have no real ties to people or things, and can travel at the drop of a hat.  I’m envious of the band in some ways, because they have seen much of the world in a way that I probably can’t imagine, and for those who know me, they wouldn’t be surprised I’m a little envious of the idea of going luxury all the way while doing so.  😉  I have no trouble being envious, yet very realistic and happy within my own set of circumstances.  I’m thrilled for those who can and do travel more than I.  I’m excited that the band is still able to travel the world doing what they love.  There have been many times during the course of my fandom that I’ve had to look away, or focus on something good and positive in my own circumstances here at home because so-and-so has been able to travel for weeks on end to see the band; someone else has been able to do VIP for every single show they’ve done; ….Roger Taylor has gotten to go to Sicily to DJ and posts pictures of his “view” laying by the pool…..but I digress!!  (yes Roger, I’m the one who posted a response that I’d been out school shopping at the mall while you were tanning by the pool, and yes I still sort of think you had the better gig this time!)   The grass is always greener on the other side (or much darker tan anyway!), and I try to remember that.  No one can do it all, and I am absolutely no exception.  I know for certain I’m not alone in that regard, which is why it completely pleases me to no end as well as makes me completely GREEN with envy that Duran Duran announced earlier this week that they were making tickets available for those in the UK to attend some “dress rehearsal” shows (so to speak) prior to the start of their All You Need is Now tour.

I live in the US.  Why on earth would I be pleased?  Well to begin with, I have friends in the UK.  I’m very excited for those people that they have the chance to buy tickets to those shows.  I understand that only those who have been members of DDM have the opportunity to buy those tickets, but to be fair, this is probably one of the only real “perks” I’ve seen in many, many months from DDM.  I may be one of the last Duranies left in the world to have the capacity to be happy for other people beside myself – given what I’ve seen and read lately on the boards – but you know, there’s always room for more.  It might make our little slice of the world a little happier if we can find it within ourselves to be happy for other people for a change.  It wasn’t that long ago that the UK, and all of Europe for that matter, found themselves without a single show for the entire summer.  I know that many of those UK folks were both thrilled to see that the tour had been rescheduled, but also slightly disappointed when the US dates were announced to take place prior to those UK dates.  It just felt a little bit like a knife being stuck into an open wound when the US dates were announced, and that’s coming from someone who lives here….AND has tickets to the UK shows in December.  Some are probably wondering why I would feel that way, and here’s why: the US already had the band here last spring.  It just seems a little, well, unfair to have them back here before they go anywhere else again.  Yes, yes, I know that these dates were likely in planning before the UK dates were rescheduled, and I know that they probably just had to roll with it rather than plan everything all over from square one.  I can chew gum and walk at the same time without tripping much, too!  I think that most people know and understand the circumstances, but still have the capacity to be a little disappointed and maybe even just a little bit weary.  I have to hand it to most of my British friends out there, they handled the announcements with class and kindness.

Flash ahead to this past Monday, when I saw an announcement from the band regarding tickets to UK “dress rehearsals”.  Now, I’m not going to lie here – when I saw the announcement, I yelled.  I believe my words were something along the line of , “You have got to be kidding me!!  Why, WHY don’t I live in England?!?”  Now, before you all burn me at the stake, immediately following my brief rant I said that I was glad the UK people were getting such an opportunity, and that’s the truth.  Hey, I said I wasn’t a jealous person – I never said anything about being a complete saint all of the time.  😉  Sure I’m envious!  I was there in May when Simon told us all there was no way he could the show at the O2.  I can’t even put into words how it felt watching the band arrive and then leave the rehearsal that day.  It was horrible and it’s something I hope I never see again.  Anyone who was there knows exactly what I mean, and if you weren’t there, trust me on this – it wasn’t fun.  I’m both glad and envious for the people who were there outside the rehearsal studio that day that will have the chance to hear Simon before the rest of us.  I wish I could be there right along with them, and I’m not a bit ashamed to say so.  My only hope is that any one of them, or all of them, will take a moment to put my fears to rest and let me know it’s safe to buy an airline ticket for December!   (Of course I’m also hoping to hear that Simon sounds even better than before – he deserves at least that much after all of this.)

At that point, it will be full steam ahead for the 3 B’s:  Brighton, Bournemouth and Birmingham.   What’s more – I have to mention that Amanda and I somehow managed to get seats in the basic location for all three shows.  We’re in either the 3rd or 4th row, right between Simon and Dom. How does that happen?!?  (even better?  The one show I’m attending in Valley Center…I’m in the 3rd row, again right between Simon and Dom.  Is there some sort of seat god out there that has determined that to be my spot then?!?)  No matter, Amanda and I are excited, and will be even more so when we get the good thumbs up from our fellow British Duranies who go to see the rehearsals!


Is it enough?

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a lovely week.  I’ve been on vacation with my family for the past week, during which I missed all sorts of exciting things like presales, complaints of ticket cost, venues, lack of venues….you know, all the same things that happen whenever a tour is announced!   Conversely, my week was spent camping in a trailer on a lake up in the Sierra’s near Mt. Shasta – and believe it or not, I loved it!  I had almost no internet connection, my cell reception was touchy, but I did send and receive texts fairly well.  (my husband is going to LOVE our cell bill this month!)  I spent my days floating in an inner tube on a lake, exploring the Mt. Shasta caverns and enjoying the peace and quiet that cannot possibly be found here in Southern California where I live.  I was able to contemplate to my hearts content over the impossibilities of the world, enjoy some much needed family time, and think realistically about the months ahead.  While we were gone, much happened in the world.  The stock market thought it had become a roller coaster, chaos broke out in London, a ridiculous beginning presidential “poll” took place….and the list goes on, all of which providing the opportunity for discussion between my husband and I regarding finances.  (Depending upon your point of view here you should either be hearing the tune from Twilight Zone or something akin to chords that would indicate Doomsday in your head)

It was brought to my attention that during this past year, I’ve spent “quite a large sum of money” on a certain band that probably doesn’t need to be named.  (hint: the name of the blog is the Daily Duranie)  I’m not exactly sure how it was assumed that this fact passed me by – but I digress.  The reality is, this has been an expensive year, and now that they’ve once again resumed announcing concert dates, I may have quite possibly bought more tickets to shows that are local to my general area.  (that means that I do not currently have tickets in hand to attend any shows that I would need to board a plane to attend)   The question “is this really necessary” was indeed posed, and the fact is – I’m not sure I can even answer.  Truth be told, had the UK shows gone off in May as intended, my agreement with my husband was that I would be satisfied with those shows, and I really felt that while yes – I’d still love to to go to more – the responsible side of me (which is indeed MUCH smaller than the wild, irresponsible side that loves Duran Duran concerts) knew that I would need to curtail such activity.  The trouble of course is that those shows in May did not take place.  I instead found myself in London, staring into a very VERY large ice cream sundae at Marks and Spencer.  I came back home realizing that my dream, my ultimate fantasy, was not yet realized, and I wasn’t going to give up.  I think some of my first words off of the plane as I walked towards my husband and children were “There is NO way I’m missing out on the rescheduled shows when they announce them”, an odd sort of greeting, I know.   When the shows were rescheduled and announced, Amanda and I sorted the shows, understanding that our time was extremely limited and that we’d have to get the most “bang for our buck”, so to speak.  So, tickets were bought, and tickets were sold.  We’ve now got a plan that puts us, no joke at all, in the same basic seats for each of the three shows were now planning to attend in December.  That means that Simon and/or Dom, (any of them if they care to look in our direction) will see us in the 3rd or 4th row right in front of them in Brighton, Bournemouth and Birmingham.  It’s a little bizarre to be sitting in the same basic place for all of the shows, and no, we didn’t plan it that way, but our lives are indeed odd that way!   Then of course, the US dates were announced just before I left on vacation.  Presales happened last week, and once again – I bought more tickets.  This time, I have tickets to two shows: Nokia Theater, and Valley Center.   I think at this point, my husband truly believes there’s a problem.  He doesn’t quite understand this necessity I have to see more.  He asked me if this was really necessary, and then he asked me if it would ever be enough.

Honestly in my opinion he’d have a better chance of getting a real and completely truthful answer out of me if he’d asked me what my theories were regarding world peace.  Those two questions are nearly impossible for me to answer.  I suppose the truth is that no, the shows are never necessary.  I’m certainly not going to die if I miss a show.  I went many, many years without going to shows because I couldn’t afford them, and circumstances didn’t allow me to attend.  I don’t really have a real, paying job that requires my attendance at the shows, and I definitely don’t get paid for being there.  Or not being there, for that matter!  That said, the shows make me happy.  I do feel as though going to shows is a sort of escape and it’s the one thing that I do that is for me.  On the other hand though, I think it’s very important to note that seeing the band is not the only thing in the world that makes me happy.  It’s one of many.  So, are the shows necessary?  Probably not.   I’m a mom.  I know that when I chose to become a mom, I agreed to put the wants and needs of three others before my own, and I do that on a very regular basis.  Most of the time I can do this without even thinking, but there are times – specifically when things come up that conflict or interfere with what’s going on here at home, that I will have a fleeting feeling of unfairness wash over me.  Then I move on, because that’s what has to be done.  Are the shows necessary?  No.

The second question is more difficult to answer, mainly because I really don’t know the answer.  Will it ever be enough?  Will there ever be a moment where I know I’m done.   Will I get to a point where I’ve seen and experienced all that I want to see?  I don’t know.  All I do know here is that I have had friends who died before they ever experienced even HALF of what they wanted to experience I’m sure, and yet I’ll bet in their dying moment they didn’t sit back and ponder “Gosh, maybe I shouldn’t have gone to that last concert!”  My own father was  infamous for saying “Someday I’d like to __________, once I’ve got that __________ bill paid”  Funny.  That moment never came for him.  I highly doubt that as he lay in that hospital bed, sedated beyond measure, that the thought came to him that he shouldn’t have taken that Mexican cruise with all of us just 3 years prior.  I know he and my mom were still paying for that up until the day he passed away.  No, I really doubt he was thinking that.  More likely he was thinking about how he should have done more when he had the chance.  I suppose one could take the other point of view – I have friends who have decided they’re done with Duran Duran.  They’ve gotten sick of them, they openly compare the band to whatever other band is touring at the time, they talk about how much better X band treats fans, etc. etc.  I guess in those cases, they’ve had enough.  The trouble is, I don’t know that someone ever knows they’ve had enough until they’ve already gotten past that point.  I really don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at my husband and say with all certainty and seriousness that “this is my last show”, at least not until I’ve gone to that show and felt as though I was done.   Is it ever going to be enough?   I don’t know.

Here’s what I do know:  next week, my son will have braces put on.  That’s going to cost some money.  My little one will be in preschool three mornings a week for the next school year which begins in September.  My oldest has school tuition coming due that has gone up quite a bit from last year, and she has another production starting soon that will have to be paid for if I can squeeze the extra cost out of my budget.  In less than four years, my oldest will be applying to college, and along with that expense comes the visits to colleges she’s interested in, and all of the glory that goes along with being a senior in high school.  Oh and yes, there’s the little joy of enrolling in drivers ed, getting a drivers license and earning a car.  As you all know, the requests for money just do not stop.   I know that if I don’t do any of this now, I probably won’t have the chance again.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my friends and my dad who have now passed on, it’s that you shouldn’t wait.

Balance and how to make it work.  There should be a class!  -R

What’s the priority?!

Before I get started on today’s blog post, let me acknowledge my excitement about having my blog partner return to the fold tomorrow.  Rhonda has been on vacation, which has generally left me to the blog duties.  I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy them but we are two people for a reason!  It’s hard work and time consuming!  Anyway, I’m glad that she will be back and hope that she had a simply wonderful time!

The dust seems to have settled from most of the North American presales and sales, generally.  Of course, there are still a few shows left to go on sale, most notably, Boston and New York City.  Interestingly enough, there still is no official word about the venue for NYC or what is going to make the show special.  Ugh.  Don’t they realize that a lot of people are anxiously awaiting the news.  Yes, the rumor is that the show will be in Madison Square Garden, which I admit would be pretty cool.  Anyway, as the rest of the shows have settled down, people are starting to talk about other topics beside presales and tickets.  One topic that I have seen come up more than once is the need for Duran to do publicity during this upcoming North American tour.  This idea bothers me.

While I realize that many fans are concerned about album sales, chart positions, etc., I don’t think we or the band should be focusing there.  Are we really that quick to forget a few months ago when none of us really knew if Simon was going to be able to sing again and, if he did, how long before he was capable?  While I’m sure that there were still people talking about record sales and the charts, those comments were drowned out by the louder, more numerous voices of concern about Simon’s health.  Where are those voices now?  Do we no longer care about Simon’s well-being now that he appears to be well or getting well?  Or is it that we, fans, have short-term memory disorders?

Personally, I don’t want Simon out there doing the talk show circuit because I can’t imagine one of them in which he wouldn’t HAVE to sing.  Goodness, wouldn’t that be the point?  Duran appears on talk shows in order to perform, in order to advertise their album?  How would this be good for Simon?  Frankly, I’m concerned that these tour dates are too close together and that there are too many of them.  It seems to be that they were trying to get away from doing three show in a row and yet, they have some dates like that on this tour.  Is the tour going to put Simon at risk to re-injury himself?  If so, what will the damage be this time?  How long will it take to heal, assuming that it can be?  Then, there are fans who would like him to do more performing, put him at more risk?  I don’t get it.  Shouldn’t the top priority be Simon’s health?  In connection to that, shouldn’t we be focused on the band having the ability to continue?  Shouldn’t album sales be one of the last things to worry about? 

I’m sure that these fans would say that they are only wanting the best for the band and that they want them to have commercial success.  Maybe they are, but it seems to me that some fans are just too worried about how commercially successful Duran is.  Are they worried that it looks badly on them to be fans of a band that isn’t selling well?  Are they concerned that their opinion about AYNIN will be lessened if it doesn’t do well in the charts?  Is it really about the band or is it about the fans and fans concern about how THEY will be perceived?  Yes, I know that some will claim that the more commercial success Duran has, the longer they will continue.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  I’m not in the band.  I don’t know what matters to them in order to continue.  That said, I bet that if Simon is pushed too hard and he injuries himself again, it won’t matter where AYNIN or Girl Panic is in the charts.  It may mean the end of Duran.  To me, lack of commercial success seems trivial, seem VERY unimportant compared to the end of Duran’s and Simon’s career, in particular. 


The Daily Duranie 30 Day Challenge Answers!

On the last day of the 30 Day Duran Challenge, we bring you our answers and the popular answers from all of you!

Day 1:  Your favorite Duran Duran Song
Rhonda’s response:  Today it is going to have to be Red Carpet Massacre because I’m in that sort of mood!  😀
Amanda’s response:  Planet Earth because that song has always done it for me!
Most popular answer:  Save a Prayer

Day 2:  Your favorite Duran Duran Video
Rhonda’s response:  New Moon on Monday.  I’ll take any version I can find!
Amanda’s response:  New Moon on Monday.  I loved the storyline, the fact that they talked and they all looked so good!
Most popular answer:  Save a Prayer

Day 3:  The one song off of an album that should have been a single but wasn’t!
Rhonda’s choice:  Nice
Amanda’s pick:  Hold Back the Rain.  It is my second favorite song!
Most popular answer:  Nice

Day 4:  The most underrated Duran Duran song (must be officially released-no demos!)
Rhonda’s selection:  The list is long but today I will go with Finest Hour off of Astronaut.  I don’t think that many Duran fans “took”to the song, but it spoke volumes to me at the time and I really love it!
Amanda’s pick:  Red Carpet Massacre.  I love when Simon’s lyrics seem to be obvious but really could be about something else. 
Most popular choice:  Serious

Day 5:  Demo that should have made it to an album
Rhonda’s answer:  My #1 pick is Virus, although I know it made it to the Japanese album so that doesn’t count.  So my #2 pick has to be Salt in the Rainbow,…although I really do like that Air Studios version of Tel Aviv, too…;)
Amanda’s selection:  Salt in the Rainbow.  I fell in love with those lyrics!
Most popular response:  Beautiful Colours

Day 6:  Song that shouldn’t have made it past the editing room floor
Rhonda’s pick:  Night Runner.  It’s incredibly boring and quite honestly-the band is better than Timbaland decided to make them sound on this one.
Amanda’s choice:  Zoom In.  Really?  Lyrics about Second Life and being avatars?  Musically, it doesn’t work for me, either.  *shudders*
Most popular answer:  911 is a Joke

Day 7:  The most overrated Duran Duran song or video
Rhonda’s answer:  I have to remind myself that the word is OVERRATED not hated (by me).  I’m going to commit what I’m sure is blasphemy here to fans and say that in my opinion, Ordinary World hits this mark.  Yes, it’s a good song, but no – it was NOT the band’s “moment”.  They written so much more than this…
Amanda’s pick:  Come Undone.  Like Rhonda feels about Ordinary World, I feel about this one.  Of course, it probably doesn’t help that I have seen Simon licks his fingers.  Ewww…
Most popular response:  The Reflex (how do you like that, Jessica?!)

Day 8:  The video/song with the best storyline
Rhonda’s choice:  This is a tough one for me!  I hate going with the most obvious so I’m going with a song (no video), and it’s the Sun Doesn’t Shine Forever!
Amanda’s selection:  Falling Down.  Again, too many people took this video on a surface level and there is so much there!  It is brilliant!
Most popular answer:  Nightboat

Day 9:  The video/song with the worst storyline
Rhonda’s answer:  Nightboat.  Yes, I know it has a storyline, but I always thought it was lame, even though when I was 12 and saw the video for the first time, I thought it was SO cool to hear them speak!
Amanda’s response:  Mars Meets Venus.  I obviously went with a song on this one.  Really?  We couldn’t think of anything else to write about?!
Most popular pick:  Tie between Is There Something I Should Know and Electric Barbarella

Day 10:  John’s best song or video
Rhonda’s choice:  I could answer this two ways, but I’ve chosen to go with a John solo piece as opposed to his work on Sound of Thunder for Duran Duran.  I’ve chosen Hey Day because I think he really had to search himself to write the lyrics, admit some painful lessons learned, and present them positively.  I love this song.
Amanda’s answer:  Spirit of the Times.  To me, John does a tremendous job describing his personal history in a song from where he was to where he was at that time.  Love it!
Most popular response:  I Do What I Do

Day 11:  Johns’ worst song or video
Rhonda’s answer:  I must echo the sentiments of countless others and say Do You Believe in Shame.  Thank goodness our John got well and is here with us.  🙂
Amanda’s pick:  There are lots and lots of ants.  Seriously, John?  What the heck?!
Most popular selection:  Do You Believe in Shame

Day 12:  Your least favorite video
Rhonda’s answer:  My pick has to be the Chauffeur.
Amanda’s response:  Electric Barbarella.  It’s so obvious.  They did exactly what they never said that they would and follow the lyrics so much.  Ugh.
Most popular pick:  Someone Else Not Me

Day 13:  If I never heard _________________ again, it would be too soon.
Rhonda’s selection:  I’m going with Night Runner for this one, although I’m sick to death of Hungry Like the Wolf.  My reasoning is simple:  I can stomach HLTW, but I have trouble forcing myself not to throw things at the band when they play Night Runner.
Amanda’s choice:  Hungry Like the Wolf.  So overdone.  It isn’t the best song of theirs but the number of times I have heard it has killed whatever like was there.
Most popular answer:  Hungry Like the Wolf (Take note band!)

Day 14:  Your favorite Duran Duran performance clip
Rhonda’s answer:  Not even a contest here for me-it’s Late Bar live at Songbook.  I would absolutely die if they ever played at a show where I was in attendance.  (Hint to the band:  I’m going to Brighton, Bournemouth and Birmingham…!!!)  You could be rid of me in one fell swoop!
Amanda’s pick:  Wild Boys from Live from London.  It has it all-JoSi, Andy’s windmill, Simon’s goofy punches!
Most popular response:  Tie between Wild Boys in Working for the Skin Trade, Save a Prayer from Amnesty International in ’87, All She Wants Is from Hong Kong in ’89 (Holy JoSi, Batman!), and Late Bar from Songbook.

Day 15:  Your favorite YouTube clip (talk show appearance, performance, interview…)
Rhonda’s pick:  There are many, but I have to go with A Day in the Life of.
Amanda’s answer:  The Jonathon Ross interview from 2004.  He was able to hit the nail on the head with the band’s history and do it with humor!
Most popular response:  Tie between Simon’s 50th birthday and Nick’s stolen moments

Day 16:  Favorite song you’ve never them play live
Rhonda’s answer:  I must go with Late Bar again.  I realize that I’ve already used this answer, but I’m bending my own rules here because although I’ve heard them play it live, I’ve never been there to see it.  It’s on “my bucket list”!!!
Amanda’s response:  Late Bar.  Great minds think alike here.  Plus, it would be funny to see Rhonda turn into a puddle of goo!
Most popular selection:  Shadows Are on Your Side, which is fascinating as this question was asked for the band started rehearsing!  Well done, boys!

Day 17:  Least favorite song you’ve heard them play live
Rhonda’s response:  Skin Divers, but only because I’ve used Night Runner twice!!
Amanda’s pick:  Night Runner.  So not Duran.  Period.  End of story.
Most popular choice:  Hungry Like the Wolf.  Seriously, boys, you really might want to shelve this one for awhile!

Day 18:  Simon’s best song or video
Rhonda’s selection:  I’m going with Election Day.  The video.  Anyone who knows me knows why!
Amanda’s pick:  Before the Rain.  Absolutely beautiful lyrics. 
Most popular response:  Ordinary World

Day 19:  Simon’s worst song or video
Rhonda’s pick:  All She Wants Is.  Have you seen it???  Then you’d know why I’m answering this way!!!
Amanda’s response:  Do You Believe in Shame?  Same reason Rhonda chose ASWI.  LOL
Most popular answer:  A View to a Kill during Live Aid

Day 20:  The video you always forget about, but then see again and say, “Oh, I LOVE that video!”
Rhonda’s answer:  I don’t watch videos all that often, so this list is probably longer than necessary for me, but I have to say that I feel that way about Lonely in Your Nightmare the most!
Amanda’s pick:  Serious.  Love the gum chewing Nick and the JoSi is adorable!
Most popular response:  Lonely in Your Nightmare

Day 21:  The one song you hear that always brings a smile to your face and a memory of a show you’ve seen
Rhonda’s selection:  Tiger Tiger.  I saw them play this live in Chicago in 2005 and it remains the one moment where I really allowed my head and my heart to explode in the splendor of Duran Duran.  🙂  Good times!!!
Amanda’s choice:  Skin Trade.  Did anyone else see that dance in the summer of 2009?  Everytime I see a clip of it, I laughed my head off.  Seriously funny stuff!
Most popular pick:  Tie:  Friends of Mine, Skin Trade, A View to a Kill, White Lines and Secret Oktober

Day 22:  Song or video that most quickly transports you back to when you first discovered the band and fell in love
Rhonda’s answer:  The Reflex video, without a doubt!
Amanda’s choice:  The Reflex, if you read my how I became a fan post, you know why!
Most popular selection:  Planet Earth

Day 23:  Roger’s best song or video
Rhonda’s pick:  Planet Earth, hands down.  If you don’t know what moment – you’ve obviously missed the first 20 seconds of the video!
Amanda’s response:  Roger’s Sunrise video.  Come on.  Hotel room.  In bed.  Enough said.
Most popular answer:  Tie between Sunrise video and Rio

Day 24:  Roger’s worst song or video
Rhonda’s pick:  Hungry Like the Wolf.  Yeah, sure, I could have gone with ITSISK or even NMOM due to the dancing at the end or maybe even Serious but it was the one song that he SHOULD have played on but didn’t (hey, I’m a Roger girl, through and through!) instead I went with the obvious – a certain moment of HLTW when he shouldn’t have been kissed!  😀
Amanda’s response:  Nightboat.  Why leave Roger back?  He should have gotten away!
Most popular choice:  Is There Something I Should Know?

Day 25:  The song that makes you feel guilty (guilty pleasure or dirty thoughts!)
Rhonda’s answer:  Easy answer.  Serious.  Why?  I love that song with a passion and yet MY drummer wasn’t on it, didn’t appear in the video, and I even think Sterling looks good.  Sorry Roger!!!
Amanda’s choice:  Bedroom Toys.  Obvious answer with some of the silliest lyrics ever!
Most popular selection:  Bedroom Toys

Day 26:  The video or moment within a video that makes you laugh
Rhonda’s pick:  If I hadn’t answered with Serious yesterday I’d use that one, but instead I’ll go with Is There Something I Should Know – and it’s the moment where they sing, “Don’t say you’re easy on me, you’re about as easy as a nuclear war.”  To this DAY I still see people doing the motions when they sing it live, and that point in the video always makes me laugh. Then, at the end of the video, I have to chuckle because it’s so clear that Roger HATES when the focus is on him when he’s singing along.  Poor guy…that’s why you get paid the big bucks!  😉
Amanda’s choice:  The horse knocking into Simon in New Moon on Monday.  Who doesn’t laugh at that assuming that the horse was okay… ;D
Most popular answer:  A View to a Kill, including Simon’s acting (Bon…Simon LeBon!), blind Andy checking out the women, and Nick’s ear piece.

Day 27:  The Duran song that describes you best
Rhonda’s response:  I think that right now, I most identify with AYNIN.  Not sure that it really describes me, but I’m learning to live in the moment and enjoy the here and now.  That’s hard to do when you have kids and responsibilities, but I try!  It’s a great message!!!
Amanda’s answer:  She’s Too Much.  I do dive into things “head first”. 
Most popular pick:  A Matter of Feeling

Day 28:  Nick’s best song or video
Rhonda’s selection:  I’m going with a song on this one, and I have to say that I love his work on Planet Earth so much.  He stays in the background yet does the best job at creating ambience and a mood.  It’s before their egos got the best of them, and I just love the simplicity of what he brought to the song.
Amanda’s choice:  Is There Something I Should Know?  I could have become a Nick girl if he was always this adorable!  Loved the hair color on him!
Most popular answer:  Save a Prayer

Day 29:  Nick’s worst song or video
Rhonda’s answer:  I’m going with Zoom In on this one.  Not only are the lyrics horrible, but his synths overpower every other instrument in the song…as if there really ARE any.  I can’t stand it.
Amanda’s pick:  Medazzaland.  Was this a good idea?  Ever?
Most popular choice:  Medazzaland

Day 30:  The one song you will never tire of hearing live
Rhonda’s pick:  There really are many on this list, but I have to go with Rio.  I love the song, and it makes me happy to hear it and I never get sick of it even though they play it at every single show.
Amanda’s selection:  Careless Memories.  This is one song that really rocks live and gets the crowd going every single time it is played.
Most popular answer:  So far…Careless Memories

That’s it!  We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did!

-A & R

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