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Paper Gods – Daily Duranie Reviews

As a treat, Amanda and I decided that we’d do the review of Paper Gods as another video, the link is below.  We tried to be succinct with the actual review; but this is a warning to get yourself a snack and a beverage, and don’t blame us for being willing to dig a little deeper into the meaning of Paper Gods!

-A & R


4 thoughts on “Paper Gods – Daily Duranie Reviews”

  1. Think its really interesting what you guys were saying about the lyrics etc. Especially having listened to Simon’s view on the initial writing of them in the interview with @Fresh1027NY yesterday, I thought the song was quite deep and dark on first listen (using earbuds!)


  2. What a thoughtful review. I loved the song on first listen and listening to the review gives me an even deeper appreciation. I think you’ve hit the nail right on the head when you say that Duran has never really got its due for its artistry. The press seems to focus on the “pop star” stuff — let’s hearken back to the recent Billboard article.

    I’ve been thinking alot about this lately… Recently I watched the documentary “Who the F**K Is Arthur Fogel” — (CEO of the Global Touring division of Live Nation Entertainment ). He’s worked a lot with U2 (I can hear Rhonda groan, that’s okay). So I wondered… why U2 got so big, and Duran didn’t? Was it because music critics took them more seriously because they weren’t so good looking? (enter huge discussion… I am sure its more complicated than that) I’ve always sensed that Duran’s status of pinup — while it shot them to stardom, became a monkey on their back at a certain point… and perhaps the press was not always willing to let that go? Anyway… point being… I think the creative force behind Duran has always been underrated by the press.

    Great review! Enjoyed the banter and the musings on the new song. It will be interesting to come back later and see how opinions change/stay over time. I think alot depends on the rest of the album, and how Paper Gods fits in (or not)

    Thrilled to have it on my iphone so I can crank it in the car!

    1. I completely concur that much of the problem with Duran Duran has been critics and the media completely dismissed them for their artistry because teenage girls liked them…and what could girls possibly know about music? Hell, we STILL get criticized in that matter here on this very blog entirely too often. I think the media still forces them into that box, and it’s annoying. They’ve outlasted many who were NOT pinups at one point, so to continue and try to browbeat that issue is just dumb. So I see your and champion your point(s).


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