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Now, that we are less than one week away from the actual release date of Duran’s latest album, I have been going through all of the purchasing options to try and figure out which are the best ones.  After all, like many of you, I really, really, really want to have all of the possible songs I can get.  Duran’s team is smart on this front as they know this.  They know that Duranies will buy multiple copies in order to get all of the songs from the album.  Therefore, different songs are available on different options.  You can’t buy just one version to get all songs.  You have to buy at least 2.  Now, I’m sure that there are many out there reading this or investigating the same thing who are annoyed, angered, frustrated by this.  I could certainly be that way, but instead, I choose to look at this as a bit of a puzzle that is fun to solve.  I also look at it as a smart business move to get more copies sold.  I can’t blame them on that, especially since it is my choice to buy or not to.

So, what options are out there and which are the best ones, you might ask.  Here’s what I came up with, but, in fairness, I’m sure that I am missing some.  I also am not sure what is available in the UK and other countries outside of the US.  I would love to know, though, so please share so that I can pass the info along to our readers!  I will compare 5 options:  Regular edition (CD or digital), Deluxe Edition (CD or digital), Vinyl, Japanese Version or the Target store version.

Songs Available     Regular     Deluxe     Vinyl     Japanese      Target  

Paper Gods                  Yes              Yes             Yes               Yes                  Yes

Last Night in..City    Yes              Yes             Yes                Yes                 Yes

You Kill…Silence       Yes               Yes            Yes                 Yes                 Yes

Pressure Off              Yes                Yes           Yes                  Yes                 Yes

Face for Today          Yes                Yes           Yes                  Yes                 Yes

Danceophobia          Yes                Yes            Yes                 Yes                 Yes

What are..Chances  Yes              Yes             Yes                 Yes                 Yes

Sunset Garage            Yes              Yes            Yes                  Yes                 Yes

Change..Skyline         Yes              Yes            Yes                 Yes                  Yes

Butterfly Girl              Yes               Yes            Yes                 Yes                 Yes

Only in Dreams          Yes              Yes            Yes                 Yes                 Yes

Universe Alone          Yes              Yes            Yes                  Yes                Yes

Planet Roaring            No              Yes            No                   Yes                 No

Valentine Stone         No               Yes            No                   Yes                No

Northern Light           No               Yes            No                   Yes                No

On Evil Beach            No                 No            No                   Yes                Yes

Cinderella Ride        No                 No            No                    No                 Yes

Based on this chart above, which version(s) you buy, depends on what you are interested in.  If you just want the basic 12 tracks, you can buy any of the versions.  If you want the bonus tracks, you would be best to buy the deluxe edition (either on cd or digitally) and then the Target version for the other two bonus tracks.  At least, this is how I see it.

Did I miss anything?  Did I get this right?  Did I miss a song?


15 thoughts on “Paper Gods Options!”

  1. Thanks for this information. I will go with your advice so I can get all the songs. Before reading this, I was a bit confused about the various versions.

  2. I saw something online about a track called “As Seen From a Distance” plus a night and instrumental version of “Pressure Off”. Do you know where these will be available?

    1. I believe that you can get the deluxe edition, in terms of songs, elsewhere (Amazon, for example). If you want the extras (stickers, fortune teller), then you should go through Warner. -A

    1. I hadn’t heard that one prior to today and I completely agree, JamesB! I think they saved some of the very best gems to be bonus tracks. So pleased! -R

  3. I got the version sold at Target, which has two of the bonus tracks (On Evil Beach and Cinderella Ride). The Japanese version has the other four. That’s next, when I get the money!

      1. Thank you so much for the reply. I didn’t get a notification, and just logged on in order to see whether someone answered to my question. Since there’s no download, I think I’m going to order the box bundle from the DD site. Love the songs, didn’t expect them to return in such a grand manner. Thanks again.

          1. Well, sure can’t, this is pretty fantastic. So glad I got to purchase this. Only complain is the lack of booklet (there SHOULD be one in all releases), other than that, this is one of the most worthy purchases I did this year (and there were many). Thanks for your help, greetings 🙂

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