Parachutes, Sparkly Pants, Froggies and Diamonds…

How about that Facebook Digital Premiere of A Diamond in the Mind?

Rhonda and Amanda spent their afternoons glued to our computers, cell phones, iPads, Facebook, Twitter and who knows what else watching the premiere.  There is much to be said, applauded, lauded and laughed over….which will be done in tomorrow’s edition of Daily Duranie.  We hope you’ll check it out and laugh with us.

In the meantime, we are putting out a personal appeal – did you see it?  What did you think?  Here is your chance to sound off!  Send us a comment here, Facebook, or Twitter.  We want to hear from you!!

Until tomorrow, may your dreams include sparkly pants, tambourines, leopards, guitar picks, drumsticks and a generous helping of JoSi.

Rhonda & Amanda

2 thoughts on “Parachutes, Sparkly Pants, Froggies and Diamonds…”

  1. Hello from Pirituba, Brazil. Can you hear me now? This is Planet Earth… and I could connect with many fans around the world in real time, like Nick Rhodes commented before, if you were in 69 it wasn´t possible!
    Well, I´m not expert to write good and long lines about DD by the way when I read this opportunity to talk about DD Premiere I was excited…. I think ADITM brings to us among other things the strong energy between DD and audience over these 30 years, this energy is more powerful nowadays no matter if you´re married, your age, country … we were connected through DD songs… and why?
    When they decided to record this show live I thought… why after long time??? My doubts and fear about internet security and other things go away this week when I had some extra ordinaries experiences, for example, I could read here some important topics – how we could access to VIP Area without problems hacked account mentioned in article: I take the dice… or a Diamond… or just a piece of cake dedicated to fans around the world like me, or when a duranie fan Marie Anthony paid the access to me on Premiere. I asked to myself again why?
    Well one thing I have certain now….. the music is between us definitely and the boundary lines were broken today, one day that a thousand fans in different countries stayed connected to celebrate what the best band on Planet Earth could offers to us: your song, professionalism and attention with their fans. No matter your culture, life style, language, religion, whenever you´re… we´re reunited to sole purpose: celebrate this moment when the future of music scene and internet were re-defined today.
    At last, I think an artist has always to be a step forward with his time. Consequently this time is right now to Duran Duran! – And is there something I should say?

    Brazilian greetings!
    Diana da Cruz – @duranice

  2. Hi Diana!!! Welcome to our little piece of the internet world! Glad that you were able to tune into the premiere – I too think it's amazing that we were able to all come together today and celebrate this crazy little band. 🙂

    The show really was fabulous, wasn't it? It definitely brought back some great memories for me, and I'm sure for you as well – it wasn't too terribly long ago that they came to visit Brazil! I'm hoping they make another trip there on the NEXT tour for the NEXT album – because I'm really hoping I can make a trip down there myself!

    So glad you enjoyed it, and even more so that you took the time to come here and share your thoughts! Thank you! -R

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