Pictures, rules and nostalgia

Lately I’ve been reading books about MTV.  I already finished one, and I’m starting a couple more this week, all of which will likely be used as some sort of research for the blog and book writing.  I must admit, the reading has been wonderfully nostalgic thus far.  I love reading the tidbits about various videos I haven’t seen in years (and then looking them up on YouTube to refresh my memory!), and I suppose that reading has gotten me in a bit of a mood to think back a bit.

As I was getting ready for the day this morning, for some reason I thought about pictures, or rather, my lack of pictures with the members of Duran Duran.  I have a dear friend here in California who “obsession” (so to speak) is to go to the various award shows – Golden Globes, Oscars, etc.  Yesterday were the SAG awards, and I’m sure I’m due an email with her photo file from the night.  She’s attended several awards now, gone to the after parties and things, and has pictures with everyone from Brad Pitt to John Stamos.  I’m always astonished when she sends me her latest photos from the award shows, and I’m pretty sure every single time I see them (and giggle over them with her) I yelp “I can’t even believe you have a photo with _____________, I’ve been a fan of Duran Duran for 30 years now and don’t have a single one with ANY of them!!!”  To which she always says, “I know.  What IS your problem, Rhonda?”  (good question.  I’ve no single answer to that.)   She was highly disappointed with me after my return from the UK, as she had put me on notice that I wasn’t to return to the US without at least one photo.  I failed miserably.

As I thought about that lack of pictures, I remembered that for me – it was only just after the reunion that I’d ever gotten a picture (that I had taken on my own camera) of ANY of them.  Back in the 80’s & 90’s, I couldn’t really attend many concerts – just one in 1989 and then another in 1993, and in those days – cameras weren’t really allowed into the venues.  Sure, people probably snuck them in, but I never did.  I took “no cameras” to be gospel, and followed the rules.  I’m a good kid, but being well-behaved never got anyone anywhere, did it?  I still have a hard time “breaking” rules to this day, which explains why I still do not have pictures with the band.  I don’t go hanging out waiting for them outside of theater doors, I refuse to intrude on their privacy after the shows….and as a result tons of my friends have photos with them that I do not.  You’d think I’d learn.

It wasn’t until after the reunion at a show in San Diego at 4th and B theater that I ever took pictures at a concert.  I remember that night, being SO thrilled that my husband snuck a disposable camera into the theater (actually, I’m not even sure if he had to sneak it…but he kept it tucked into his jacket all the same), and just before the show, presented it to me.  I think I genuinely squealed when I saw it.  When the band came on stage, I couldn’t get very good shots, so my husband started taking the pictures for me – and that practice of his being the photographer while I’m enjoy the show continues to this very day.  I was so excited to see those pictures – I remember taking the camera to have the pictures developed, and when we got the photos back, I was shocked at how lousy they were.  A disposable camera just didn’t do the band justice.  That said, I proudly scrapbooked the pictures, and still have the doubles somewhere.  After that, it became standard to take a camera to the show, and I worked harder and harder at getting good pictures.  For a while I took my good Canon Rebel (both the film and the digital SLR’s…at different times of course) to the shows, but then security started to tighten up on cameras, and I was told a couple of times that it was a professional camera.  I laugh about that, because if they saw my pictures – they’d no I’m no professional.  In any way. At. All.  That said, I stopped bringing the big Canon after the Voodoo show because I got tired of carrying it around.  I use a small Canon point and shoot now, and I’ve learned to take pictures during my “less than favorite” songs.  I’ll let you all guess which ones those might include…

Speaking of nostalgia, one of the things I’ve always wondered about nearly constantly since I was ten or eleven and first discovered the band was what it must be like (or been like) to actually live in England and have more access to the band.  Here in the states, we had relatively little unless they were touring or were here doing press.  We didn’t live near them on a daily basis, and so naturally we didn’t have quite the same familiarity with them as other fans might in England.  No matter how often I talk to fans from the UK, I just think it’s nearly impossible to really get a good sense of what it must have been like to be able to hop on the tube and get to their studios or homes. (even though we all know that the information might have been difficult to come by unless you knew whom to talk with…)  Well, my friend Michelle kept a diary of her Duran Duran adventures back in the 80’s.  She’s used this diary to begin her own blog, and I encourage everyone to go visit and read!  I found myself giggling away while reading this morning…and as soon as I’m finished blogging, I’m going back for more.

You can find The Duran Diaries here.  Read away!!

I know that often times, there’s a sort of rivalry…implied or otherwise…between the US and UK fans.  The fact is, we have had very different experiences from one another.  There is plenty of joy, exasperation, excitement and even moments of disappointment, to be shared amongst all of us.  It’s my hope that those who read Daily Duranie and the Duran Diaries can embrace all of what is offered without judgement.

Happy Monday everyone!  

5 thoughts on “Pictures, rules and nostalgia”

  1. I don't get the pointless “rivalry” between US and UK fans. I see it (especially on DDM), but it seems so unnecessary. I mean both countries get a massive amount of shows. When the US complain that the UK get fan shows, or the UK complain that the US fans get a radio show M and G, and some of us get nothing, it all seems a little petty as an observer.

    As for getting pics – well you got to have a concert/promo visit in your country to get those eh? But that's another matter.

    All the best.

  2. I really don't know what to say about the rivalry, mainly because I don't personally feel any of that. I have friends in the UK and I'm happy when the band does special things for them. Sure, I wish I could be there to see and hear some of it. I know that some of them wished that they could come here as well. It happens and we can't all do everything. I just know that the rivalry exists, and I think at least some of it is due to that nasty competitive nature between fans. I think that since the band is obviously from England and yet has spent quite a bit of time here over the years, there is some sort of urge from either side to claim them as their own.

    As for the rest, I do understand where you're coming from. The trouble is – I have no control over what parts of the world the band visits or doesn't visit. I just comment on what I know. I can understand feeling put off about it, but I really don't know can be done, although the complaints are heard loud and clearly here. I must say though that while both Amanda and I are empathetic, we have at least one person post a very pointed comment about how we (the US) get so many shows all the time. We get it. Our blog isn't intended to be a brag book waved in anyone's face, but on the same token – this IS a blog about being fans. Our experiences include going to shows and things of that nature. That doesn't mean we think we're better than anyone else. I honestly don't try to measure up what I've done verses anyone else – I'm too busy having fun to care! While some of the complaints you've seen here and other places with regard to shows, appearances, etc. may seem petty to you – to other people, they might be a big deal. Perception and experience counts for a lot at times. We try our best to write on a broad spectrum of issues, knowing that there is no way to please everyone with everything we say. I'm sorry if by reading it somehow feels as though we're sticking a fork in you and twisting, that's absolutely not our intention.

    That said, perhaps it's time to get a prospective from someone in a part of the world that doesn't ever get shows and things. If this describes you – I would welcome you to write a guest blog and send it via our email. -R

  3. At Sundance, it's frowned upon if you pull out a camera for a photo (or ask for an autograph) unless you are media and it's during a media event. I found it odd, but liked it because the celebrities were just hanging out and enjoying themselves. I don't have any photos with those celebs I met, but because of that laid back atmosphere I did get to meet them (if that makes sense). I guess that's a fair trade-off.

  4. I def don't see you as a bragging type, no way. You just describe how you see it. It's all relative. I'd be happy to write a guest blog, but I don't think there'd be much interest. It';s a bit of a 'threadkill'. Cheers.

  5. @Robin – I like that idea. Some of my best memories have no photos, video, etc. to go along with them – and I don't just mean Duran things. 🙂

    Not all of our blogs are widely read, but I do think that there's enough of an audience that would be interested, particularly because neither Amanda nor myself have any way of relating to what it's like to be a fan of a band that never tours where we live. I can't really say that I would still be a fan of a band 30 years in if I'd not seen them many times – I just don't know. I mean, I was a fan back in the 80's even though it was what, 9 years before I finally got to a concert? That's not really the same thing though because I was pretty young at the time. I would just think I'd lose interest after a while, and yet the band does seem to have fans all over the world even after all of this time. Anyway, if anyone out there wants to write a blog about this topic, feel free to contact us! -R

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