Planet Earth by LUXXURY – Making Patterns Rhyme Tribute Album

This is what happens when my kids are out of school…I become unfocused and miss things.  Big things!  Planet Earth-sized things!

This week, another single off the soon-to-be-released (July 2014) Making Patterns Rhyme album, curated by none other than Manimal Records, was released for our listening pleasure.    The album is being done for charity, benefitting Amnesty International. LUXXURY takes Planet Earth on a groovy ride, giving it a twist and throwing it back to dance into orbit.  Have you heard it?

I really like the groove on this one – they took the very best parts of Planet Earth and turned it up, ready for dancing.  On the other hand, I’m not sure how I feel about the vocals, done by Actually & Blake Robin. They aren’t bad, they’re just very different and done in a very “dream-like” atmospheric sort of way, which seems to be an ongoing theme with this vocals throughout the album. (See, even I have my moments where I need to remind myself that different is OK!) I think this one is going to take a bit to grow on me…but the music gives me enough to nod my head, and I still appreciate that they took enough liberties to make the song their own. What say you?


PS – I know I missed Wednesday covers this week.  I’ll make up for it next week!!!

4 thoughts on “Planet Earth by LUXXURY – Making Patterns Rhyme Tribute Album”

  1. Wow, I really like this version. I usually stay away from the remakes, as they are just not DD, but what I’ve heard so far from Making Patters Rhyme really resonates with me. On this version of Planet Earth, I love the integration of both the male and female voices. The music is good too, yes, very dance like.

  2. I like this one. I find it really fun. For the most part, I’ve liked what Manimal has leaked. The Warpaint version of The Chauffeur is my least favorite. Mostly because it didn’t stray far enough from the original.

  3. Absolutely original and again brave.
    It sounds acoustic, soft, less metal so to speak, than our beloved 1981 song.
    Vocally it sounds as if a “sweet, cool breeze on the sea” was blowing on the words to sing, whereas Simon sounds “a storm” … LOL!
    Wow, I loved so far all of the Manimal brave covers they – you – shared .

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