Play to Win: Review of Winners

Those of you who are friends with us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter know that each day, without fail, we ask a daily question.  This question is always part of a larger set of questions, in a bracket type format, to get to the fans’ favorites.  Over the course of two years, we have asked a lot of questions about a lot of topics, including songs, videos, merchandise, b-sides, album cover, side projects, etc.  I thought it might be fun to take some time to list and enjoy the winners.

Favorite songs from each album:

From Self-titled Debut:  Careless Memories

From Rio:  New Religion

From Seven and the Ragged Tiger:  The Seventh Stranger

From Arena:  Wild Boys

From Big Thing:  Do You Believe in Shame

From Liberty:  Serious

From The Wedding Album:  Come Undone

From Thank You:  White Lines

From Medazzaland:  Out of my Mind

From Pop Trash:  Someone Else Not Me

From Astronaut:  Sunrise

From Red Carpet Massacre:  The Valley

From All You Need Is Now:  The Man Who Stole a Leopard

Favorite Song:  New Religion

Favorite Merchandise that they should make:  Blanket

If they can do a beach towel, they could do a blanket, right?

Favorite B-Side:  Secret Oktober

Favorite Video:  New Moon on Monday

Favorite Album Cover:  Rio

Favorite Side Project:  Arcadia

Favorite Power Station song:  Some Like It Hot

Favorite Arcadia song:  The Promise

Favorite Andy Taylor song:  Take It Easy

Favorite John Taylor song:  Immortal

Favorite Neurotic Outsiders song:  Jerk

Favorite The Devils song:  Big Store

Favorite Dom Brown song:  Amazing

Favorite TV Mania song:  Beautiful Clothes

Favorite side/solo project song:  Arcadia’s The Promise

Favorite side/solo project video:  Arcadia’s The Flame

Obviously, right now, we are tackling people’s favorite pictures of the band members, band, side projects, and combinations.  Once that set of questions, which will take awhile, is done.  I’ll update this list of winners.  Besides, who doesn’t enjoy seeing and hearing the favorites!!!!


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